Jon Meacham on 2020 & Tim McGraw on Marriage to Faith Hill | The View

Michael Martin

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  1. Tim McGraw just lost 90% of his fans hanging out with Jon Meacham and appearing on the biggest liberal fake News television show ever

  2. As a Southerner, Meaghan addressing everyone by their first name is cringe-worthy. You address them with their title and last name, then allow them to tell you what they go by ("Tim" or "Jon or Jonathan please") But never address them by first name.

  3. The only good thing that came from his career is the porn star marriage shut his quack father up from sex shaming literally every guest.

  4. Oh stfu Trump will win again cause of loonies like you. When you have open doors to everyone there's no way you won't have at least few nutjobs coming trough.

  5. Unfotunally for Megan who has no critical thinking back ground. It will difficult to understand " that all man-kind are created equal" . Unfortunally racism, bigotry was conditioned in her innerself by her father McCain before she could reason.

  6. You did not fight wars to "liberate" are you for fuking real. Iraq, Libya, Syria ect ect while we support Isreal and Saudi and help create worlds worst humanitarian crisis in the world in Yemen with Saudi? DELUSIONAL. War is for meghans friends in the miltary industrial complex, Israel and Saudi.

  7. Wow 20 years! Happy Anniversary to Faith and Tim! They are so amazing together. How do they manage to look so hot and young?????

  8. I just love Jon Meacham. He says it like it is and today was not the exception. Such an intelligent man. I can't wait to read his book co-authored with Tim McGraw. I’m definitely going to purchase it. So happy Jon and Tim were invited to The View.

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