Increasing Intimacy in Relationships Without Sex

NARRATOR: You may have
seen actress Meagan Good in “Jumping the Broom,” “Think
Like a Man,” or on the arm of her husband, pastor and
producer Devon Franklin, who just recently celebrated
the release of “Miracles from Heaven.” DEVON FRANKLIN: I’m really
excited because it’s out, and– MEAGAN GOOD: It’s incredible. It’s so, so good,
and I’m not saying it because he’s my husband. Like, it’s so good. You could say it
about everything. That’s cool. Well, I mean, I acknowledge
it for that reason, but I’m saying it. Like, it’s pretty darn good. NARRATOR: Devon and Meagan met
during the filming of “Jumping the Broom” back in 2011. Not long after that,
the two started dating. As the months passed,
it became clear that something was different
about this Hollywood couple, and everyone wanted to know why. People would come up
to us and ask, well, how did you get to know each
other, and what was going on? NARRATOR: Then the
truth came out. Devon and Meagan were waiting
until marriage to have sex. As expected, their decision
created quite the buzz in Hollywood. But to the couple’s
surprise, many were intrigued by the
idea of abstinence. As we started
telling our story, more people were
interested, and people began to really want to get
real information that could help them in their love life. What I’ve found is a lot of
people, not just in the world, but that are here
in Hollywood as well that are practicing it that
would never talk about it. They’re too embarrassed. They feel they’ll be shamed,
or that they’re old school. NARRATOR: Devon had made the
decision in his early 20s when he began
serving as a pastor. I wanted to be the same person
that could get up and preach and the same person that
would go home at night. Didn’t want to be a liar. Didn’t want to be a hypocrite. NARRATOR: He also
recognized the ideas that premarital sex
was acceptable and even beneficial were based on a lie. It’s just the mere
presentation of doubt that maybe it’s actually not
as bad for you as you think, or maybe it’s actually better
for you than you think, and that is where
the lie comes in, that we don’t need
to follow God’s plan, that there is a
better plan out there, an easier plan, and a plan
that’ll make you happier. And the truth is, there
isn’t a better plan. God’s plan is the best plan,
and it does require sacrifice, and it does require obedience,
and it’s not always easy, but it is deeply rewarding. NARRATOR: Meagan, on the other
hand, bought into those lies. At 19, she started
making compromises, hoping to hold onto love. She discovered years later that
it did more harm than good. MEAGAN GOOD: You give a
piece of yourself away. You lose a confidence in the
essence of who you were created to be to begin with, and so
as you go from relationship to relationship, or if
you are being promiscuous, throughout those
years, it damages you. NARRATOR: Those decisions
also affected her relationship with Devon. When we first got
together, I had so much baggage, and so much
damage, and so much pain. We had to unpack it,
and it was difficult. It was a lot of even
pre-engagement counseling where we literally just
talked, and we found that I had this
deep-rooted kind of feeling of, like, I’ll never
be enough for somebody, no matter what I do, no
matter how hard I try. And it took a long time for
us to really get to a place where we got past that. NARRATOR: After 13 months
of dating without sex, Devon and Meagan tied
the knot in June, 2012. Now coming up on their
four-year anniversary, they’re convinced
that their decision to honor each other and God has
strengthened their marriage. I’ve never been
in a relationship before where I
have so much trust. It’s just given us a
whole lot more peace, a lot more understanding,
honoring God in this area. He has blessed every
other area because when you present your body
as a living sacrifice, he honors that. NARRATOR: In their new
book called “The Wait,” the couple share their
story to encourage others that a strong marriage
is worth waiting for. DEVON FRANKLIN:
Because practicing it had benefited our lives
in such an incredible way, we felt like we wanted to share
it so we can help somebody in their life. MEAGAN GOOD: Our goal is not to
be preachy, or be judgmental, or tell people how
to live their lives. It’s to say this is what we
did, and it changed everything.

Michael Martin

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  1. I always tell my self there is a man deserving of it. 25 and a virgin till marriage. I thank God for the early christian teachings, kept me grounded.

  2. I thank God am 22 not a virgin but found a virgin boy and he is willing to wait till marriage am feeling good right now.

    May the good Lord guide us and give us strength

  3. Love it! Hallelujah that God blesses this union and used them to encourage others to do it God’s way! I can’t wait for me and my man to be next!!

  4. When you wait for marriage, God rewards you with a long-lasting relationship. He wants you to have sex and have kids, but you gotta sacrifice by waiting…

  5. I don't usually write comments but I just wanted to share something. I don't know if any one will relate to this or if it was just my own foolish way of thinking but when I was younger I used to believe that if I waited until marriage God would bless me with a good husband a great marriage and we would live happily ever after. But I've since realised that life really doesn't work that way, being married and a virgin/celibate doesn't guarantee you anything. Marriage is amazing but it's also HARD work, it takes a DAILY decision for two people to love each other and remain faithful, loyal and committed. God cannot control either of you, it's an individual choice that you make to be faithful to GOD, to live in obedience to GOD because you love him. No matter what happens. Each day choosing love. Not expecting a transactional relationship with God, if I sacrifice this, you will give me this. I know a lot of Christians who waited until marriage and it didn't work for out for them. Life is full of surprises but God never changes. He remains faithful so keep him as your focus in this area.

  6. It is indeed a journey that requires patience and strength from God… remember He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him. For as many that have began this journey to wait upon the Lord while presenting their bodies as living sacrifices… we shall testify to the glory of His name, Amen!

  7. One thing everyone may have overlooked is that at least one person came into the relationship a whole person. And the fact that the whole one was a man who owns his leadership in relationships makes it more sweeter! Good for them 💍🧖🏽‍♀️🧖🏽‍♂️

  8. This couple inspired us to wait, its not easy but if feel great to do right in the eyes of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

  9. Realtionship are no then just sex it's about learning from one another and trying to see if it's really what we really want the same thing's in life and when hard time come when can learn what God has in our life for us 😇😇❤️❤️🙏🙏

  10. I respect what they have accomplished but let’s be real..she’s Meagan Good. Most men are not waiting or even sticking around for monogamy let alone marriage. Will the real men please come forth.🙄 These have turn this into a brand.

  11. At some point in life some of us wish we had wait to have sex with right person at the right time..just wish I can turn the hand of time..
    thank you for this…

  12. So awesome. I keep myself for my husband. I was disvirgined at 24 years by my sweetheart husband. Married for 9 years now. Our marriage is full of trust and God's blessings and our beautiful kids. Guys, it is worth waiting on God and offering your bodies as a living sacrifice.

  13. My girl friend and I are doing the same thing 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 we also believe that a strong marriage is worth waiting for, allowing God to take his place and be the foundation an the center of the relationship without doing things that will lead the both of you to sin. This video is really motivating to people like us willing to sacrifice. Thank You So Much!

  14. That’s what islam is teaching us.god made us ,he knows his creation .he knows what we want ,when we want and how we want it.

  15. I just made 1 year celibate. 💍✨💛 I want All that GOD has for me. Waiting until marriage. I want something so special & real . ❤️ I feel so powerful, I’ve learned to love myself more , it takes sacrifice & obedience but it definitely is rewarding.

  16. Agreed! I'm a virgin at 35 at I'm happily waiting. Yes, I have been that outcast due to my beliefs and many guys have ridiculed me, but my reward will be great. I'm excited!

  17. This is amazing but how many men like him – super handsome, intelligent, kind, God-loving men who practice abstinence or are even faithful to 1 woman exist? ☹️

  18. I love this is am 26 still waiting for the Mr right. I get difficult at times to wait but God has always been my counsellor. Each time I feel like I am tired. I go deeper into his word to overcome it.

  19. God Bless them and their marriage, with gods word and by understanding and having knowledge of gods law and how he wants us to live. You and your partner will always have everlasting and true love. I Myself have been Celibate for a month and a half now.Gods plan is so awesome and I Am willing to Wait..

  20. Yep! Been intimate before marriage and the devil tries to use it against me, but now I have been waiting for marriage and ran to Him for forgiveness, and God brought into my life the most selfless, sweetest southern gentlemen and after 11 months of dating obediently and now we are getting married in 2 months!

    #jesussaves #evenalittlesinnerlikeme#graceupongrace#unashamed#116clique #honoryourbody

  21. I feel the same way and I want to have sex when I’m Married, because I LOVE Jesus Christ and he wants us to do that, he doesn’t need to see my body, until he’s mine. There’s more than just sex. There’s my soul, love, and compassion. Those are more important than sex. My cousin is GORGEOUS, and had her first EVER boyfriend when she was like 22 or something. I swear that they are getting Married. Eric needs to propose. I don’t know what’s happening, maybe she’s just a strong person, because she’s still not pregnant. 😂👍

  22. people dont know Sex is a spiritual exchange, some other people's spirits are not clean . sometimes that's why we facing difficulties ,setbacks , and delays we pray and ask God why our prayers are not answered and the route of the problem was sex.

  23. Real practising Muslims and people of the book (Jews and Christians) are seen as weird for having sexual intimacy after marriage. Good job to both of them for reviving this tradition. Your creator has been saying this for a long time. Follow him not celebrities.

  24. I believe that's the best about being in a relationship. It shouldn't always be about sex, but understanding each other and building and learning each other😊💕

  25. They are a blessing to each other. Neither one of them were virgins and were still willing to wait until marriage for sex. This is the goals I’m willing to wait for.

  26. Do ya both have a book out my wife is in prison and i would like to go on ebay and buy ya book on this what ya talking about. God bless u both .my calling is to be a pastor im learning to walking into with God

  27. I recently met this man who i started developing feelings for. I was so much in love that i was just enjoying the moment. I told him i was a virgin and that sex means a great deal to me. I told him. We talked at length about sex and i told him it was too deep for me. The following week , he asked that we go spend the weekend at a hotel, i told him , i loved him but wasnt ready to be intimate with him. Since that time, he doesnt pick my calls nor respond to my texts, he changed completely and he told me one day that he is prepared to go through a lot of sacrifices but to me, i dnt want to go through none for him. I got really sad and he somewhat broke up with me. I later on called him to meet up with me so we could talk it over but he rubbished it. Its very hard because he happened to be my teacher in school, and i always dread going tk his class, which is a core subject. Im really sad and dont know what to do😢😢😢

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