Jayam Ravi gives divorce | Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar Climax Scene | Jayam Ravi turns a monk

This family has been
winning for 25 years And you made us lose, rascal She came into our family
trusting you totally How did you have
the heart to make her lose? Answer me How dare you do this? Did you think how upset
she would feel? Don’t interfere You didn’t make your wife lose Me…my self-respect And my family’s prestige Our people had faith in us
for all these years And you made us lose it You’re bothered about
losing the election I have lost my whole life, father What are you saying? We didn’t come here as
a made for each other couple We came here
after constant fights She’s here only to get
my signature for a divorce God help us! What’s this, dear? I married her only to preserve our
family’s prestige and your self-respect But from that moment onwards
I wanted to live happily with her If she doesn’t like
something about me… …I can change myself But she doesn’t like me one bit You asked me to marry her
so her life won’t be in shambles But because I married her
she thinks her life is ruined Instead of winning the election
and living here unhappily… …she is better off living alone
and happy in the city of her choice That’s why I rigged the votes A husband and wife should
live with harmony intact Not pretend and act, father That’s why I have decided to
grant her divorce What are you saying? I’m shocked hearing this, my dear Please don’t take
any hasty decisions Stay here for some more days He’s a good boy You’ll understand him
very well, I’m sure If you still don’t like him
we’ll ourselves send you home Mother…? She is already here for
a month under duress Listen to me When you are newly married… …it’s normal to have
difference of opinion The creases will get
ironed out gradually Better to free her from
the ties of being my wife And let her lead a life
of her own choice After all this, if you force us
to live together… …neither of us will be happy Why don’t you convince them? Meenatchi, our decision was wrong It is their life Let them decide
how to lead their lives You do what you feel is right, dear You came here and stayed for
a month because I asked you to This is the paper you wanted Oh my God! How could you do this to us? ‘I never even dreamt this boy
would do something like this’ ‘We don’t know what happens
behind closed doors of the wealthy’ ‘This boy was too impulsive’ What happened? I don’t know how to
break the news to you What has happened? What can I say? You go in and see Meenatchi, what happened? If I had known
he would do this… …I would’ve somehow
begged her to stay But he chose this way out Hey! What is this disguise? I didn’t get the girl
I fell in love with Nor the girl I got married to So I decided to
renounce life ‘Till now’ ‘Today’ A new assistant commissioner
has come to interrogate you Who is that? “A lion with momentum
He is Duraisingam” You…? Wherever I go, you come
with a bag of problems Your wife has lodged
12 cases against you In what way did you torture her
for her to retaliate like this? I granted her divorce
because she wanted it, sir You’ll immediately grant it, huh? Instead of advising me against it Trying to become a martyr? I love you I want to live with you But I won’t fall at your feet
and beg forgiveness That’s why I lodged a complaint Will you live with me
or go to jail? She has registered
a false complaint First lock her up, sir Let’s see who goes to jail
You or me? Sir, lock him up When she has gone to this extent
I’ll also see where this ends, sir I don’t mind the expense When you’ve come
to this conclusion- I’ll also see this through
one way or the other If you don’t lock her up
I’ll go up to High court I’ll go to the Supreme court Go, let me see
what you can do Silence…! Bro, sit down You take a seat too, madam Your arguments are very trivial You blew it out of proportion
by over reacting If you have a problem with him
don’t fight with him Call me Whatever the problem
I’ll solve it for you Both of you
note down my number You can call me anytime Now go home
without fighting Inspector, drop them
at their residence I have done my best
and acted as mediator Let us see how
happily they live Shall we take a selfie? Why did you take it off? Don’t you know… …when I’m angry and feeling
very romantic, I take it off I know Today is our 25th
wedding anniversary Let’s have a night
to remember Who is calling
at this time of the night? I’m Divya speaking He raises his hand at me
if the ‘dosa’ isn’t cooked Will someone hit
for such a silly reason? Let me talk to him How can you do this, son? That wasn’t ‘dosa’
But ‘idli’ Sir, she’s making ‘idli’ on
a frying pan meant for ‘dosa’ Give the phone to her How can you do this, ma? Sir, he is just lying
through his teeth to you Let me talk to him How can you mistake
a ‘dosa’ for an ‘idli’? Don’t I know the difference
between a ‘dosa’ and an ‘idli’? She’s throwing the phone, sir Now she’s flinging a plate, sir I will definitely hit her, sir Don’t be in a rush A wife is like the idol
inside a temple Look who is talking! Husband is like the priest Husband should pray to the idol
Not indulge in idle fights I’m praying correctly She’s pillow-fighting with me! Give her the phone Here you are, I will- A wife is like a lamp The husband is like the wick You must light the wick
only after adding oil to the lamp Plain wick if lit
will burn to bits Should not fight I won’t spare him
He is hitting me now He hit you? Let me talk to him Sir, she’s hitting me like WWF In all these 25 years
of married life… …my wife and I haven’t
fought even 1 day We believe in ‘give and take’
And so the light in our love shin- Talking to you, just now dawned
on me it is dawn now! Disconnect the damn phone Don’t touch me I’ll tear you to pieces You and your goddamn
new groom look Don’t…I will kill you My Manju has trampled my heart This is Mohammed Ali
Plus 3 more terrorists with him Muthukaruppan, I believe
your wife left you and ran away She got a divorce from me We should terrorize
the terrorists and nab them That’s why we convened
this special meeting Mr Muthukaruppan,
switch on your phone Just inform you’re in
a meeting and switch it off I’m Divya here I’m in an important meeti- Give it to me Sir, I’m Shakthi here Bro, I’m in an important meet- More important than that is
she didn’t add salt in my breakfast Is that a crime? I’m saying something so important
and you are being so irresponsible You call yourself a cop? I’m not a police officer I am a rowdy Rowdy I’m trying my best
to be patient And you’re torturing me
with tonnes of calls? Am I a pickle
for your love-play? She’s trying to stab me
with a knife, sir I’ll myself stab you with a knife And kill her also She is throwing
tomatoes at me I’ll throw a bomb in your house She’s trying to kill me
with the ‘dosa’ ladle, sir Why should she kill you? I’ll myself shoot you I’ll shoot you I’ll shoot you! I’ll rain bullets on you!! I’ve emptied the whole magazine If you call me once more
I’ll come in person and stamp you Stamp you Trample all over you I can’t tolerate
your bad behavior I’ll meet Muthukaruppan sir
and complain about you to him Who are you to complain? I’ll complain
Come with me Get lost Come what may
I need a solution Muthukaruppan has become
as black as coal We were on our way to see you You know what she did- You shut up You know what he did Shut up Stop it! You know what you both did What harm did I do to you? I wanted to unite you My wife left me I consoled myself thinking
my police job was intact Usually they transfer me Now you made them dismiss me Not one assistant commissioner Even if 100 of them come
they can’t reach a compromise Come, my little prince Why did you stop? You would have seen a lion
in the forest, a photo Or Discovery channel on TV You might have even seen a furious
avatar in the film directed by Hari Have you seen a lion go begging
for a single glass of tea? Look over there “Wonder who is your mother?” “Wonder who is your father?” “He is a family deity
Townsfolk bow with piety” Give me money Give me alms Don’t interfere in
a husband and wife’s affairs They will make your life hell Why is he on reverse mode? Give me money, da Give me…give Why are you hitting me? I don’t have any coins Come back tomorrow Bloody beggar! You don’t
even know beg-ethics! Get lost Give me alms However loony he may be… …he doesn’t forget to hit me Looks like he has really become mad You made him a lunatic You both fought and he lost it But how did you get these 2 kids
in the midst of all your fighting? 1st time we fought
and he mediated And his wife left him That’s when he was born 17th time we fought
and he mediated When he lost his job That’s when she was born That wasn’t 17th
it was our 20th fight No, dear
It was the 17th time No, I know
20th fight ‘They are ready
for the next baby’ Whom will you listen to, dude? Me or her? Whom will you listen to, bro? Me or him? Dude, listen to me Bro, hear me out A deer that trotted
in front of a tiger A man who interfered
when a couple fought… …have not lived happily
in the history of the world Example is that egghead Get lost! Fighting between a couple is a game We shouldn’t step into that space Only watch the fun from outside That is life

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