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Is your marriage going to be legal? Or do you even know the process of
how to get your marriage legal? And what I mean by this is; will the pastor
be allowed to give you a marriage certificate? Which is why we are planning a wedding
in the first place, right? That is what this video is about, the process of
getting your marriage legal, coming up shortly. Hi. My name is Kimari Maina. Welcome to another episode of Wedding Tings, wedding enthusiasts
who love to talk about weddings. And our desire is that we will make
your wedding planning process easy breezy, therefore, you spend more time and energy
prepping for your marriage, and less prepping for your wedding. This particular video is about the process. Now before I get into it, we have made another video that will tell you, where you should go, and what you should bring
in order to get your marriage legal. So please check out this link here.
It will lead you to that video. Now this video is about the process. So the process is a 3-visit process.
You need to go to the AGs office 3 times. The 1st visit is the visit where you tell Gava (government), “We want to get married. Please begin the process.” And in that particular visit, they will ask you for
KES|600 to start up the process. They will ask you for copies of your IDs, and your
passport size photos in order to start up the process. That process also allows them,
or that visit, allows government to now do a name search to check if for example;
‘John, are you single?’ ‘Jane are you single?’ And then also to put out a notice and find out,
if there is anyone is the public who has just reason, why John and Jane should not get married.
So they need 21 days to do that. Therefore, they will actually give you a date
21 days after the first visit for you to come. That’s visit #2. Visit #2, is basically an interview.
Some couples get lucky and they don’t get interviewed, some couples actually do get interviewed. But nothing to fear by the way, the interview is just a conversation with the
Registrar of Marriage, or the Deputy Registrar. And in that interview they want to check,
are you sober, are you sane? Because you are about to get into a legal contract. Are you of age? Of course they checked that
at the name search. Are you under duress? Is Jane putting a gun
on John’s head to get married or vice versa. I think that’s basically it. The interview
to check if you are able to get into such a contract. Now what they will also ask you is KES|7,200 if you are doing a garden wedding,
or KES|800 if you are doing a church wedding. They will also ask you for a copy of your
Pastor’s License. They will ask you for the Marriage Certificate
Serial Number, and they will ask for an invitation card. Now again, we have elaborated what exactly
those items are in the 1st video, so please check out this link and we will give you
more info on that. Then lastly, they will call you 10 days later,
maybe 14 days later for the 3rd visit, and that 3rd visit is for your to collect either a Wedding (Special) Permit
if you are doing your wedding in a garden, or a Registrar’s Certificate
if you are doing it in a church. And that would be the 3rd visit and the last
that you would need to attend. So yes, that is the process. Now one more item! The process opens up 90 days to your wedding
and closes 30 days to your wedding. So, just in case you’re listening to this video and go like,
“WHAT? 30 days! It’s already 30 days to my wedding!” and you’re late! We have you covered. We have another video for what exactly you need to do
in order to get your marriage legal, by watching this video, so please click on this link below
and we will tell you more about that. Is this video useful? Share it
with as many people who are getting married, so that we can make sure that they are legal,
and they are not just signing a piece of paper. And is there something that we could have left out,
please leave your comments here below. Do you have a video that you would like us to do?
Leave your comments here below. We will definitely, interact and respond back to you. My name is Kimari Maina. Thank you watching. And we will catch you in the next video.

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  1. On our wedding day we were given a small certificate and we were told that we should go and get the original one so my question is how does the original one look like and where can I get it

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