some guys with Sunday Jay Simon's another episode of ask for free you guys ask me questions and I answer them in this video every single Sunday every single Sunday every single every single every single Sunday with hey guys if you're new here this is a school a series I did every single Sunday straight for four years and I kind of stopped them took a break for a while and I guess they're back at it again but not every single Sunday anyways just whenever I feel like it and everybody hasn't been asking me so here you go just kidding it was clickbait please enjoy lumpy space for the next nine minutes in 30 seconds come on give them a little twerk yeah I'm kidding I'm actually gonna answer your questions okay demonstrators ask unusual compliment nice hands thank you I don't think anybody has ever told me I had nice hands everybody always tells me how ugly my hands are and how veiny and boney and how they look like old people hands Wow we've just scratched me really hard I don't know what is it with my dogs they were drinking out of the pool like first cast bites me I have like two hickeys on my hand you'll see that in a vlog now she just damn scratched me they're just being so bad but thank you why do you like to sit on the chairs with your legs on it okay I have a problem or whenever I'm eating at like a restaurant or anything you're just sitting on the chair I usually sit like this it's like L from Death Note like he has to sit like this I don't know what it is but I cannot sit like a regular human both feet on the ground sitting like this I just get really annoyed and then I have to just switch positions even when I Drive I have to like have my leg up like this I don't know when you look in the mirror the first thing this morning what was the first thing you thought biggest insecurity when you were younger believe it or not when I was younger I didn't really have any insecurities like I don't remember not liking something about myself well it wasn't even cute or anything bound like damn like I never thought I was ugly or anything until I grew up and look back at the pics of me like well when I grew up man that's another story like insecure about everything nikki animate z ass here or else speaking of Kiera RL I watched like 20 minutes of the Death Note movie the American Netflix version what no boy is that even Acura in this damn movie it is just L and yeah why is he such a buddy there's no Kira I love Kira I love me some bad guys I never like good guys I always like the bad guys Dylan asked can you please read my tweet it is a private tweet and a private anymore ha ha Dylan the spooky one asked why are exact details on how you met digital next okay so when I first started playing overwatch I was playing with all my destiny friends that were really bad at overwatch and we played against digital next in his six-man and then a day later I was like I need people to play overwatch with and he tweeted me hey let's play and I'm like what digital next way I played against you so I just added him when we started playing and he said he lived in Vegas and when we went to Vegas we just invited him over and he came to our hotel room and yeah guess we're bets is the friends now oh yeah would you ever cut your hair short girl you have no idea how bad I want to cut my hair short but I'm gonna regret it like I always take scissors and just like come on I can do it I could do this right now I could change my life forever I'm just terrified of my hair not growing back I'm not even kidding but I cut my hair like three years ago and it like barely grew after that so I don't know what's wrong with it I'm not gonna risk it have you ever cried after getting your hair cut because you hated it so much that was me after like every single haircut I got growing up now this dome okay actually it kind of grew a little bit so I got my bangs cut like a month ago and she cut them dead after were like this and I hated my hair and now it's like slowly growing back because I'm taking some damn vitamins finally toes going back so that's gonna look so terrible have you ever wanted to date another youtuber I have never found another youtuber attractive I mean this look a handful of girls no homo can you still say that 20 70 without people getting mad have you ever committed a crime if so what oh well you know there was this one time I went 66 in a 65 I mean if you're gonna get some fireworks or someone dying okay that's fireworks I think she peed herself a little in my seat from the fireworks so yeah if you go on 66 in a 65 you a damn criminal you should be ashamed cosmics XS what is the baddest thing you've ever done in school I mean I wouldn't consider them bad but I did look at porn once or twice that was like in sixth grade what else I gotta do a couple fights Claud a girl's face she deserved it yeah what's the best way to approach you if we meet you this question is very important actually because so many people they see me and then they're like oh my god it's Sniper Wolf and then they're like I don't know if I'm walking past and there and they'll walk fast or whatever but every time I am out it's just like oh my god that Sniper Wolf oh my god is that Sniper Wolf I have damn ears I can hear you I mean I'll turn around but some people just like look at me and then just like don't come up to me I feel like it's only girls like guys they'll just be like Sniper Wolf and then just not come up to me but girls will always come up to me and just be like hi I like your videos can I take a pic with you well yeah that's like the best way to approach me and some people are like hi I'm like hi and don't say anything they like they don't ask for a picture and do anything I feel like it makes it really awkward like like hi I'm here do you want a hug do you want to pick do you want a pat on the head just ask me I'll do it okay have you ever set a date for the pupper wedding or did they go their separate ways okay so you seal I'll be right here she was supposed to get married to pugsy well you were supposed to go to Vegas for the Marilyn Manson concert but he cancelled so does that mean the wedding is canceled too but it's like there's Pugsley which is digital's dog and there's also logan Paul's dog which is really cute and he looks like you and you guys would make the most beautiful babies in the world so I don't know you're gonna have to pick which one would you like she just wants to stay a baby she don't want to have babies look at her she's a baby how could she have babies I believe she's almost two years old look she's a forever puppy she's dead asset forever puppies like you're gonna stay like this forever it's so great how dogs don't age damn I'm gonna get wrinkles they don't look ugly like she's gonna stay like that what is it the most strangest thing you've ever received from a fan I recently got a container of poop it was like halfway open and I kind of just threw it out also somebody sent me a preserved baby shark it was a real dead baby shark which I freaked out because I'm like oh well like I dunno they actually sell those things how old is the oldest cell in your body go outside in your backyard and scream out Donald Trump is my daddy I feel like if I did that everybody in my neighborhood would like scream hell yeah back dead-ass everybody in my neighborhood has a Trump bumper sticker on their car I fucked with politics okay also Reaper is my daddy kids marry kill your sister sausage or digital next digital next um I guess I would marry sausage I would kiss my sister what do you say about kissing me come here no let's get the fuck out you licked me I was trying to just angle to make it seem like it what's your favorite cod my favorite caught is black ops 3 our black ops 2 I like black ops 2 I also like more and more for 3 so it's like kind of stuck between those how did you meet sausage very OG question long story short when I first started doing YouTube he messaged me on YouTube and then we started messaging each other through there and then we met up out of convention and that's how it all began Colo crew asks how old are you right now right now I am 25 years old but I've been saying I'm 25 for the past like 8 months just to like prepare to be 25 oh shit I should call my insurance because I get like a hell of discount now like my insurance rate so they're gonna drop from like 500 to like 100 so that's like the best part about being 25 will you ever clog with other youtubers related to your type of channel i no clogged with a lot of people just because I live in Arizona and nobody lives here I do want to collab with more people mostly girls though I feel like girls are cooler guys they'll just be like oh yeah she tried to get with me have you ever used one of your things that your fans gave you what do you mean by things because there's a certain thing that somebody gave me that everybody keeps asking me about which has been long gone in the damn trash but otherwise yeah like the food I'll eat it the chokers all wear that and anything else I can use I'll use it do you like cats are you a dogs only I love cats especially kittens but I don't have any doesn't mean I don't like him when did you first become a famous like what yeah uh-huh no man it's like I want to say I'm not famous just new they don't like that label like are you famous no man I'm a normal person but a lot of people recognize me so it's like I don't know I don't want to just like flat I'll be like yeah I'm famous bit but if you mean when my channel started blowing up I think it was like two years ago I don't know I have no idea what's SS Sniper Wolf number nine one one call me one question Leia who is least-favorite overwatch character just wandering to play against I despised Hanzo that scanner gets me all the time and if I try to get right in his face to a headshot his big-ass head I get one shot it okay it's annoying he's definitely the most annoying character to play against for me I don't have to be constant fighting that's all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure it's not like might end up we can hit 20,000 likes on this video we'll do one next week maybe and make sure you subscribe during the wolfpack well I love you guys so much thanks Archie you

Michael Martin

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  1. I was reading the comments again and people ALWAYS look at the dog and comment about it😂😂😂😂

  2. So we have a kindness chart and it was “give a compliment” task so our teacher dropped a pen and the girl said “I like how you dropped that pen”

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