Indian Wedding Makeup – Makeup For Engagement – Glamorous Look

Hi I am Meenakshi Dutt and today I am going
to show you an Indian engagement look. Our bride is definitely wearing a one piece
dress which is actually a very traditional outfit compared to Indian outfit.
The colours and the whole theme is very Indianized. Her whole look is going to be actually a slightly
modern but with the touch of Indian traditional look which we can’t go away from.
Because definitely it’s a function it’s an engagement where we have to keep in mind the
tradition and the culture. So we are going to start with her with a little
concealer. Now I am blending the foundation into the
skin. Any foundation you use for the bride make
sure that it should have good concealing power. It should conceal the blemishes, make the
skin even and also give a natural and a soft look.
The more blending we do of the foundation the more even the face looks…
…and the more it lasts. Now we will set it with loose powder. The
loose powder consistency should also be fine. It should not leave too much colour on the
face… …but should set the foundation and give
an even tone. We can work towards contouring a little…
…if required. Some faces are sharp… …features are sharp enough.
But a little bit contouring helps in all kind of faces so that whatever little features
that don’t stand out with the simple foundation get defined again.
Now we will start working with the eye makeup. We are going to use a goldish cream eye shadow
on half the eyelid. We are using a slightly shimmery highlighter.
And we are going to fill in the eyebrows now. A little hint of red which definitely we are
going to reduce because I don’t want the “shagan” look to look like a bridal look.
Now we are going to enhance more of gold… …the creamish gold.
We are going to blend it with a little more smokey brown to reduce the redness.
Very fine soft glitter… …under the eyes again smokey brown.
Add in the kohl. Kohl always accentuates the eyes very beautifully.
And in all the traditional Indian functions it adds in to all the Indian features.
Soft, very soft peachish blush. Its light because you want the bride on the
engagement to just look very “glowey” very pretty.
Soft simple liner in outward stroke. It is just enough…
…not very thick because it’s an engagement function.
A soft coat of mascara. Soft lip liner in a nude colour.
I am lining the lips with it. Just filling in the lips with liquid lipstick.
A little peach with the nude always enhances the complexion and gives a very doll kind
of look which is just perfect for the “shagans”. We will just finish the look with high defenition
gloss. Just little in the centre.
Now this is like what I have done on her like a very soft look.
On engagement or “shagan” what we have to keep in mind that the base or the makeup,
or whatever we do should hot be very jarring to the eyes…
…because what happens is everybody comes close to your face.
They talk to you like this… you know. The stage is
definitely smaller… it’s a little more personal
function. So you know you are actually in close quarters
with people…

Michael Martin

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  1. I m following ur vedios from past couple of months…n now became a big fan of ur page. keep uploading!! thanks alot!!:)

  2. Thank you so much Amina :-). I am so happy that you are liking the videos. You can also join Meenakshi Ji's facebook page.
    Take care.

  3. Very nice work….finally some sensible makeup application and tips…very happy to find ur channel 🙂

  4. Hi Sobia,

    First of all thank you very much for liking this bridal makeup video. All MAC products are used for this makeup.

  5. Hi,very beautiful work, transformation !! love ur. Make up. Plz can u tell, what u apply on eyelid before eye shadow ? Adore u!!!

  6. Hi Krupa. First of all thank you so much for watching this bridal makeup video. Meenakshi Ji applied primer before applying eye shadow. Take care.

  7. Hi Mahesh,
    That depends after the makeup artist looks at the skin. There are always subtle difference in skin tones and makeup artist chooses foundation accordingly.

  8. Hi Neha,
    Thank you for liking the video. The foundation depends on skin complexion. So it varies from bride to bride. Sometime one has to mix two foundations to get the right shade.
    take care

  9. I am a makeup artist with more than 15 years of experience. I have been following Sadaf since last many months and Meenakshi from last one month. Let me be very honest. Makeup by Meenakshi is as good as Sadaf if not better.
    Sadaf is a good makeup artist. So is Meenakshi. I know brides in US who want to book their makeup with Meenakshi. Sadaf is great for Muslim bridal makeup while Meenakshi is more versatile.

  10. I am also a makeup artist, following many other makeup artists for quite some years now. I just wanna express my opinion in an honest way and if they cannot take a negative comment then they should just disable the comment box.
    In this particular video, i did not like her hairdo, i found most of these bridal videos under this channel to be somewhat similar, in terms of eye makeup and stuff. Not promoting anyone just sharing my thoughts….peace

  11. Well I don't have a horse in this race. I am writing this because I think you lack common courtesy. By two penny of thought on you. No offence. Pace.

  12. I am not gonna argue any further on this, On reading your comments, i doubt your standards of courtesy too. I am commenting to the video above on this channel not to any person/user. PLEASE lets close this here, i see no point of this discussion….

  13. MY GOD!!!i am a makeuop artist aswell and we have learnt to treat face very carefully you are almost hitting girl with brush  on her harsh !!!! be gentle woman.

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