everybody Christopher green amtv alternative media television it appears that we are very very close stunningly close to an all-out war with Iran a Carrier Strike Group has already passed through the Suez Canal and b-52 bombers already landed at an airbase in the Persian Gulf there are new reports that the administration is reviewing military options including a plan to send 120 thousand US troops to the region if Iran attacks US interests we'll see what happens with Iran if they do anything it would be a very bad mistake I believe in my humble opinion is what people like John Bolton want it's what they're calling for and we could argue that these events have been pre-planned and engineered for a reason and there's a startling tweet that just went out live from a very high aide of the Iranian government at real Donald Trump you wanted a better deal with Iran looks like you're going to get a war instead that's what happens when you listen to the mustache referring to John Bolton and now this according to the mainstream media Saudi Arabia says it's oil pipeline was just attacked by drones Saudi Arabia's state-owned energy company Aramco has stopped pumping oil through a major pipeline after a drone attack this is out of Dubai United Arab Emirates an oil pipeline that runs across Saudi Arabia was hit by drones Tuesday allegedly west of its capital of Riyadh the Saudi Energy Minister said shortly after rebels in Yemen claimed they carried out a coordinated drone strike against the kingdom Saran says that the u.s. perpetrated this event that it wasn't them they're saying there's a reason why they engineered this alleged attack on Saudi oil a United States ally so here's a question will Iran shut this pipeline down well they shut down the Strait of Hormuz which accounts for some 50% of all oil trade in the world they've threatened this before will this drag to a devastating war Iran says Trump is playing a very very dangerous game and risking a devastating war with the regime several b-52 bombers have arrived at the US air base in Qatar designed to counter what the humph administration says are clear indications of threats from Iran to US forces questioning the asses will there be an accident okay I think of the Gulf of Tonkin I think of other events which pushed us into these egregious false Wars because it was the agenda of the government of the time so the question you need to ask is what is the agenda of the neocon establishment the mustache what are they promoting and what do they want we've seen this from four-star generals before they've always told us that Iran is the final target but unfortunately the United States has been escalating the situation unnecessarily we do not seek escalation but we have always so look guys I'm not telling you what to think I'm asking that you ask real questions and you think critically through this media maze that's being put out to the American people in the global community right now what I think well I think you know what I think I think we're at the edge of a cliff I think we are at the precipice of a major disaster a world war and an economic collapse I'm Christopher Greene get this feed out everywhere make it viral like share it make sure you click the bell so you get our next update hard-hitting and in your face this is amtv alternative media television hey guys Christopher green Bitcoin rich calm click the link below right now take advantage of this immediate instantaneous savings say $50 off limited time it's going away tonight join us at the number 1 blockchain trade school in the world at Bitcoin rich calm Bitcoin is now up an astonishing 100% year today those are the cold hard facts it has outperformed every single major asset class in the world but here's the deal we're just getting started we are quickly on the horizon in my humble opinion going to a multi trillion dollar market capitalization 100k Bitcoin is next so take advantage of this offer click the link below join thousands and thousands of other students around the world I will see you at school god bless and I love you guys

Michael Martin

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  2. Watch out for secret new mini subs from Iran, 6 are headed to US now, Navy Intel has no idea what to look for, they are also gunning for Lincoln. Composite materials can't be "pinged". Stand by to stand by.

  3. All out war your hoping that happens…Trump wants tobe reelected President…he knows how far to go…only way it goes to war is if Iran fire's first…

  4. Again,…how many times do I have to say it…The US President is the RIDER of the White Horse (Rev.6:2) who goes forth under "wars and rumors of war" to "conquer" the Middle East in the name of "peace and global security"!  The First Seal opened on 9-11 and Iran could be next, if not Venezuela…but the Red Horse (BRICS) Alliance is having nothing of it and will trigger their Mega-Tsunami this September 2019 to begin Jacob's Trouble – the Great 7-yr Tribulation!  Download the FREE eBook: THE RIDER OF THE WHITE HORSE – The US President in Prophecy … at

  5. The agenda is to wipe the middle east out for our Zionist masters… so they can knock down the Aqsa Mosque… rebuild their 3rd temple bring their false messiah and you Christians will fall for him also…. because you already worship a human being…

  6. Iran Iran Iran America Iran America America Iran Iran. Ps Buy Bitcoin. What a scam artist, all that money and one suit jacket 🤣 true, money cannot buy class


  8. Russia won't be able to handle the influx of Iranian refugees. Iran already has a super IBM they got from Russia. Able to get multiple targets.

  9. First Zionist America picked on Russia 🇷🇺 then North Korea 🇰🇵 then Venezuela 🇻🇪 then back to Russia 🇷🇺 then China 🇨🇳 now Iran 🇮🇷 GUESS WHO THE REAL TERRORISTS AND TROUBLE MAKERS ARE!!!!?

  10. First Zionist America picked on Russia 🇷🇺 then North Korea 🇰🇵 then Venezuela 🇻🇪 then back to Russia 🇷🇺 then China 🇨🇳 now Iran 🇮🇷 GUESS WHO THE REAL TERRORISTS AND TROUBLE MAKERS ARE!!!!?

  11. I’m telling you the last people I am going to believe is Iran and anything they say that’s what I think

  12. Hello, my unconditional support for Mr. Greene, for giving us information about everything that happens, thank you Mr. Greene for what you do.

  13. Shouldn't u be telling people to prepare spiritually, for the eminent return of Jesus Christ, ur motivation escapes me and amtv is a contradiction , the words gonna end so invest in Bitcoin, rebuke these demons, Praise Yeshua now times up !

  14. Close enough to start serious war with Iran.Iran will shutdowns the straight of Hormuz period.?????

  15. WW3! Economic collapse! Awesome!! I guess the far left won't be suckin the teat of my tax dollars then. Hopefully economic collapse will end the banks and big business also. Then in 10 year's it may be safe to come out of our bunkers. You did prepare a bunker didn't you?

  16. Iran has been blowing out of their pie holes death to America since America was founded as a nation since before 1776 . I say let's blow these devil seed mother fuckers off the face of the Earth.

  17. Well good thing about all of this is that Americans will be forced to buy Made In The USA. I'm wearing a pair of Biggies Underwear that are 6 years old, no tips, no tears, fabric has zero holes and still looks good. Can any of you reading this say that about the Chinese underwear you've been wearing for decades? I'll answer that…"HELL NO!!" Instead of fueling the Chinese war machine, buy Made in The USA products. At least you're getting something that last. Cheap is Expensive my friends, think about Men.

  18. They won't be happy until they start a war.. it's just a matter of time.. we all know that it's going to happen we just don't know when, but by the way things sound it's going to happen soon.. I just hope no one is stupid enough to push the button and nuke each other to death..

  19. Did you know TRU BLU changed to the GULF Seaford Delaware check it out on your way to the Beaches true false flags that's what's coming

  20. Here we go again the daily fear porn from fardulent Christopher greene. Still saving up that bitcoin to buy a hitman for you. Thanks for the advice, best I've gotten so far. Now I know how to deal with the channel…all from you chris.

  21. I don't believe that we will enter a losing war. I remember the Iranian pilot training program here in the 1960's, after which we gave them jets because they didn't have them. Unless there has been a fantastic improvement in their situation, we will squash them like flies. That is what we did when they turned on us.

  22. I don't believe anything the government tells us. Iran just doesn't want to use USA dollars to sell their oil. US is at it again under the rule of the elite powers (Zionism)

  23. Thus says The Lord God: I will defend My people, Israel, and take vengeance upon My enemies. For My own name’s sake will I do it, and for the sake of My servant, David, shall it be done. And thereafter shall My witnesses be sent into battle. For I have only just begun to speak, I have only just begun to reveal My hot displeasure, to put My power on open display, says The Lord of Hosts.
    Yet if it were not for the sake of a remnant among those yet to be called, and for the sake of My name in Israel, that it may be glorified, I would have destroyed the enemies of Israel already, wiping them from the face of the earth. Thus I have withheld My hand, and have not yet taken vengeance upon My enemies; yet I shall not withhold My hand forever, neither shall My wrath tarry. Behold, I shall lift up an ensign to all nations! It shall be forged with fire and painted with the blood of mighty men, and many ten thousands shall fall in one day! For I shall come out mightily against them, very dreadful in battle, and with terrible destruction I shall strike all who come out to fight against Me, and all in the earth shall tremble! Then they will know, I AM THE LORD, when I have magnified Myself in the land of Israel!

    For I was there when My people were slaughtered, I was with each one as they breathed their last. I was with them in their torment, I shared in their agony, I endured their pain and their anguish I knew… We did weep together!
    Indeed, I had handed them over and scattered them amongst the nations, and this at their own request. For their forefathers had sworn it, and throughout their generations they have upheld it. Therefore was My anger kindled against them; thus did I drive them out and scatter them amongst the nations… Bitter enmity, great sadness.
    Yet I did not hold onto My anger forever, and My love never departed; neither did I forsake them in their trials. Behold, I was there at the end of their tribulations, for they did behold My face as they fell asleep… And now the time has come, the time of vengeance is very near, I shall surely repay! Says YAHUWAH, The One and Only True God, The God of Israel.
    your servant of the 144 named "The Reflection"

  24. We watch for wars with weapons of military armaments, but our world is about to be taken over by Pope Francis' efforts to make a GLOBAL SUNDAY LAW which is against the Ten Commandments in DEUTERONOMY 5. Our Creator commands the SEVENTH day Sabbath of no work, SATURDAY.

    Pope Francis has no authority from our Creator, NO SCRIPTURE. Canada already accepted it, with fines for breaking it and gives definite things that are considered work. Our Creator did NOT add specifics. We should be able to recognize when we are losing our rest. This is why our Messiah condemned the religious leaders for making the law of freedom difficult and oppressive.

    Christian leaders are falling into this deception because they accepted the first law from popes from about 300 AD. It will take faithful BELIEVERS in TRUTH to be faithful to tell their employers and teachers that they will not violate our Creator's commanded holy days of no work. We MUST WIN THIS war.

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