Jon Bellion – Couple's Retreat (Official Audio)

Michael Martin

29 Responses

  1. Type of music you’d hear in urban outfitters or American eagle 😂😂… Love the work Jon, sorry I was late I didn’t even realize you released and I feel like a fake fan now

  2. This is the only artist I ask people if they know…Everyone should know Jon Bellion. He's somewhere between great music and I don't believe that exists.

  3. the cuts feel like its glitching and its bugging me, if someone could edit this song without it so its smoother I would really appreciate it, don't get me wrong I love Jon Bellion and respect every single song, but I'd like to see what it sounds like without

  4. Other albums you can play a couple times through and all the songs start to sound the same because the artist has a specific style/genre.
    Not Jon Bellion’s albums! His style and genre changes with not only every album but every /song/, making them all so unique even if they still have that particular Jon Bellion flare in them ✨

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