Joe Biden shares story of faith with pastor who lost his wife in Charleston shooting

Michael Martin

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  1. Biden just lies and lies and lies! The stuff he says sounds good until you realize it's completely fabricated in his own dementia-ridden brain!!

  2. FYI – the law student "undecided voter" in the audience was nothing of the sort… she was a Biden staffer. This whole thing was stacked to make Biden go from zero to hero because CNN is terrified of a Sanders nomination… rightfully so, but what they don't seem to realize: a Biden nomination would be equally devastating to the Democratic Party.

    No, Trump Didn't Cut the CDC's Coronavirus Budget

    No, the CDC's Budget Hasn't Been Cut

    No, Corona Beer Is Not Responsible for the Virus (and Most People Know That)(I HOPE)

  4. Joe Biden is a good person. No doubt. But is he shrewd enough, does he have it in him to do whatever it takes to safe guard American interests? Interests of American Citizens? Make and Keep America and American Citizens the #1 Priority?? To deal with ruthless world leaders like Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, Erdogan of turkey and others??

  5. You idiot for leaving ash on yr head …first off the creator says not to do what leaders of faith do ..pope!!!! You look like an idiot … Jesus Christ would never want us to put ash on our heads … This is you following the Catholic church Pope = Religion!!!
    you follow the son of God an what he says
    "God ..they don't know what they do ..why? Why can't they see they are doing what the devil wants instead if what you say!!

  6. You can not vote on emotions . . because this man isn't gonna fool most but Joe will fool some … God isn't in his world . money power wealth is his God !
    Just by him saying religious views an hopes his son is proud of him sees him God clearly states you ate asleep when you die its that simple they don't see you small children only go straight to heaven not adults Jesus tells you that …so no he knows nothing about faith still at his age …
    Tells me he still doesn't know Yeshua !! He still doesn't know God !!

  7. It doesn’t matter which candidate runs….as long as we vote out trump: The democrats are great: Mitt Romney is great! Trump is NOT great and not a good choice.,that is why Putin meddled. Just dump trump

  8. This is what an American president sounds like. He shares vulnerability in ways all Americans can relate to and empathize with. He helps us regain that which used to unite us all: Family. Love. Community. Forgiveness. Unity. Equality. Service to country. This is chicken soup for America's soul.

  9. What a weak candidate. The party is setting up to lose to Trump if this lying dog faced pony solider, who lied about being jailed in South Africa and was the architect of the school to prison foundational legislation, is the nominee. What a corporate prostitute.

  10. Joe is a statesman there’s 1thing for certain if he was President the USA would not be an embarrassment around the world!

  11. Bernie Sanders for president CNN and MSNBC already picked their sides and now it's time for the people to pick their own side Bernie Sanders

  12. Sad that most people are only supporting biden base on their feeling or emotion. This is not the time to be emotional, it's a time to vote for your believe. Please people go out and vote not on emotions but on policies that you believe will benefit yourself and your children and children's children.

  13. Vice President Biden, you kind of did pull back because you should have been our President in 2016. If you had run, you would have won! Nevertheless, I do understand what it like losing loved ones. So, I prayed for you to run in 2020, even when you said you would not, and that prayer was answered, here you are!

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