hi sometimes I'm John Landis and you're watching trailers from Elle today we're going to look at a gorilla picture which immediately makes it a good movie there are certain things gorillas good movie anyway this is the bride and the Beast written by Edward wood her beauty hides a hideous past that makes her a strange attraction for a jungle brute this is the Lynne Cheney story oh look angora sweaters she's wearing an angora sweater which is a hint to who wrote this Edie would I have a feeling that it probably said in the script that she wore tangora sweater and you know these are low-budget quickies that's a gorilla um I I think that's Crash Corrigan you know what I'm embarrassed I don't know which gorilla that is but this is a wacky story watch the money shot whoo there it is that's it and they showed it to you in the trailer she has nightmares this lady about being a white gorilla who looks strangely like white Pongo which is another movie with the same suit um anyway she wakes up in her angora sweater this movie is mostly footage from some other black-and-white picture some jungle adventure that they keep cutting back and forth – there's a whole subplot with this tiger look at this this watch stuffed stuffed real and these are very real crocodiles very real tiger this was stuff shot by some white man who decided to you know destroy nature very weird Tiger vs. crocodile here she puts up a big fight and he carries her off her husband's kind of a putz he's a great white hunter but very few people know that the Bronson caves are in Africa and look – gorilla suits – gorilla suits the raging violence of a mad nape in a frenzied battle with a woman as a prize how can you not go see this movie now this is a good trailer in fact don't see the movie the trailers better the bride and the Beast Oh

Michael Martin

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