Kamen Rider Zero-One- Episode 18 PREVIEW (English Subs)

Kamen Rider Zero-One! You will soon regret believing in the Humagear system as you do… He is deceiving you… It seems that your heart has been broken… I must win no matter what!! Stop this now!! Sunday @9AM!

Michael Martin

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  1. So someone’s trying to ruin ZAIA….
    Thouser feels more like a secondary rider than Vulcan….

  2. So this arc gonna be brutal, since zaia tech use real human, if the human go berserk that's mean they have to kill them wtf

  3. Calling it, Gai is Korenosuke's former student, disagreed with his teacher and decided to take over Hiden Intel to prove his ideals are better

  4. Jin my man short time no see how's it been despite being destroyed and all though I see u stolen the Ox Progrise Key and something tells me you've already acquired your new form already but not ready to debut til possibly next month

  5. Im excited because the new monsters Raids use Progrise Keys. The one here uses Crushing Buffalo Progrise Key.
    Powerful Rush! Crushing Buffalo! This charging attack will sent you flying!

  6. It seems like Gai is creating conflict in order to weaponize the Rider system similar to Nanba's intent back in Build.

  7. 0:09 A bull magia? There using progrise keys from the other half of the wave into monsters. So I’m wondering what other forms of magia type monsters are they gonna do next?

    Ok, now I’m wondering what would the progrise keys of lion, panda, spider, stag beetle, giraffe, penguin, and whale would be like?

    Cause this be a bit awkward because the zetsumerise belts only works on Humagear only, but the 2.0 model has a belt strap and colors of the belt has some new coat of paint. But the person gives it to them is a person with a hood on, it could Jin rebuild for zaia ,if that were the case then Horowitz will be happy to see his “son” again. So… yay☺️. Or somebody new that the company (ZAIA) has a secret servant working.

    Zetsumerise belts work if a humagear is burnt to its robotic looks, then his face comes off as a skeletal look and opens its mouth to release pipes all around its body creating the extinct type animal magia. But the 2.0 version will make sure that the person using them will be turn back normal,making it safer for humans to go haywire from Zaia (NEVER TRUST GOOGLE GLASSES), cause a human use a zetsumerise belt… he/she would be dead…😐 (cause this is a “kid show”)

    I always wanted to know the grasshopper key would like in the belt? Or any power up keys use by Zero-one or Vulcan.

    Ok now I’m done. Hew🤯

  8. And basically creating sky net or at least a kamen rider varient is not going to back fire on thouser just wait it will happen and he will switch sides i am calling it he feels to much like necrom for me.

  9. Hope we get a moment where Isamu finds out about ZAIA's secrets and Amatsu decided he should silence him for knowing too much. This might also got him booted out from AIMS and become a fugitive.

  10. They better bring back Ikazuchi after his disappointing defeat. He didn't even last a full episode which makes his screen time even more pathetic than the riders that appear in the late part of Ryuki series

  11. The mysterious cloaked person has now begun the introduction of "raid"ing by turning humans into raids, starting with Rentaro Tachibana: The Crushing Buffalo Raid! Furthermore, who will deal the final "blow" with the Vulcan vs Valkerie? Now that's a show by Aruto!

  12. Now ZAIA Enterprise's technologies are being abused by an evil force. Now Gai will have to face the same backlash he caused Aruto.

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