Kong's Relationship With Ghidorah and Other Titans Revealed | Godzilla vs Kong

the end of Godzilla king of the monsters officially established the Titans hierarchy after the introduction of King Ghidorah and his ultimate defeat at the hands of Godzilla but one of the biggest questions about this has always been where does Kong fit into the picture since Kong was nowhere to be seen during the events of the film besides some reels from old monarch footage and references to Skull Island many fans were left wondering how he fit into the bigger picture and what this would mean for Godzilla versus Kong well now we have an official answer thanks to the film's novelization towards the end of the novelization it actually does feature a scene that officially explains what Kong's relationship is to the other Titans in the world and what he thinks after the resulting carnage led by King Ghidorah more or less what happens is that it explains Kong has heard the cause of the Titans before but more often than not he just ignored them because he was more focused with keeping Skull Island protected and making sure he was the Alpha of his own home but this time was different something had changed he made him Restless and it also made him angry the change was not good the biggest thing it seems was that during the credits for king of the monster as we found out that some of the Titans were actually converging upon Skull Island and this was a big thing for Kong he said that he didn't care about the other Titans he didn't care about their places or their Islands and it was best they did not come for his but he felt movement in the stone beneath him and his anger grew brighter it's also implied that the skull crawlers heard the call two of the other Titans and they were waking from deep below the long quiet was over Kong to scratch the itch on his ribs and began to hunt so this should be very interesting to see how it factors into the next film a lot of this had assumed that the events of the film would mostly be taking place on Skull Island but there's a chance that Kong could actually leave the island as it seems that now he's in hunting mode and he's finally not ignoring the cause of the other Titans since they're threatening his home directly this time so what are still on this it is very interesting to see that throughout Kong's life he did hear the calls that mentioned that when he was young even probably a child he heard the calls but he didn't really hear them too often and apparently in recent seasons before the events of king of the monsters the calls became more frequent and once he had actually heard one of the Titans very close to Skull Island but it wanted nothing of him so he basically ignored it it should be very exciting to see how this all leads into the next film and how Godzilla will deal with Kong and if all the fan theories are correct and that they'll have to deal with a larger threat because that's seemingly what those synopsis for the film implies that there's going to be some sort of new human creation that that threatens to exterminate all the Titans on earth but like I said post your thoughts down in the comments below and for more updates on Godzilla versus Kong and everything in the monster verse and pop culture be sure to subscribe to HNN tournaments you

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  1. i wish kong have ultrasound that could destroy houses because it good for a monster don't have power lightning or atomic like kong

  2. The man-made monster is Destroyah. Brought about by the Oxygen Destroyer from King of the Monsters. Calling it now.

  3. Tbh I think Godzilla knows of skull crawlers and feels there awakening and knows that Kong is last of his kind and is going to help fight them but Kong's resentment to the other Titans for not helping his family will get in way and he'll try to prove he is the true king and can be better at caring for his own then in cliche ending Godzilla saves Kong from adult skull crawlers and Kong realizes that he was wrong about Godzilla

  4. brother please share with me the background music you are playing in the video i know that track that is from godzilla anime please bro help give me some link or track name atleast i had been searching it for months but no clues

  5. Godzilla vs Kong 1 hour + half or 1 more hour fighting against Mechaghidorah ! Or I can see they gonna make Destoroyah from Ghidorah's remains somehow. Because the oxygen destroyer is existing in the universe so…😊

  6. Kong placed his island as a bet with Godzilla that Godzilla could not beat Ghidorah….Kong Owes Godzilla an island.

  7. Kong is kind of selfish in that he only cares about his island. They're gonna have to drug him – as seen in the original movie in order to make him fight Godzilla.

  8. The new Human threat is probably going to be Destoroyah. Because in King of The Monsters, the UN uses the Hydrogen Destroyer on Godzilla and Ghidorah in the ocean, nearly killing Godzilla. My theory is that it's going to be a more Godzilla looking Destoroyah.

  9. Me sees the title:

    Also me: imagining some weird fan art with Kong and other monsters kissing and stuff.. 😖

  10. He can't walk,cause too far from his home skull island,should pass the sea,he can't swim of course😂

    Who's agreed with me?

  11. they really should have had Kong at least have a small part in King of the Monsters. They're all trying to do the cinematic universe thing and they keep forgetting to form relationships between two protagonists so that they can build up to the conflict. You can have all of that in one movie sure, but you're gonna be rushing to get to the fight and spend so little time on the relationship part. That's why GvK isn't going to make as much as they think it will, they fucked up and they can't fix it now. One movie dedicated to this big showdown isn't enough. They NEEDED to have at least a little stuff between the two monsters already so they could spend more time making a good movie with a satisfying fight. But its just gonna be rushed along like every other attempt at this kind of thing. It's going to fail like BvS did, like Justice league, like the dark universe. All of that. They all made the same fuck ups and this won't be any different.

  12. British dude with the head of Ghidorah will attempt and fail to recreate a genetically modified version if it.
    Godzilla will more than have his hands full against it and Kong will have to help. There will be a brief scuffle between the two but then THAT thing will appear and it'll be a two in one show. I think at the end the "win" Kong will have against Godzilla is respect. A mutual "restart" if a long simmering hatred of each other.
    I think Godzilla is kind of pissed St Kong for not helping keep order in the world and being an isolationist so perhaps that's why when things went sideways in Skull island Godzilla didn't help either.
    Godzilla "Oh, YOU got problems on your island? Handle it. Where were you when I was fighting to save the world?" Kinda thing.
    Maybe Kong realizes that he has to get involved in the world affairs and that only comes with being a little wiser and a little older. You can't have your own island if the world is destroyed. Godzilla is ancient and knows this hoping Kong would come around and understand this.

  13. A human creation that threatens to destroy all the titans, and possibly all life on Earth? With what was name dropped in King of the Monsters… Sounds like Destoroyah may be coming to the Monsterverse.

  14. I think the new threat will be Destroyah. Since they've brought back the oxygen destroyer bomb to try and kill Ghidorah and Godzilla, liked the way the first Godzilla was killed

  15. Look Kong cannot beat Godzilla marhtra elavated goidzilla powers he is now at a level indestructible king Kong would be his bitch

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