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♫ Smear smear smear smear smear smear ♫ Smear smear smear smear smear wedding (wedding music) – Kristin is getting married today. She’s literally getting married today and I’m marrying her. – Today we are trying to find
Kristin’s ideal wedding hair and it’s a competition. – Kristin is gonna look
like an angel today and I’m here to judge her because
that’s what friends do. They’re like hey, I’m
feelin’ good about myself and I’m there to step in and
be like well fucking don’t! No, I’m kidding, I’m kidding! – To evaluate my hairstyles
we’re going to put them all through three challenges. The first one is walking
down the aisle, in the veil. The second one is pictures with a big fan. The third one is the dance party! My name is Lara C. Kay and
I’m a bridal specialist at Studio Kay which is my salon and we specialize in only bridal hair. Whenever I was taking a look
at Kristin’s Instagram pictures I got a very strong
vintage wind blown at me. – The three people selecting these updos are Freddie, Chantel and Jen. I’m ready to say “I Do” to an updo! – If I had to describe
Kristin it would be this. This is how I describe Kristin. I feel like Kristin has this kind of like hidden vintage-ness behind her, as she doesn’t really expose very much. And so with my hairstyle
I wanna bring it just front and center. (techno music) ♫ Bum bum ba da ♫ Bum bum ba da – Hey y’all! – Ooooo! – I just. – Look at you! – It looks a little bit
stiffer then I imagined it to, but, because of that
it’s not gonna go anywhere. – No, I’m gonna have this hair
until my 50th anniversary. (laughter) (wedding music) (camera clicks) (hip hop music) – I do feel like I’m in a
movie in like the 1950’s. I don’t think my hair
has been this high ever. I think I’d give this hair a six. It gets all the points
for staying in place. But I think I need something
that feels a little bit more like the person who
sleeps through their alarm and doesn’t curl their
hair until the last minute. – So, I chose this really cute, deep, body wave down-do that’s
very like old Hollywood, Grace Kelly vibes. I’m not too worried about the other girls. I’m kind of just like banking
on what I know Kristin likes and what her style is. (upbeat music) ♫ Bum bum ba dum [Freddie] What? Eeee!! [Chantel] You look lovely!
– Oh my gosh! – You look incredible! [Freddie] Oh my gosh,
my style is excellent! [Jen] That style is boppin’! [Kristin] Freddie knows! – Freddie knows best.
– Freddie knows what’s up. – I am interested to see how it holds up. (wedding music) (camera clicks) (hip hop music) – Oh hey! This is staying together pretty good! I think ’cause there’s a
lot of hairspray going on. And it withstood the fan, which
I was really worried about. But yeah overall, I think Freddie
made a pretty good choice. I would give this probably an eight, because I think that maybe
with a few more hours of this it might fall a little bit more. But, it feels promising, it
feels like I’m ready for battle. – I feel like Kristin
has a fun, flippy style. I chose updos ’cause I just
think updos are very lovely, I think they’re messy and
contained, which is sorta just like how life is. You’re contained up here,
but then down here you’re messy as fuck. (upbeat music) ♫ Dun dun da da ♫ Dun dun dun – Woo! – Look at you! [Chantel] Oh my goodness! [Freddie] Oh wow, this is gorgeous! [Kristin] This is the one. [Jen] Look at those bangs! – I know, right?
Little sweep? – Yeah.
– It’s really cute. Honestly, it photographs
really nicely, too. [Chantel] Yeah. – It’s good from all angles. It’s definitely like
business in the front. – Some hell of a party in the back! – Yeah. (wedding music) (camera clicks) (hip hop music) – Jen picked really well! I would say this
definitely frames the face, it photographs well from all sides. On a scale of one to 10, I would rate this hair a seven. I think it only loses points
because I’m a little scared of this swoop. I feel like I would need to
be perfect throughout the day, and I just don’t think
I’m gonna be that perfect on my wedding day. Okay this was really hard. I really liked all of these hairstyles. Everyone did a really good job. There can only be one winner! Which makes me so sad. The winner is Freddie! – Eee! – Fred! Fred! – Felt like very, ya know, like
me, but like amped up to 50. – It really makes me feel good. It makes me feel like, okay,
what do I feel is most Kristin? And I really feel like I
tired to like fuse in her personality with the hairstyle I chose. – Wedding hair, lady tested. [Group] Lady married! – Lady who’s getting married next? – No! (laughter) – Hey all! Click on
that playlist over there to see more videos from our channel. – Some of our favorites are in there. – And some we like just okay. – But watch anyway. – Because we love you. – Yeah. – We love you. – I’m sleepy.

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  1. when they all ran when kristen threw the flowers in the air and said "lady- who's getting mearried next?!"

  2. i think that kristins first hairstyle would have been better had the hairstylist put the swoop further to the right

  3. I preferred the last one, but whatever made her feel most her on her wedding day will always be the right one 🙂 I love the ending where they all run away from getting married next 😛

  4. “Kristen is going to get married today and I’m marrying her” Said chantel that got me good
    like if it got you to🤣😂

  5. Freddie wins everything, cause she mostly cheats, I actually think jen does better then her on most occasions, like this one.

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