Jyushin Thunder Liger gives final thoughts on his career #njdash

In the first Tokyo Dome of the Heisei Era,
Jyushin Thunder Liger debuted. And I was able to have my last match
at the same place, the Tokyo Dome. However, my opponent Hiromu ripped me apart. That reassured me that I could
retire without any reservations. For these past 31 years, I want to
thank you all so much fo your support. The pro-wrestler, Jyushin Thunder Liger, is done. But New Japan Pro-Wrestling will only get bigger
and better. Please keep supporting them. Now, at the end, I’d like to make
a personal comment, if I can… Today, my mother is here,
all the way from Hiroshima. Mother, I want to thank you so much
for the way you raised me. And to my wife, Chi-chan and
my son, Takamitsu… I’ve left you two lonely for very long.
Now you’ll have to deal with a lot more of me. Thank you all for these 31 years! We ask that you all stand for a
ten bell salute, please. The world famous Jyushin Thunder Liger! Thank you all so much. What did you think of the ceremony? I was in the moment. It almost felt like it was
happening all around me. However, now it really has hit me
that it’s all truly over. What did you think of Inoki’s message? That was a big surprise! Among his students I was an underachiever.
He used to scold me quite often. I’m very grateful to receive that
message from Inoki at the end. You also made personal comments to your family… My mother and I don’t talk a lot. So I don’t
often get to express my gratitude to her. I wanted to do my duty, as a son. And when my family stepped into the ring,
I almost lost it. But I didn’t want people to see me crying. But my son was bursting into tears,
even before me. That broke the tension for me, a bit. So, I want to thank to my son for that. You decided to show up in
your full costume today. Earlier I met with fans. I wore regular clothes,
but I wanted to look different in my ceremony. Also, this is who Jyushin Thunder Liger is. Since I won’t wrestle anymore, I don’t need
the full costume, but today was very special. I hope this was the right decision. If I count the years before the mask,
my career is 35 years long. Many people, press and fans all over
the world have taken good care of me. And many are already suggesting
new things for me to do. If it weren’t for everyone’s support,
Liger wouldn’t exist. So, I don’t want let people down after this. I will start next chapter of my life,
like Inoki wants me to do. So, your next chapter starts tomorrow… Tomorrow?
I guess I still have interviews and stuff… And something else is in motion.
I think we can reveal that soon. But Mutoh told me I can just un-retire whenever. But I won’t. I won’t even wrestle in
an old-timer’s match. Because this was a grand send-off. I promise, I’ll never come back to wrestle. So, please tell Mutoh I’m sorry. What’s the first thing you want to do,
that you couldn’t before? I just want to sleep in. Just eat and
sleep and not have to train so much. For a few days, I hope to be lazy.
Doing nothing. But I will keep training. Then I will work hard on the
next chapter of my life. Are we good? Thank you all so much for these 31 years.

Michael Martin

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  1. I had a bit of a realisation as to why Liger's retirement hit home so hard.

    Sadly, too often in this business, many of the people we call legends, dont make it out of their 40's-50's.
    Some don't even make it to 40. Many of those who do still have to wrestle in order to make ends meet despite being broken down and past their prime.

    To see one of the best, leave, still amazing in the ring, with his dignity, and with such universal LOVE, is genuinely heartwarming. And although its bittersweet that we wont see him in the ring again, it feels so good to know that he gets to ride off into the sunset, having changed pro wrestling for the better.

  2. he is a very humble and simple man….once his mask is off for good no one but his family and close friends will know who he is only. no one else in the street will recognize him. we are so privileged to see this man do what he did for such a long time. i appreciate his love for the sport. those 10 bells were so amazing. #thankyouJushinThunderLiger

  3. God thunder & thunder Liger!It was good to show mother to my mother.
    Slowly rest and look forward to the second life!!

  4. When the entire Hall sung his Theme i cried, so emotional 😭 I was honored to be there to say him good bye. #ThankYouLiger #WorldLegend

  5. Arigato, Liger-san! And arigato, Nagai-senpai, for giving Yamada-san a chance to be Jyushin Thunder Liger!

  6. So many legends in NJPW. Liger build the junior heavyweight division. Tanahashi rebuilding NJPW when they were not profitable, Okada making the IWGP Championship prestigious, and Kenta as the most hated man on the planet

  7. Thank you for signing this foreigner’s LIJ cap a few years back at the Tokon shop’s meet and greet.
    It’s probably 1 of a kind now.
    Quite fitting since Naito won the historic double gold on the same night as your historic ‘final’ match.

  8. We talk about how undertaker has been in the business for 27 years this man has done it for 31 YEARS

  9. Liger-San, thank you so much for all you accomplished. Congrats on an amazing career that circumnavigated the globe!

  10. It's great that a true legend can retire on their own terms.

    My grandparents took me to an All Star show back in the late 80s where Liger was wrestling as Flying Fuji Yamada, the crowd loved him. You could tell he was going to be special.

  11. May he live til 100 in good health around loving family and the sport he helped immortalize is thankful to have had him. This man is Pro Wrestling. Thanks for the great memories since the early ‘90’s Liger.

  12. This man comes from anime……..this man makes it feel real…..this man is a real superhero

  13. At least Liger's making sure he doesn't come back to wrestle. We've seen that happen to other legends lately though mainly in WWE.

  14. *Liger said he almost broke down when family entered the ring
    *Saw everyone's faces during the ceremony

    Liger-san, I broke down WAY before that. Even watching the ceremony replays I still having teary eyes
    For the legend Liger-san is, to Yamada-san – Thank you for piloting the Beast God bio armor to the greatest potentials. Nobody else could have done it.
    Looks like there's another oldschool anime I can look upon to, & I would like to thank him again for living up the 'Beast God' moniker … #thankyouliger

  15. Thirty-one years ago, a man became the one and only Jyushin Thunder Liger. And over 3 decades, he define professional wrestling to a T. Also, demonstrated a darker persona that terrified and thrilled the fans who got to witness it. He's the KING of Junior Heavyweights. He fought everyone who journeyed New Japan and beyond. Arigato Liger-sama, live the peaceful life.

    Bow my head.

  16. I’m not sure if that ten bell salute was for Liger. I’m guessing from the video on the screen in the background it is for some of his rivals that have passed away like Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit), Black Tiger II (Eddie Guerrero), Brian Pillman and Hayabusa

  17. これから


  18. Lots of people bandy about the term 'legend'. This is one of the few times the term is wholeheartedly deserved.

  19. I'm honestly sad I didn't get the chance to watch Jushin wrestle in person. Hope he comes to some kinda wrestling con my country some day though.

  20. 自分の見てた時代がどんどん終わって行ってる事を実感する。


  21. There will never be another like him the greatest junior heavyweight of all time Jyushin Thunder Liger thank you for the great matches and greater memories.

  22. 獣神サンダー・ライガー選手、31年間の現役生活ホントお疲れさまでした。
    これからは、解説者や若手選手の指導者として、第2の人生頑張ってください! 応援してます!!。

  23. What a wonderful person Liger-san is… his passion mixed with his humility have been ideals that have marked him.
    He gave everything to pro wrestling world, most importantly to any pro wrestler which then has grown with his myth. That moment in the ring was the proof and for that it was very heartwarming.
    Arigato Gozaimasu Liger-san!

  24. Not gonna lie, I don’t want Jushin Thunder Liger to retire. I feel like we were robbed of a great match between him and Rey Mysterio. Especially since he was supposed to wrestle Mysterio before he signed back with WWE. Had only Rey didn’t get injured they would’ve had a hell of match for the last time before Liger’s retirement. Oh what it could’ve been

  25. There goes my childhood…Thank you, Jyushin Thunder Liger, for every memory and moment you gave to us, the Wrestling Fans. You, Sir, are a true First Ballot Hall of Famer.

  26. The Greatest Jr of all time. I've seen his career from start to finish. I even had the honor of meeting him a few years ago. He was a gentleman and couldn't thank people enough for coming to see him even though it was our honor to be in the presence of such a true legend.

  27. Sad to say, jushin thunder liger was first to retire. But now in feb 22, the strong of the land manabu nakanishi will be retire too. I hope these two had to each other.

  28. Really appreciate all of the years you have gave us first watched you in wcw against rey mysterio jr Awsome match all the best

  29. 頑丈な身体に産んでくれてありがとうという言葉に感動した。
    Liger forever!!

  30. Great Muta should have been there as well. They did have a great match and it was there when the Dark Liger was born.

  31. いやぁ・・・寂しいなぁ・ていうか6日の引退セレモニー行きたかったなw4日は行ったんだけどね・・。ライガーの引退試合の時に泣いたのはとにかく「寂しい」という感情が爆発しました。

  32. ライガーさん本当に引退してしまった😵💧のですね?寂しい とにかく寂しいでもゆっくり身体休めてください。ありがとうございました。

  33. ライガーさんはJr.だけどヘヴィの選手に負けないパワーと肉体を作り上げてた。そして大きい怪我も無く現役を終えた。トレーニングの理論とか、どこかで指導などをして欲しいなと思います。

  34. “What’s the first thing you want to do that you couldn’t before”
    “Sleep in”
    I never knew i could relate to Liger-san

  35. ライガーさんは福岡で何回か素顔を見ました握手もしてくださいました。本当にお疲れ様でした。リングに上がる獣神は見られないけどこれからも元気で頑張って下さい第二の人生も頑張って下さい応援します31年ぶんゆっくりして下さい

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