India vs New Zealand (PRESENTATION CEREMONY) Cricket World Cup 2019 – Semifinal 1 ~ Matt Henry MOTM

ladies and gentlemen fantastic into the first semi-final in the ICC men's Cricket World Cup for 2019 time now for the player of the match award and to my immediate right Richard Pethick who is the chief creative officer Fox star studios you've resent the man of the match award to Matt Henri outstanding the trophy and a Hublot watch as well for Matt Henry for his three for 37 today Matt come on in yeah weird out there this morning and had a batch what are the guys talk about after that first innings yeah look we we talked about just making sure that we will just do the best we can obviously play the way we want to play and just like let's really take it to them and obviously up front we started off well with the ball and just try to create pressure as much as we could talk about the bowling the tactics to those opening combination and and perhaps varied as well giving the ball full yet found a little bit of movement yeah I think we just had to ask a lot of questions I've got a world world class betting line up so I think as long as we could create pressure we knew it wasn't easiest wicked to bet on enough we could create pressure then the wickets will come and I thought today we managed to scrape it out nice did you have belief it was a few that didn't oh no we've always got belief from the outside we knew we would have to blow really well but I think that's what we pride ourselves on will always give ourselves a chance and we knew if we could put a couple wickets on it create some pressure anything can happen as that partnership was growing as well through the middle what were your thoughts going on me you had a couple to come back as well yeah well obviously though world-class batsmen obviously Harlequin and Dhoni the way they better than injured Asia to come in the world class finishers so they are very dangerous and we knew that to win this game we're going to have to get them out so we keep coming at them creating pressure and and thankfully we're on the right side today you're at the MCG four years ago you going to Lord's very shortly how's it feel yeah it's very special obviously thanks to the New Zealand support out there Ben EPS outstanding I'll see everyone's been behind us today as well so now it's a pretty special moment and more we look forward to it congratulations well played today thank you very much yeah time to have a chat with the two captains now I know these ones in every xever at Kaali alongside me take you back to the bowling from the first point of view for a because I thought that was excellent from an Indian point of view yes it was I think the first half we were very very good with the ball in the field I think absolutely what we needed to get we got in the field and we thought we had restricted New Zealand to a total which was quite useable on any surface but yeah the way they came out and they bowled in that first half an hour really was the difference in the game how did you feel sort of a toot I wonder how did you feel when you when you woke up this morning coming to the ground the confidence levels there was fine I mean we knew that we had a good day yesterday and we were very proud of that effort and then a very professional effort again with the ball today this morning so we felt like we had the momentum and we had the right mindset to go in but the credit has to go to New Zealand bowlers because with the new ball I think they're all standing with the areas that they hit and the kind of swing that they got on the surface the help that we got from the surface so I think it's the skill level that was on display for everyone and it made life very very difficult for the batsman incredible fought back as well Amos and Joe do they through the middle and the latter pipe parts of the game what we think you name we kind of think in the Morococha arm yeah for sure I mean I think jadoo had outstanding game outstanding couple of games look at the way he played today was you know a great sign for his skill sets and what he can do for the team and just going out with so much clarity and turning the whole game around in no time was outstanding to see ms had a good partnership with him again and you know again game of margins got ran out in the end could have been anyone's game so yeah look always feels disappointed when you've played such good trigger and then you know 45 minutes of bad cricket puts you out of the tournament so it's difficult to accept it's difficult to come to terms with but look New Zealand deserve it because they put enough pressure on us and they were they were far more sharper when it came to the came to the crunch moments as a tournament as a whole can you sum that up from an Indian point of view what were you really happy with and päivi what could you have done slightly bit of through the tournament well at times I think our short selection could have been better that's probably the only thing I can think of otherwise to played really good brand of cricket and we're really proud of the way we competed in this tournament you know we played a good standard of cricket throughout but as I said come to knockouts it's anyone's game and New Zealand showed more composure than us and they were braver in those current situations so they deserve to go through to the finals now you've always been forthcoming with us as well and I'm sure you've had great support throughout the country too so thanks very much for your Rea efforts throughout this World Cup and and good luck on the treble Val thanks Sam and thanks to all the fans as well thanks for coming out and use numbers thank you yeah thank you very Kohli their time now to bring Kane Williamson and Kane four years ago you're with yourself and Brenda McCallum's team to Melbourne you're now going to Lourdes for another final how's it feel yeah it's it's a different feeling to be fear that the surfaces and the way we've had to try and skin it over the round-robin and coming into the semi-final has been quite different to the last World Cup that we experienced but I'm a lot of heart shown by the guys throughout this whole campaign today feet on the ground because we've got a game coming up but a really tough match a great semi-final to well over two days for the crowd but like I say very pleased to be on the right side of it scrappy yesterday wasn't at your innings Ross's innings it was it looked like tough work yeah it was really tough I suppose we had to assist the conditions quickly and certainly looking at the surface I think both teams thought it was going to be a lot higher scoring than that and and then you sort of experience the the ball that spun quite sharply and you thought that actually well we spoke about trying to get to 40 to 50 and we felt we would be right in the game and and try and put India under pressure and that's sort of how it how it ended up and the guys were really clinical on that middle to back in stage two to try and get us to that competitive total with perhaps out without going sort of too hard and then maybe getting to that to 10 to 20 mics so a lot of contributions and this match that went a long way for us to get in close I'm glad we're not the only ones that Miss Reed pitchers in this tournament time you know but when it came to this morning and going out and getting those those runs this morning what did you talk about at the halfway stage and that little break of ten minutes what were the what were the talking points what are the thoughts around getting into this opening combination from India yeah I mean a lot of it was on their conditions and whether the the rain around that we had yesterday whether that changed the condition so we did want to obviously target what we do with the new ball bowlers is that as they do put the ball in good areas try and move the ball off the seam or in the air and try and put some pressure on the Indian side they're obviously a world-class side and the guys are able to do that today and it was nice – IV ously get some early wickets with some guys that have been playing brilliant cricket throughout this tournament so a great start for the the bowlers but we also knew that as it slowed up there was going to be a tough squeeze so we needed to stay in the game for long periods and you know the the world-class side that they are being under so much pressure to take the game to a stage where they could still potentially win it well or maybe look likely to win and for a while there the way they were hitting the ball with Jadeja and Daini but like I say the habit was shown in the fielding effort and the bowlers from from our side was outstanding tough three games leading into this Pakistan Australia and England how did you keep their motivation in the camp but we saw a little circle of friends type thing were you having a conversation with the guys a couple of days ago on the ground what were you saying to the guys about believing in the semi-final yeah well I think a lot of it is to sort of look at it for what it is you know some of those games were tough and we've seen conditions be really really tricky at times and and vary throughout the match and on some of those games whilst we didn't play our best cricket there were also some other parts to it to consider and bear in mind so guys wouldn't get too disheartened and know that we still go out and play our cricket as well as we can to give ourselves the best chance to success and I suppose the invisible underdogs coming into the the semies yeah it sort of doesn't mean too much as long as you're going out to play your best cricket and all these sides have been each other on a number of occasions and we're now in these tournaments on any day anything can happen and you know India a world-class side and you know it's a game of small margins but like I say it was nice that the guys could fight for our for two days and and come over the result slightly outnumbered today but some pretty vocal fans over in the corner over this way yeah there's a few key we see hopefully a few adopted fans maybe four if you get a few days time but let the Indian supporters as outstanding for their side and you know to play against them and sometimes to pretend that they might be cheering for you even though they're not as a great experience they have well a second World Cup final in a row for New Zealand congratulations going and good luck and effort yes thank you

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