Jordan Peterson explains “Enforced monogamy”

OK So the question is: What do you mean by “enforced monogamy?” Well, we could start by what I don’t mean. I don’t mean taking innocent women at gunpoint and handing them over to useless men, which is essentially the accusation. It was really interesting to watch that unfold. What I meant was that monogamy, as something that’s socially valued, appears to be essentially a human universal. That doesn’t mean that human beings are universally monogamous because obviously we’re not. We can be serially monogamous, and some people are players and have multiple partners, and all of that. But there’s a strong proclivity across known societies to tilt towards monogamy, and the enforcement is social norms. Think about it… I can’t believe I even have to say this. Your son just gets married, and he comes home and he says, “Guess what, dad? I’ve been screwing around.” And what do you do? Do you pat him on the head, and you say, “Hey, good work, kid, that’s my young man.” Right? Well, no! You… you’re not happy about that. And he doesn’t tell you, because he knows you’re not going to be happy about it. And that’s enforced monogamy. It’s part of the social structure. And what else is enforced monogamy? Well, most people want a monogamous relationship. And if they enter into a relationship with someone, they’re not happy if that person goes and sleeps around, right? Most of you, you wouldn’t be happy if that happened. Not being happy, that’s part of enforced monogamy. It’s part of this… you know, and you might have noticed… you probably did: Polygamy is actually illegal. You can’t have multiple marital partners simultaneously. That’s enforced monogamy. And it’s an anthropological term. And it’s been known for a hundred years by anthropologists, most of whom are left-leaning, by the way, because that’s how it goes, that monogamous social structures are one of the ways that you keep children raised properly so that they have a relatively stable environment and that you keep male aggression, especially the aggression of young men, under some degree of social control. It’s not a mystery. The fact that I got in trouble for that, it’s kind of a miracle. It’s like, well, don’t you notice that we enforce monogamy in almost every way? And that the same thing happens all over the world in all sorts of diverse societies? And that when we deviate from that that there’s a price to be paid? So that why I’m a New York Times pariah is because I think that monogamy, all things considered, is a good idea. OK, fine

Michael Martin

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  1. Short version "Polygamy doesn't make sense to me, So I think it should be considered immoral, unethical, illegal, and evil." Luckily, this guy has no power over me or my relationships.

    BTW, monogamy is actually a very new thing from an anthropological standpoint. Humankind has existed for more than thirty thousand years, and we only started using monogamy in the last three thousand. That's ninety percent of our existence without monogamy. We only invented it when we discovered agriculture and had a reason to own land. Once we owned land, we had to find ways to marry families together, and make sure that those families can only be married to each other. Thus, we had to make husband and wife into a living contract, and we had to shame them into keeping that contract. That's actually why marriage is called a "covenant".

    It's not a natural practice for any animal on Earth. It's just a form of slavery that we do because guys like this can't imagine any other way.

  2. The norms he is referring to will mean that the sovereign choice of individuals to be, for example, polyamorous is not respected. More problematic, though, is the idea that this monogamy is somehow a cure for misogynistic killers. How are these monogamy norms going to help when it is obviously the case that we have norms against killing? Clearly the answer is they can't.

  3. People wondering why Peterson would bother bringing up the social norm of monogamy:

    Vox on monogamy

  4. Monogamy has always been a myth. Pretend monogamy has been around for some time. Peterson is just relabeling social conservatism. His nonsense will be as successful as the old social conservatism has been. He will get super rich pushing it, though.

  5. Peterson is lying here about what he was saying about "enforced monogamy". He was suggesting we should have stronger (more punitive) enforcement than simply not allowing polygamous marriage. He lies. He is dishonest. He is a coward.

  6. I would love to hear petersons distinction between «indoctrination» and what he explains here, if something survives doesn’t exclude it from being indoctrination.

    I would love for people who have negative views about society to pin point where their views and societies differentiate in terms of indoctrination

    Peterson strikes me as the person who uses «responsebility» just so he doesn’t need to talk about power, at least some alt-righters are honest (very few are) in that they want to enforce IT by the means of another strategy, ala handmaidens tale

  7. People of the future. THIS was the 'intellectual' of our times c.2018 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂😂

  8. Lie after lie after lie.Disapproving of sleeping around is not enforced monogamy,enforced monogamy is taking action so that infideity cannot occur,i.e locking someone in a room or having a legal sanction,he is attempting to change the meaning of language.What on earth has polygamy got to do with monogamy absolutely nothing.Being married or having multiple marriage partners has nothing to do with being monogamous or not.

  9. Ok so he's just a troll, like he says, all of these attitudes towards monogamy already existed, but he starts running with this "enforced monogamy" label from fucking incels who use it in a completely different context, and the only reason he does that is because he knows he's going to be misunderstood and piss people off, he's an old frail whimping and whining troll, he's probably a repressed drag queen which is why he got so upset about trans people in the first place, he definitely has that way about him, I'm already so bored with this loser, just put on a dress and some make up already and try to be ok with yourself.

  10. *preferred monogamy. If social norms support monogamy but individuals can choose to not be monogamous then it is not enforced, it is preferred. He is saying one thing but explaining another.

  11. I like how he talks about enforced monogamy like everything else, like it;s something new that he discovered.

    You know what we wanted to hear? your 5 different meanings for it IN THE CONTEXT of you saying it prevents mass shootings so we need it (so we don't have it but do simultaneously? or we did at one time and we don't now so shootings happen now?) This is why people can't stand this dude. Rubin providing no other context doesn't help. You either just SUPREMELY bent over for the SJW's here, or purposely dodged any substance of the question. Any leftest youtube host (i.e. not a professor) would love to have you on their show man.

    Btw, this guy just said it is a LEFT idea to have monogamy, because social structures.
    Wow. Would have sounded like a conservative idea, considering every in power religious fundamental sect is right wing. Where and when have conservatives NOT espoused a straight, married couple philosophy? Does anyone even listen to this guy?

  12. (( It seems that dear Jordan hasn't really had any contact with polyamorous people – genuinely poly people (still admittedly very rare) – so far in his psychological teaching, researching and counselling career. Perhaps in some future time ….. ))

  13. If "enforced monogamy" is a well established technical term in anthropology, from what form of monogamy is the "enforced" form distinct?

    By the way, the statement "polygamy is illegal" is a very ethnocentric statement from someone so supposedly well versed in anthropology.

  14. Leave it to Dr Peterson to set it straight. Well done!! The fact that he had to explain himself to these criticisms is sad in itself. For any of these left wing radical thinking idiots to think what they did of Dr Peterson is appalling.

  15. Meh disagree Peterson. Young men and women should be allowed to explore alternative relationship structures without the social enforcement of monogamy. This would make monogamy stronger because you would get into it older and when you know yourself better and after you've explored yourself In relationships.

  16. OK, I get the idea of "enforced monogamy". It just means we think of monogamy as a good thing. I don't see how that does anything for incels. Enforced monogamy is the opposite of what we need, especially incels. What people need to do is get over enforced monogamy. The only way more people are going to get any action is if we get over the idea that sex or any sexual activity is a big fuckin deal. That's the very reason why so many people aren't getting any. Because they are freaked out about it, and their extreme desire for it turns women off, makes them think it would be a huge fuckin deal to kiss these guys. Then the guys want the unattainable even more, which turns women away even more. Enforced monogamy not only isn't going to do anything for incels, I think it's bad in general. People need to simply learn the difference between casual fun and a committed relationships. That's all we have to do. But Jordan seems to just want all sex to be associated with committment and enforced monogamy. Jordan says we don't pat our son on the back when he says he scored with girls.

  17. Of course monogamy is ideal for human societies. Having sex with someone you are not supposed to is a great way of getting your ass murdered. Poligamous behaviours lead to violence which is something no one wants. Cheating on your spouse will also lead to divorce, which almost always leads to more single motherhood in society, which in turn leads to more crime since children who are raised by single mothers are more likely to grow up to become criminals as adults than children who were raised by a mother and a father.

  18. Sorry but he sYs forced monogamy but its not what he means: I’d like to point out that he has poor communication skills either intentionally or not.

  19. if he called it reinforced monogamy people would know what he's talking about and it would be a non-issue. enforced monogamy is actually the wrong term, dp is fallible and needs our help, yall.

  20. Listened to his explanation, I understand, and I still disagree.

    Edit: This is especially stupid considering he originally said this in the context of a mass shooting. What a moron

  21. I agree with everything Jordan is saying but I don't know why it brings me a lot of sadness that without a man being monogamous to a woman, he would be aggressive. It makes me feel bad for men.. I wish there is something we could do to not rely on a woman to change that. it's really sad if you ask me

  22. It's pretty evident that monogamy is the most ideal structure for romantic relationships and it's easy to see how and why polygamy falls apart in our society, but why is protected casual sex outside of relationships still so demonized?
    If a person has no intention of wanting to commit to somebody else at any given point in time (which is completely justified) , it shouldn't be seen as inherently wrong for them to want to explore their sexuality in the pursuit of knowledge, growth and experience. Sexual compatibility is an integral part of a stable, happy relationship and despite it being taboo to say that, it is nonetheless true and many long term relationships crumble as a direct result of a lack of this compatibility.
    Sex is yet another domain where being ignorant will do you no favors, so the more knowledge and understanding one gains about it through experience, the better they will be able to understand and communicate their needs as well as satisfy the needs of their partner and thus will make their relationship more fulfilling and more likely to be stable in the long term.

  23. Polygamy is historically more accepted than enforced monogamy.

    Also, he tweeted "Could "casual" sex necessitate state tyranny? The missing responsibility has to be enforced somehow…" and then pretends to be surprised when people thought he meant the state should get involved. That's clearly dishonest. He brought up state tyranny and then chastised the responders for assuming he meant the state should be involved.

  24. The fact that you have to use "enforced" and "monogamous" in the same sentence should tell you that monogamy is in no way natural to the human condition.

    And, no – most people don't actually WANT monogamous relationships. They enter into them because they've been told to by religious orders that it's what's required.

    Read "Sex at Dawn" by Christopher Ryan.

  25. I agree with a lot of what Peterson says, but when it comes right down to it, in spite of all of his (justifiable) rants against feminism, he is indeed a feminist himself, whether he admits it or not. He takes every opportunity he gets to criticize men and boys and finds every excuse he can to praise and defend women. Men are sick of this hypocrisy, the double standard, and the demonization of men and boys. Peterson is a part of this problem, and society will not be fixed until men and boys are treated with humanity and respect instead of constant lectures and attacks.

  26. Exodus 21:10 If he marries another woman, he must not deprive the first one of her food, clothing and marital rights. Polygamy is what God ordained (according to the Abrahamic religions).

  27. I live in India and the culture here enforces monogamy. Having sex before marriage is a huge taboo. It might appear politically incorrect in the west but over time, it's a good strategy. And this is a really really old civilization, so looks like there is something to what jp is saying.

  28. "Could casual sex necessitate state tyranny? The missing responsibility has to be enforced somehow…."

    Dr Jordan Peterson, 11:51am – 17 Dec 2016 via @jordanbpeterson Twitter

  29. The Morality of monogamy is subjective as monogamy itself… some people want monogamy and some wants poly… people should do what makes them happy… oh and Enforced Monogamy wont help Incels… it will only heighten their Pussy Entitlement…

  30. "Oh no I'm being misunderstood"

    By "FORCED monogomy" I really meant socially valued.

    I swear he obscures his speech so he can play multiple sides of interpretation. He has all these special definitions you have to search for his personal definition: god, truth, FORCED, etc.

    At a certain point you have to accept your part of the blame for using a completely obscure set of definitions. Hell when you can say something like "well then I don't think facts are necessarily true" (direct quote) maybe you aren't using a pragmatic definition

  31. Peterson takes years to say nothing. When he does say something, it's typically painfully obvious or beyond idiotic.

  32. Enforced monogamy, because when an average woman can't elicit monogamous pair-bonding from polygamous Chad, she still wants his baby anyway, even without his willingness to help raise it. Average guy, meanwhile, stays desperately by her side willing to do anything possible for leftovers.

  33. I am an extreme fan of his, but all he had to do is not use the word "enforced". The connotations that word has makes it so vague and susceptible to misinterpretation. "Encourage" "Promote" "Endorse" are words that could have been used.

  34. Which anthropologists use this term in this context? I study anthropology and have not heard this once and I’m looking for peer reviewed articles on the university database but I can’t find any.

    Can someone help me out?

  35. Interesting thought would be, should there be some sort of criminal action against those that cheat on their spouses?

  36. How can Peterson be this surprised at the outrage, when he chose to use the words "enforced monogamy"? Enforcement really doesn't have the connotation to the general public he's describing here, definitely not in the context of incels, whose views often include legally enforced monogamy of some sort. Not to mention the fact that actual anthropologists seem to disagree that he uses the term correctly. Of course, causing controversy is what gets you attention so it doesn't surprise me that he would chose to use such words.

    I also wouldn't mind if somebody explains how this "enforced monogamy" would be the ideal way of preventing attacks like that of the Toronto killer? What a dumb solution, we already have these norms by his own admission. What does he want to do promote these norms? I don't want to be accused of misrepresenting Peterson, which seems to be a little bit too easy to do, so I ask what concrete action would his solution entail?

  37. I am not too stupid to understand what he is saying, he is too stupid, and so are the rest of you to sit back and think. INCELS was the original topic where he brought up this gem. Monogamy will not help them, they can't get a GF or wife in which to SOCIALLY enforce this monogamy. What a fucking fool. And if you are too stupid to have seen the bait and switch, cut your head off, you're not using it. We all know about the societal enforcement of monogamy, nostradumbass here thinks he just came up with something. This is an intellectual? For dummies maybe.

  38. Well played.He was basically arguing for Christian Sharia i.e Biblical Law with arranged marriages and stoning adulterers.He that is enforced monogamy.He didnt have the guts to admit it.

  39. I think people taking offense the the "forced monogamy" comment are doing so because Peterson uses it in the context of an incel killing people. This incel would be what Peterson describes as a "useless man" early in this video. However the social pressures described by Peterson in this video already exist, and clearly did not prevent this person from comitting violence. So either Peterson is just wrong about enforced monogamy preventing male violence, or he's advocating for some other sort of enforced monogamy that he has not clarified.

  40. Wait, if something so basic is what he meant in what context was it even brought up? This sounds pretty basic, but I don’t really believe in monogamy(but that doesn’t mean I’m for cheating, partners ought to agree on the terms of their relationship)

    It appears I misunderstood him. My bad

  41. So enforced monogamy is basically what we have today, yet Peterson chooses to suggest it as a solution in an interview. Why suggest something that is already in place? My guess is he misspoke in that interview and has been busy backtracking on this ever since trying not to lose credibility in the end over it. That's the problem with sophistry; Somebody might want you to clarify the gibberish that comes out of your mouth. (Rule 10 Be Precise in your speech. Take your own advice mr Peterson).

  42. Monogamy is already socially enforced. So, the solution to incels is to do what we already fucking do? Peterson is either an intellectual conman or a fucking idiot.

  43. What does he mean by "innocent women"? Is there a category of other women "not innocent" "guilty" that he is not including in his ideas on monogamy? At this level of debate he should be aware of the words he uses and what they imply.

  44. Peterson states that “socially-enforced monogamous conventions decrease male violence” (direct quote from from his blog).
    Tell that to the millions of women and children living in violent homes every day around the world. According to a UN report, some national studies show that up to 70 per cent of women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner in their lifetimes.
    In the USA, 2.5 women every day are killed by their intimate partners.
    For England and Wales, the figures are two women killed each week by a current or former partner.
    Socially enforced monogamy may decrease male violence towards other men but it would seem that in very many cases it leads to women being trapped in abusive relationships. (And historically, when men had legal access to their wives bodies without their consent, many women experienced what would now be regarded as rape in marriage.)
    But I guess all this wouldn’t matter to Jordan Peterson – it’s a price worth paying for men (including incels) to get a shag.

  45. If this is Jordan's idea of "enforced monogamy" then we already have "enforced monogamy". But that's not what "enforced monogamy" actually implies, as it suggest monogamous relationships that are "enforced". Social norms is not the same thing as enforcement since these norms can be either accepted or rejected. Not to mention that social norms can change or evolve over time. Furthermore, if you're really for monogamous relationships then you should be against the entire notion of "enforced monogamy". If monogamy is only possible if it's "enforced" socially or otherwise then you're not in monogamous relationship because it's beneficial but because you're stigmatized if you're not in a monogamous relationship. So Jordan Peterson proposal of "enforced monogamy" is counter-productive even in terms of his own goals.

  46. Peterson should own the fact that it is very easy to misrepresent a view if you dont use the correct English words for it. As he has described it there is nothing “enforced” about it, I think the word he is looking for is “encouraged” or “preferred”. If i were to call the idea that its bad for your health to be obese: “obese people are genetically and morally inferior human beings” I would not complain if people got upset.

  47. So if monogamy is already the norm in our society why are incels a thing? We already live in a monogamist society and yet we still see men with issues. The only reason we are a monogamist society is because we've been indoctirinated with "judeo Christian values" that he so proudly believes is the reason we are great. Maybe just maybe the problem isn't that a small amount of guys at the top of the hierarchy are getting more action but rather that the majority of guys are unattractive/lazy/Ill mannered etc etc Funny hearing him be on the side of equality of outcome for sexual encounters when he talks down the very notion of equality of outcome so much… makes you wonder…

  48. It's like any phrase that can be interpreted differently. "Enforced Monogamy" can be misinterpreted, either accidentally or on purpose. Complex ideas are hard to boil down to two words.

  49. This whole controversy is hilarious. And it stems from the fact that JP, in this case, doesn't know how to fucking talk. If by "enforced monogamy" he's referring to the cultural norms that guide us to be monogamous, then why not say "the culture of monogamy" instead of "enforced monogamy?" The state is not involved in how many sexual partners you can have, and it shouldn't be, I'm sure JP would agree with that. This is a semantic issue.

    Furthermore, what the fuck does the culture of monogamy have to do with incels? I'm super confused about that. I just read his retort to the NYT piece on his website. He says that "enforced monogamy" is the answer to incels, because sexual frustration causes males to be violent and socially enforced monogamy regulates that violence. Fucking, HOW? First of all, monogamy is already the norm in society. It's not common for people to be in polyamorous relationships. It's common for people to sleep with several people, but with no strings attached. If they start dating someone, or marry them, they're expected to be monogamous, and while cheating happens, this is largely the status quo. Should this be even MORE socially enforced, somehow? If not, why are there still incels? Shouldn't you be able to sleep with whoever you want until you decide to settle down with one person? And how, tell me, HOW does that regulate male violence and address the sexual frustrations of those that don't get any? Society being more or less monogamous has no correlation to men being undesirable fucks who blame their shitty personalities on womankind. If anything, you could even argue that the more sexually free women are, the higher the chances one of them will sleep with you, provided you're a decent human being.

    It's like saying "Hey, you know what would fix wildfires? Eating three meals a day and calling your mom to tell her you love her." It's a non-sequitur.

    And by the way, I'm not saying sex is going to solve the underlying problem of inceldom, which is that they're shitty entitled people. You can be a hard worker and earn a large sum of money as a result, but receiving a large sum of money does not make you a hard worker. The problem of incels has to be solved from within them, by talking to them, and ESPECIALLY by separating them from the toxic online communities that radicalize them. Go look at r/braincels and tell me it shouldn't be nuked off the face of the internet.

  50. So, he states that enforced monogamy is something that already exists and that society promotes, but he says the solution to a guy crashing into a bunch of people because he's "mad at God" is that same enforced monogamy…which he says already exists. Sooo…I guess enforced monogamy is not working? Or that it didn't work for this guy? Or is he trying to indicate that this person didn't come from a stable monogamous household? Because that doesn't seem to hold either……age-suspect-no-one-thought-capable-of-murder/

    What exactly are you saying, Jordan? Because what you're saying here doesn't line up as the proposed solution (which you clearly claim most societies trend towards and already "enforce" through social norms) to the attack you were commenting on. This back peddling clarification of "enforced monogamy" made your initial argument WORSE.

  51. It doesn’t work for everybody….. don’t enforce for me what I KNOW based on direct experience DOESNT. Work for me

  52. Enforcing monogamy is enforcing both female & male to be responsible for each other & punish who betrays the relationship

    Westerner haven't been punishing the women enough to enforce it

    Start with that without reducing punishment to the male, increase the ferocity to both gender

    Then 1950, except now nobody is happy

  53. The word "enforced" is not the same as "encouragement." If you encourage your son / spouse to be faithful, that's not the same as "enforcing" which means "to force." He used the term "social control" in this talk. If we already enforce monogamy (as he claims) then what exactly is he referring to? He starts by saying "I'm not saying we should force women to marry losers" but actually that is exactly what he is saying elsewhere when he blames male violence on the fact that they aren't getting laid and therefore "enforced" monogamy" is the answer – if you leave women to their own devices they will seek out strong, capable men, and these losers won't have anyone. I know no one on this thread will agree, that's fine – just stating what I think is the obvious, imo.

  54. Once again he manages to say nothing with a lot of words. He's backpeddling because he got called out. Only retards think he's a great philosopher.

  55. JP is a moron.

    He advocates bigot positions like:
    Don't make laws to enforce equal rights. Eg: force stores to serve black people/ gay people.

    He comes from Canada & advocates against a public health system in the U.S. Which is mind boggling hypocritical & cruel.

    He advocates for religious superstition & dogma to be held higher than equal rights & equal treatment.

    That's 3 off the cuff. There are more. He is full of terrible ideas. He is so long winded, full of shit & smug.

    Oh shit yeah, I forgot, he advocates for "forced monogamy" so beta retards like himself can get a woman. Which sounds a lot like "equality of outcome", which he advocates against.

  56. It is not at all universal that all human societies have monogamy so let's not pretend it is. This man is tricking the foolish into believing being a fascist is fine. He uses enforced monogamy because he wants to slowly creep such ideas into a passive acceptance.

  57. That moment when you have to aplogize for stating the obvious because you were asked, doing it in the nicest way you could muster and still getting zapped! Been there.
    btw, I know not the statistics but the example of the young man expecting to be praised for his adventures, has the opposite outcome in my country? the result? high indexes of violence against women (at least there's the correlation).

  58. Great work re-framing the subject so that he can ridicule a strawman and not the actual criticism of him.
    He wasn't laughed at for promoting monogamy. He was laughed at for suggesting it was a "cure" for violence driven by male rejection, in the context of a recent murder. Not only did he not clarify what he meant by "enforced" in the original interview, even his description in this video is of current societal norms. So what is his "cure"? What would he change to "socially value" monogamy even more? Shame on unmarried women and divorcees like the old days, because female sexuality is a commodity to be redistributed to stop boys feeling left out?

  59. If christians enforce monogamy then they are not following the bible. Enforced Monogamy is a Liberal ideology. Jordan Peterson is a liberal calling out to the conservatives.

  60. If the west NEEDS Jordan Peterson to say these things you know they are in trouble unlike the Muslims who have had it all figured out for 1400 years and will soon outnumber us from higher birth rates.

  61. Just debated someone who said “Peterson wants enforced monogamy”. I said that’s ridiculous and you 100% misunderstand him. I was right and wrong at the same time

  62. so basically enforce equality of outcome on the sexual marketplace because it's good for the children, but never ever think of pooling ressources and helping poor families (think children) because that is certainly enforcing equality of outcome on the economic market and communism is bad. muh freedum

  63. What does it have to do with incels then? Why did he bring it up? Apparently, the best light you can put him in is that if there were no divorces there would be no incels and history is the very opposite. Technically no incels but a lot of abusive marriages and higher rates of women suicide before no fault divorces were legalised. In other words, Peterson, as usual, you have absolutely nothing to add to the conversation.

  64. Peterson is wrong again. There's a strong proclivity to tilt toward polygamy, even in societies that endorse monogamy. It makes sense. The balance for maximizing your gene transmission is between a) enough stability to secure the raising of any offspring so that they can reproduce and b) spreading your genes around as much as possible without excessively endangering formerly conceived offspring.

    Polygamy has been the most prevalent form of marriage in the history of the world. In the Christian west we still practice it. But in the form of serial monogamous marriages–which are the same as polygamy in the end result. And in the high rates of cheating.

    Again Peterson projects his own twisted psychological proclivities onto reality and presents them as a universal truth.

    Peterson is a charlatan. Outside of his area of expertise which is addiction.

  65. Monogamy is not the end all, be all of human relationships. And basically, Peterson is arguing "Ladies, do this or men'll get mad and kill you." Well, over half of women who are victims of homicide are killed by their partners or a lover. So we're already fucked, so we might as well do what we want.
    Also, I like to mention castration. Mass castration would be way easier to implement and much cheaper than enforced monogamy. Nobody will want their tax dollars going to check the health of a slut satisfying the incels every month. But a one-time procedure for those found societal odious? Fuck yeah! Patriarchy hurts men on the bottom anyway, so they'd be used to it, right? Let's do mass castration instead. Eunuchs are just an tried and true a tradition as monogamy!

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