Just Married (2003) – Mile High Club Scene (1/3) | Movieclips

great core cools it bitch there's a lock on the door for a reason Junior I'm claustrophobic okay do we have a problem we're just waiting yeah Mexican food that's an oxymoron presuming we zoom out just do it crappers got my foot oh okay okay return your seats please okay one two three return to your seats now please play

Michael Martin

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  1. Had my first 'Mile High Club' experience 25,000 feet up between Newark & LAX, back in my days as a musician. All I'll say is, seated in my area were….LaToya Jackson, the late Vanity, Grace Jones, & Heather Locklear, & I, was a hot, personable lsdies-man dude. 😊

  2. اخ مشتهي بنت تكون حلوة الي تحب
    نحجي بل خاص مال يوتيوب خلي تكلي بسرعه انتضر علمود ادزلها الرابط ااه..

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