Justin Breaks Down the Rules He Has for Amber in Their Engagement | Family or Fiancé | OWN

So how long have
you been engaged? Now a little bit under a year. A year. Why did you want
to get married? Marriage is something
that’s really important to me. My mom and my father were
married for 30 plus years before he passed. So I grew up seeing a really
strong and great marriage. How about you, Justin? It’s just like one
morning I woke up and I’m like, I’m
gonna go buy a ring. I want to keep her, I don’t
want nobody else to have her. That’s cool. That were cool, girl. All right, let’s go back. So you guys got engaged. Has it changed
your relationship? I just hope Erin
like her a ring. We’ve got to have
an agreement where she can’t talk when the game
is on, or I delay marriage. So, yeah I just had a lot
of rules and regulations that come with the agreement. What other– tell
me about the other kind of rules and regulations? No looking through my
phone randomly for no reason, or see who called, or you
know, stuff like that. OK. Yeah the cool one. He thinks he’s the cool one. All right, so why
don’t you walk me through the different
people who are coming, and what their issue is. Well, my mom will be coming. Rosalind. And my sister is Brittany. And my brother Anthony
is also coming. I’m looking forward
to meeting them, Though. So am I. Well, I have no idea
who these people are, but it’s going to be
maybe kind of awkward. Yeah. Meeting them in the beginning. Amber’s biggest
challenge in relationships is she has a golden heart. She gives anybody a chance. You know, I know people
say opposites attract, but hers would be like drastic. Just– like man, where
did you find this guy? You know? I feel like my family’s
issue with Justin is that he’s always
joking around. Because I’m like,
I’m a class clown. So. OK so Justin, why don’t you
walk me through the people that you’re bringing? My auntie, Leigh Ann. My brother, Courtland,
and my baby sister Erica. Honestly, I don’t know
what they might be like. But I’m hoping they’re going
to greet us with smiles, and that they give us hugs. That’s a plus. I’m feeling nervous,
because I know a few secrets about my brother. I think my family issue
is not knowing Amber. You know, we like to go camping
and hunting and fishing, and stuff like that, and you
know she just inside watching the Kardashians. I like to watch TV. He’s a country boy, and
I’m more of like a city girl. So we’re from two
different worlds.

Michael Martin

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  1. Clearly he likes to control women and he has found the right one. No way in HAIL would this B.A.N be with a real one……

  2. What in the what……???? A wedding is a day, a marriage is a lifetime. That man is not lifetime material. He will be fun for a day but that's about it.

  3. Problems, problems and extra problems coming with this overly controlling, manipulative & self-serving…. family secrets will appear when they want to hit Amber with facts her man.🤗🤗🤗

  4. She looks sooooooooo stupid!! I don’t mean it in a condescending type of way if that makes sense… Watching them together made my skin crawl!!

  5. He is a grinning wolf in sheeps clothing. Girl you betta run the other way as fast as you can!. Just from their conversation in this video clip, it is very obvious that he is controlling within their relationship. On the other hand, he is going to do whatever he wants to do. They should not marry just because she wants to be like her parents, or he figures that he can keep her from being intimate with someone else. They have no clue as to what the true meaning of marriage is. #1 When you love someone,… You respect them. I don't see where he was showing her any respect.

  6. She better believe everything he is saying and everything he is showing her! She will be in pieces and not on peace with this person.

  7. Is this some kinda sick joke??? Its gotta be bcuz NO woman can be this oblivious to whats really goin on here

  8. He was wearing what looks like a wedding band on during the whole show… I suspect they were already legally married

  9. ladies let this be a teachable moment on what not to accept! i watched this entire episode, if I could have snatched her through the tv I would have.

  10. What do they have in common? How are you engaged but don’t know your partners family? Relationships/marriages are beautiful when both are on the same page in regards to health and positivity. Too many people engage or stay in either just to say they’re in one. This man is saying he didn’t want anyone else to have her in a controlling aspect. She is not allowed to speak during sporting events or go through his phone. What are her idiotic stipulations for him or is it just a one way street?

  11. There is nothing to admire…hope for…respect…look up to…or any traits you would find admirable enough to yolk and procreate. It's like classy meets country.

  12. By the first 30 seconds of this clip I got scared for her. Someone who would use this type of possessive behavior to not only be the reason why he proposed but also control the timing of the marriage is concerning. I pray she sees this and a lightbulb goes off….

  13. scratches head in confusion

    Is this real? Like, is he a fully functioning, mentally developed man because….

  14. "I want to keep her, I want nobody else to have her" There goes the red flags! A full blown controlling narcissist!

  15. As my sister told me, "it's better to marry late or not at all than to marry wrong." He's not the one for her.

  16. I do agree with Justin on the phone privacy issue. A strong bond of trust is one of the most important foundations of a relationship. You don’t need to be in any kind of relationship if you have to constantly check your partner’s phone and social media accounts. It’s clear there’s no trust in that relationship. One of the problem with millennial relationships is that most of y’all think that type of behavior is okay and that it’s “all apart of the relationship.” Please do some soul searching and stop coming from a place of insecurity.

  17. Yooooo, this episode was crazy!
    Hell he was crazy, how in the world did she stick it out for 8 years.
    Wow I cant believe she is still planning to marry this nut. He has mental issues and he needs to seek help asap. She needs to run because her life depends on it frfr.
    I believe everything Justin's younger brother stated about their relationship.

  18. He still has a lot of growing up to do. He is not ready for marriage at all. Too self-centered.

  19. Oh I do not want her to marry him and I believe the therapist wanted to tell her to run. I know I was like that to believe everybody deserves a chance BUT you need a standard to weed the trash out. He is creepy!!!

  20. First of all, his head looks like a milk dud that has been left out too late.
    Second of all, he’s got some nerves …

  21. 'I Don't want anyone else to have her'…um….run sis run. That is a selfish, possessive man talking there. He's not marrying you for love. Run as fast as you can 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️💨💨

  22. I was going to comment about him being controlling but her mother threw me off. She looks amazing, I need her skincare routine

  23. What the hell is wrong with our black women this dude clearly is a loser. Im so sick of us doing this to ourselves.

  24. Did Amber and Justin get married how can we find updates!? This relationship is concerning and I'm concerned for her seriously…smh

  25. He’s already been abusing her you can see the signs…she looks down when he talks she gets kind of skidish being around him and she’s trying to distance herself from him without making it obvious…I mean when her family asked about physical abuse his response was he can’t mess up her face because that’s his money maker now tell me what red flags are not there because Jesus is sending smoke signals flares boats other people like come on girl

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