Jon Bellion – Couple's Retreat (Official Audio)

Michael Martin

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  1. can someone be so kind as to translate the spanish part at 2:42. wasnt expecting it but it blew my mind

  2. Am I the only one who hears "Que deje la contadera que te voy a pagar!" It reminds me of my dad, Lol.

  3. Type of music you’d hear in urban outfitters or American eagle 😂😂… Love the work Jon, sorry I was late I didn’t even realize you released and I feel like a fake fan now

  4. One critiqe- the chorus was choppy. I realize it was on purpose, but the style disturbed the great song. That was the only thing wrong. Thanks Jon!

  5. This is the only artist I ask people if they know…Everyone should know Jon Bellion. He's somewhere between great music and I don't believe that exists.

    Like si hablas español y estas amando este album de Jon!! <33

  7. Most underrated artist ever!!! Love him, been listening since translation thru speakers keep working Jon!!

  8. the cuts feel like its glitching and its bugging me, if someone could edit this song without it so its smoother I would really appreciate it, don't get me wrong I love Jon Bellion and respect every single song, but I'd like to see what it sounds like without

  9. Other albums you can play a couple times through and all the songs start to sound the same because the artist has a specific style/genre.
    Not Jon Bellion’s albums! His style and genre changes with not only every album but every /song/, making them all so unique even if they still have that particular Jon Bellion flare in them ✨

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