Jérôme Galon – Immunoscore®, a clearer cancer test (ceremony)

My lab here in Paris is actually in a former
cloister and these buildings were protecting the monks and their gardens. Our immune system is protecting us in a very
different way: it’s not static like this old stones, in fact it´s very dynamic. Well actually you know there are more T-cells
in our bodies than there are stars in the night sky. When I started working on cancer, the field
of cancer was mostly about the tumours cells. But for me as an immunologist it was absolutely
obvious that the immune system had to play a role in cancer. Thanks to my senior position at INSERM, I
was able to start this long and risky project. I knew it would take a long time and involve
a multi-disciplinary team. It’s a completely new way of looking at
cancer patients. We are now looking at their immune system
rather than looking at their tumour cells. A digital scanner takes images of all the
tumour samples and then our software is counting every single T-cell, then our software calculates
the Immunoscore of an individual patient. By knowing how active is their immune system,
now we can predict if a patient is at high risk or low risk of recurring cancer. This enables doctors not only to classify
more precisely cancers but also to give patients the most effective therapies without over-treating
them. Immunoscore is on the way to become a new
standard for cancer classification.

Michael Martin

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