June 2, 2019 “Ceremonies and Traditions”

mark moving mark the 7th chapter first on the segments concentration concentrated first this morning and it said these people are me with their lips but their hearts are far away their worship is a farce for they replace God's commands with their own man-made teaching we may use this monolith or our thing ceremonies and traditions as either study this text and a couple others this week as the song that came at my heart God spoke to me and do you really know who I am the Holy Spirit spoke you're really pressing I love you more really proud instead no you don't define me you're inside me you are you you're more honest and your thoughts to find me you are inside me you're more real a skittle bomb thank you only father that she was more real than anything my physical Haskins that's your closest there the words old motto you're closer to me than the skin on my bones do more real than they breathe out on the bonus or even more real then the ground release my feet you are a reality and everything in you is our truth we are you and Jesus a they may protects this morning family is Jesus as he teaches us who God really is the real reality of life it starts it begins with him we can fabricate and try to mimic and look like and try to make it up as we go but the truth of the matter is he is the ultimate existence outside of him nothing exists in him is where everything becomes real and as we look at our text this morning or to look at it in the voice of I believe show you how Jesus is revealing the kingdom of God it's true this unto the disciples and all that when this if you go down to the latter part of the chapters that he hasn't even let in here and I'm coming tomorrow realizations in long life that everybody can hear and some people are acting like they can hear some people are even responding like they can hear but the truth of the matter is they just as deaf as anyone comes so Jesus says in this day's he points out this Pharisee and or this fair city spirit if I can make up two words points out to the scholars from Jerusalem because they were persecuting the disciples for Edie bread with defiled unwashed hands and it boils down to the idea that the Pharisees had become me and and they were being taught the truth about Jesus but they refused it just like in the suttas home they refused it because it was everything that opposite of what they knew and so they begin to persecute everything and everyone that didn't do things the way they did them which brings us to traditions and ceremonies and the Bible points out that now you need to know the Pharisees and all the Jews for that matter held the tradition of their ancestors who they held this tradition that hands must be washed before heating to avoid being ritually unclean and Bible says likewise they watched when they returned from the market and followed similar purity teachings as well from washing of their food to washing of their bowls cups and chemists and in the scribes and the Pharisees say to Jesus why don't your disciples follow traditions passed down into us why did they eat their parade with the vile thing free – why don't you preach a three-point sermon preacher why don't you get up and just go through the motions and read to us a few bible scriptures and let us be on our way cuz I do you traditions of ceremonies and she used points out to the disciples in this passage of Scripture he said I say I prophesied wisely about and your religious pretentious when he wrote that these people are to be with their words of the lips meanwhile their hearts are far from me he said their worship is empty void of true devotion they teach a human commandment memorized and practice by rote then he says in verse eight when you cling blindly to your own tradition such as washing utensils Inc up you completely miss God's commitment then indeed you have perfected setting aside God's commands for the sake of your own tradition familiar what do you say member family I'm merely pointing out this morning that if we are going to be the blood of blood-borne the blood watch believing Christians that God called us to be we got to move out of tradition we have move on a ceremonious traditions that bind us and hold us in what place for God has called us to breathe do we understand that Jesus shed his blood so that we could be free yeah and yet we still allow traditions and different manner of things tie us down keep us in a box keep us from being free in the manner that guy called us to be yeah that's why someone being got no joy because we want to work they'll be tied down to a traditional practice room we'd rather look like the world act like the world they keep up in line with the world and and let the world dictate to us Santa joy we trade in that Joy's it will it be solid like the world at least I look the same as they do and they judging me if they looking at me calling me names and telling me that I'm different than they are at least I don't have to deal with that and I'll just deal with not having an enjoy every now indeed hmm oh mama raise no fool but the fact of the matter is my brothers and sisters is we're going to receive the fullness of joy you've got to be a right man different you got to be alright with the word coming you're weird you got to be alright with being able to walk and live with Jesus as this principle and his practices in fact the batteries if you worried about those things in traditional ceremonies [Applause] this is enough for me to walk away from anything I got my hands on don't believe that you don't do things a certain kind of way if you don't stand in a certain position then with your hands behind your back and your white gloves on that you are somehow out of order babe I know well right on communion sunday you're not there to take commune tradition tradition that is made by me bible didn't say anything about the idea that's when they took bread and break it in Jesus he gave it to the sidewalk it didn't say that they were always white and so he took bread and blessed it and brake it and gave you all of it didn't say when he took the brunt while invested that they all had their legs crossed and they big toe it now said it took wine and blessed and said this is my blood which is shed for you of the new coat of the technique turkey I love it the traditions and ceremonies happen that we we are adding to what God said in Scripture what you said the land to don't take the way we started living these traditions and things that are keeping us from reaching the fullness of God within us now let me tell you something the tradition and the ceremony of the Lord's Supper family listen none of those ideas someone said well it's a ceremony we just did here but it's not for your physical me [Applause] it does not make you only what makes you hold it is that you do it in your heart and you mean it from your heart and you're doing with your take you come to church suddenly at the Sun it's a crying shame that we come to church Sunday after Sunday and some of us becoming fifty years and ain't nothing changed my life you still the same offering auger that you were 50 years ago [Applause] what's an older pastor dissing of not just individual who a guy but anything positive the same they gotta go in the name rain in three weeks with a downpour come and I said well is rain into home and oh good got everything you want but he's looking for what he can find wrong with to the jacked houses of tradition I got I sit on the day I'm stepping up and I love my sleep [Applause] [Applause] go up to the Hangout until you have my grandpa was a bootlegger go to the Han got out to church sign clothes you went to charity are you gonna be in the same dwelling place doing the same thing to watch the massive tradition and not Jesus as their prophesied to tell the truth about you give a lot of lip service but ain't no action and what you talking about so in other words you just give it empty premises and it did Reclamation's about what we our ceremonies and traditions I can't get to the minister I said lord I just want to preach a word that can change somebody's life I don't want to be standing up here preaching and excited about something [Applause]

Michael Martin

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