Jerry Seinfeld ft. Wale “The Matrimony” Episode 1

Michael Martin

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  1. One day I pray that I am blessed with something like this. Thank you for creating this analogy for women like me. Gratitude

  2. the planet 🌎. ..that part get me choked up “ i think about my woman so much that we are from 2 different states. ny va. i’m jumping from my planet to hers. …

  3. Jerry pretty much NAILED it right on the head with his interpretation of marriage. Ive ALWAYS like his comedy. Its unique & original.

  4. Too bad no one told bro this was the worst move he could've made…Black people don't watch Seinfeld and those older heads in the industry know the show was racist. This is why they put Wale on the backburner.

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