Ja Rule Officially Innocent In Fyre Festival Lawsuit

Michael Martin

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  1. If JA was guilty then he would be in jail with the whiteboy. I kno this imagine if ja went to jail for 6 months and the whiteboy walked ? There would be riots and shit lol. On some real Shit I’m glad ja walked and he obviously was innocent

  2. Ja rule has always been a clown. And the people who like his "hits" are clowns. That fake rap teeny bopper shit. Foh.

  3. So what if Ja Rule avoided lawsuit? He wasn't guilty in a sense that Billy was the one in charge of everything while Ja was merely an associate. Maybe he co-founded Fyre just to support his dying ego.

    If anything, Ja is lucky this time. But if he ever tried something stupid again, then I for certain want him in prison. He founded the mess, and he only escapes because he did far less than what Billy had done (call it a name promotion Ja did).

    Sure he didn't want to scam and lie, but he's supposed to be responsible in his actions. Not let some idiot (I call Billy an idiot than a fraudster since from what I've seen, he's brutally incompetent) take care of his business while he enjoys his luxuries.

    I'm not saying Ja should be in jail. I'm saying that he nearly was that close to be in trouble. He got away just because he was a passive member.

    And to think, MC Hammer is a wash-up has-been.

  4. They have looked at every sirface of this thing and found this PERSON(Ja Rule) not guilty. And people still call him a fool and laugh at jim pushing to do something great. These thoae a the same clowns that are doing nothing with their lives and will wish they could afford his tickets when he does it again and oh so right.

    Positive words to you bro and much more success to you. Keep pushing great things from your visions bro!

  5. Happy for Ja. I always felt like that white dude was letting Ja take all the heat and skating by.

  6. Billy should be punished to the fullest extent of the law for going to far in the deep end of lying like crazy. I don't think I've heard of anyone that bad in recent years asides Trump with the appearances of looking like he's a liar and appearances of shady low key business advantages being in the position he's in.

  7. …and in other news, grass is the colour green and there are 24 hours in a full day…. no one cares about this… only interedt in Ja Rule when im somewhere where they are playing his old music joints

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