hello everyone and welcome back to my channel in this video we're gonna talk about karmic relationship karmic relationship are really requested topic because a lot of us struggle in building healthy relationship in general with this video I just want to present you a concept that hopefully you're going to transcend by the end of this video because the folks should never be on a label but should be on a broader perspective on the lessons that we're learning and then to building healthy relationship in general but for the purpose of this video we're gonna talk about the concept of karmic relationship we cannot understand karmic relationship unless we understand the concept of karma by the way I did an entire video about it or Nia insights if you guys want to check it out karma in sanskrit means action therefore karma is nothing but the law of action usually people in the spiritual community and not only in the spiritual community associate karmic relationship with past life because we were talking about the accumulation of actions through the existence of the soul but in reality think about it you take action every day you interact with people every day your karma it's also in this incarnation not because it's the sum up of your past life but simply because you are building karma while you're leaving and each and every relationship is a karmic relationship in essence because you are interacting with another soul now on a more narrow perspective usually karmic relationship are label to be relationships that we encounter many many times during many incarnation if you believe in past life from with those soul from who we learn the lessons from usually karmic relationship are very very strong in essence why because we met these people or better we met these souls so many times that we felt that we feel a sense of family and Gary or like I wrote down in my book a karmic pull towards them because we encountered them thousands of now we have to distinguish between karmic relationship and then chemistry and hormones that is caused by a certain is caused from a certain age and that will be a video on its own because some people unfortunately confuse the or months or chemical reaction of our body with soul connection but we have to understand it yes and the identification of the body is completely illusionary but at the same time we do have a body that has functions biological functions which is reprimands and chemicals are going to play in this existence as well so let's not forget this but on a more spiritual perspective in a very narrow way karmic relationship like I wrote down in my book and I'm quoting my book in this particular case our largely experience when we keep looking for love outside of ourself without any healing done and without any pause to reflect when we always blame our ex-partner for making us suffer when we just jump into a new relationship hoping it will be different without changing anything about ourselves or any behavior whatsoever so as you can see usually karmic relationship up here in our in life when we still come from a sense of luck because on a broader perspective the soul doesn't really conclude outcomes this is a negative relationship this is a positive relationship on a soul level every relationship is positive because even the negative for us it's only a catalyst for expansion and soul growth actually the soul knows the builds up energetically what we call karma meaning it sums up a lot of action to learn certain lessons and sometimes they are from past life in other words you have been in a certain way in a past life you have done certain things that accumulated energy that the soul must release in order to expand and ascend to a higher state of awareness so what happens on our earthly perspective is that you keep meeting this type of people or you keep meeting people because you come from my variation of like thinking that another person will complete you and the person that shows up you usually teach you the opposite lesson so that's why people struggle a lot with karmic relationship we have to understand like Carlo you used to say that everybody is a mirror to us not only to inflame the relationship so every time that we encounter somebody we need to understand the mirror effect what this person is mirroring about me literally mirroring about myself but also metaphorically speaking what this person is mirroring to me usually people encounter a lot of karmic relationship and some of us will take lifetimes to understand how to build a healthy relationship I wrote down an entire book about this subject called love just is and by the end of the book I also invite people to transcend label and just to just concentrate on building a healthy relationship that can be considered healthy and holy in essence going back to karmic relationship you can see that karma it's nothing but action but the real problem can say the real issue on our human perspective is that we forget that we are not separated from source so karmic relationship appear in our existence when we are asleep literally when we are not awakened and we seek love in all the wrong direction because we think that another person is going to complete us and obviously this other person it's gonna come in our life because we are vibration to that person without overly romanticized this relationship so when we are asleep we are mostly unconscious and we tend to mistake false love which you love that's why I can't stress enough the importance of this beautiful self-discovery reason why the ancient Egyptians used to write on the walls of many temples know thyself and you shall know the Kingdom of the gods we have to live life consciously because like I said before we build our karma each and every day we are writing the records of our existence and living consciously operating on a conscious level when we are not only aware that we are not separated from source on a mind perspective conceptually but we know this with all our beings and every time that we encounter a person we know that this person is an entire universe on its own and we decide to build relationship well we are all aligned with our true source and we just share love because we feel love and we just take the other person as part of ourselves and we build a connection of sharing love that's when we're going to build what we call soulmate relationship or without any label healthy relationship so as you can see karmic relationship are simply the opposite many people ask me but how do I get rid of karmic relationship karmic relationship also toxic are so abusive the reality of the story is that you have to learn from this relationship this relationship are opportunities for expansion and not so many people outside that they're not aware of this type of dynamic of the soul or simply aware of how the universe works they reject completely these people this karmic relationship thinking they are the bad ones I am the victim they abused me now obviously I'm not asking you to condone abuse or mental abuse or physical abuse always denounce this type of behavior but at the same time on your conscious level be aware that you attracted to a certain degree that experienced in your life and it's okay I'm not condoning the action but through forgiveness we learn freedom and we become free and we learn how to attract or better than the word attract we learn how to build healthy relationship karmic relationship our difficulty should have necessarily be pushed away but they should be just another experience that the soul is having for learning for instance I'm gonna do this example let's say that and this girl needs mark this nice guy they fall in love there is this Cardinal pool going on they think always about each other and they think they are soul mates because the familiarity with this person it's so good it's too good to be true but at the same time they're not considering their own core values they're not considering what they want to built in life they don't even consider that person for what it really is a structure universe on his own they just fall in love which is beautiful in essence but then after the Ani moonface passes and realized that she doesn't feel understood by Mark because pre-ops they don't share the same core values and that's where things start to get tricky because Bree as Mark is gonna start manipulating her because he doesn't want to lose her and and therefore the manipulation and abuse can start to various degree this happens because two people don't think about the other person as a different separate universe they just fall in love and think the chemistry and the familiarity it's enough for sustain a healthy relationship life doesn't work this way we are all building karma each and every day and the more we become conscious of who we are and the fact that the love love is only experienced within ourself the other person is only there to remind us that we are capable of loving but the love it's not we don't need another person to feel love necessarily when we understand this we are aligning with the energy that creates universes and when we understand this we are aligning ourselves towards healthy relationship that's how we forgive we move on from karmic relationships now this topic is so vast that's why I wrote an entire book about it the only thing that I we'll invite you to do guys it's to meditate and discover for yourself if a relationship is worth pursuing or not because no tarot reader no psychic can reveal you the future in that sense if you think that you go to abstechie for a tarot reader and be sure and say that that person is your one and only and you're always going to be together you are setting up for failure why am I saying that I'm saying that for experience and for what I noticed with my clients because no one on earth can assure you that you're going to remain forever with that person because our relationship has to do with putting the effort our relationship has to do with sharing love we're taking the other person as part of yourself and vice versa and the other person takes you as part of yourself you share a third entity that is the relationship and this can only come from maturity it can only come from your own personal alignment so as you can see karmic relationships are every time the relationship that comes what we don't look at ourself and we are seeking love in all the wrong places I hope this video made some sense for you guys if you want to know more about soulmates tween soul karmic relationship and how to build healthy relationship in your life the link is down below please check my book that it's also available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle love just is and in the meantime keep in mind you are never wrong if you follow love Plus everyone

Michael Martin

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  1. I get it and understandable but i dont know how to move forward with this relationship ( its not my partner someone else in my life ) . I am emotionally drained ,some days i feel completely lost .

  2. Hi everyone, I am Vanessa and I felt guided to share my
    karmic relationship story and my insights on healing and the new cycle that
    begins after you have moved on from your person. The video I posted is raw
    & emotional. It makes me feel completely vulnerable to post it and share.
    It takes a lot of courage for me to post it online, but I feel like this is
    needed because it will help those that need reassurance that you will overcome
    this situation. No matter what stage you are in on this journey with the Karmic
    Partner, you are meant to overcome it. The brokenness & the hurt that you
    feel is only temporary because it is meant as a learning lesson. This will not
    be forever; remember you are in charge of how you react to situations and people.
    You are in power not matter how powerless you feel right now. You will overcome
    it, TRUST in the process. If you feel guided to watch my video, please do so because it is meant to help and inspire you. I

    believe in you <3

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  4. This might sound crazy but is it possible to work out the karma and actually make a karmic relationship work? Or do they have to end one way or the other?

  5. So i have a question
    Can a person be with you just because he has to learn something and I'm just delivering the message?

  6. This really makes me wonder about the other person's perspective. Because if everyone is a soulmate, aren't we also soulmate to them? So they also have something to learn from us and it makes me wonder what part of them pulled them towards me, they also have something to learn from shared experience with me

  7. I Felt you may be interested in this Since 2014 A Star has been appearing very Low in the East at 300:am. Last Night Not only changing shape it be gain Moving then disappeared

  8. It's so funny I just started watching your videos today and finally got confirmation … I thought I was dealing with a twin but just realized it was karmic to get me prepared for my twin 😄 the guy I thought was my twin texed me as I was listening to this video and finally expressed his feelings to me and told me he only want to be friends I'm so freaking happy for the clarity you are great 😄🙌💪👑😘

  9. If you’re hormonally attracted to someone in a strong way, due to the fact that there is a mental, physical, and spiritual component to everything and they’re all intrinsically connected… then it is a karmic relationship of some kind. Especially if it lasts more than 24 to 48 hours as pure animal attraction has to do with blood flow and those cycles. Separating the body from the mind or soul is a dangerous suggestion. Even if you’re a sex addict, those partners are karmic, teaching you about your addiction, each with a unique and specific intention

  10. OMFG… I had a karmic relationship with a boy NAMED MARC and it happened exactly what you said… Wtf hahaha I loughed a lot, I'm shook. Thanks.

  11. So she asked me out last night to start dating….i said yes. And then I saw a bunny later that night walk infont of me. Idk what that means exactly but I feel some different and positive

  12. Great video! karmic relationship are tough love teachers … I truly believe the saying 'if i'd go back i'd do things differently' is bs – you only wish you could go back because now you know the lesson, learned throught that 'bad' experience. the only way to learn is to DO and LIVE, and the only way to evolve and move forward is change pattern when events repeat, apply what you learned. ❤

  13. Sorry if this is a stupid question, how do you meditate to know?I haven’t done it before, and if anyone can help me out I would appreciate it. I have seen videos, but honestly Idk where to start.

  14. hi neyha pls tell me whether is it a sign for me that I keep on seeing and hearing their name frequently in my life ?

  15. I am not a spiritual person in the most common way, I don't believe in previous lives and life after death but i believe in a higher self, in the expansion of ourselves. For me karma is Einstein's saying: insanity is when you do the same things over and over again but you expect different results.

  16. Can you make a pick a card on something like why did I have this intrest as a child because ever since I was little I have always loved space I have 1,000s of books on it and their was no real influence for me loving space or a pick a card where you explain why I'm dreaming of this person sorry for asking to much

  17. I've recently found your channel but honestly, I am so glad I did. I learn so much and am able to work harder on myself and my purpose. Thank you for all your honest, wise, and kind words Neyah.

  18. This is important because lots of times we don't want to admit or see what we are being shown. Then we are resisting like you say, the growth that is necessary to finally get past that karmic lesson that keeps on repeating. Only then will we get to the place of having that ultimate love, soulmate or twin, however you see it because it begins with you. Christ said, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." He didn't say instead of yourself, you must recognize your own worth. Thank you, Neyah 🙂 <3

  19. I feel so enlightend right now.. Everything that you said simply made so much sense!! Thank you for sharing your wisedom Neyah! You're the best!

  20. Hiii Neyah I came straight from the live stream video lol. Time came so quickly and I didnt got chance to even ask u my question. Thank you for being so genuine and lovely. I hope I can get to ask you next saturday again i know u wont answer it here. ❤❤❤❤

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