Labor senators grill Mathias Cormann over travel bookings: ‘It’s an odd arrangement’

There can’t be any suggestions
at all that this was ever intended to be free travel or that it
was free travel. It wasn’t.
There was obviously a charge carried in the system within
the business against that travel, a charge that I assumed
had been processed against my credit card
but it turns out it hadn’t. – With whom did you speak? With Mr Burns. – You spoke with Mr Burns?
Yep. – So he’s the managing director,
isn’t that correct? Yep, that’s right. – Of an ASX-listed company
and he took you travel booking? Well, I made arrangements
through him. – It’s a 770 market-capitalised company
and he took your travel booking? I can only tell you what happened.
I made a booking through Helloworld, engaging with Mr Burns,
that is right. And I provided my
credit card details and … and I asked for payment
to be made and I was assured that this would happen. – But it’s not just
through Helloworld. – Sorry, you don’t just ring
one of their employees, – you ring the boss.
Is that how it works? Well, I mean, he was my contact
that I knew at Helloworld and I made travel arrangements
through him, that’s right. – It’s an odd arrangement. Sorry? – It’s an odd arrangement. – How did this arrangement come
about between yourself and Mr Burns? – Did he offer to facilitate
your travel or did you – approach him about
becoming your travel agent? [Laughs] Well, Helloworld
is a travel business. – They are but they don’t
advertise the CEO’s phone number – broadly, for general public use.
So I’m wondering about – the circumstances that see
you phoning the CEO of an organisation. The circumstance is that
I organised the travel and I booked travel
and I paid for it. – How do you know Mr Burns? Well, I’ve known him over
the years, obviously. I mean, it’s a matter of public
record that he has been involved in the Liberal party
for some time.

Michael Martin

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  1. Mathias Cormann booked holiday flights directly with Helloworld chief executive ►

  2. Mathias Cormann, isn't he the same clown that spent 37 K of public money on unnecessary flights to promote the government’s own tax rules?

  3. What it takes to be an LNP politician
    First you must not care about any rules where money is concerned, plan your deception around plausible deniability, (this one is taking a bit of a stretch to believe though). Note when a mistake occurs it always favours the LNP politician, how does that work? Isn't there a big justification for suspicion. Do we want a suspicious finance minister. Does the LNP have some sort of integrity test when they accept a candidate?

    Ignore 97% of peer reviewed climate change scientists and encourage more coal mining. Look after the big end of town, sell arms to questionable governments. Get confused between governing and controlling (this present version of LNP is the worst for that).

    Seek to push your opponents down with deceit and misrepresentation, instead of lifting yourself up. Remember how critical they were of the Rudd / Gillard governments, yet they have done just the same, even worse.

    Scott Morrison is the nearest thing to a Trump we have, he must go next election. Bring in a better bunch of LNP politicians, kick out the kindergarten brats. To make that happen elect an ALP government, let us have pride in ourselves again.

  4. Allegations inappropriate and perhaps illegal travel and expense payments by politicians from all parties has been an on going issue for many years.  One way to negate these issues and the expenses incurred with Senate inquiries would be for ALL politicians to pay for these services themselves and then put in a claim for reimbursement.  I am sure that if paying for these services up front themselves we would see a more robust system and  perhaps save money for things that are not absolutely necessary.  I always find it quite concerning during these Senate inquiries when the questioner (regardless of politics) is asking questions/making allegations similar to issues exposed in their own party.  It seems to me that this situation calls into question the credibility of all concerned.  Pay up front and then if you believe the service was justified and linked directly to your duties as a Senator submit a claim, simple.

  5. So where the bloody hell are ya? Yes! You Scomo! The buck stops with you so buck off! Vote 1 : The Corrupt party. Where for the boys.

  6. He know the agent,he book a flight,HE payed for it,so whats the point of this video,beside that labor is wasting the tax payers money ,all females of course,

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