Inauguration Ceremony Ideas-Part 1

Hello friends, welcome back Today I am going to show you, how to make presentation for inauguration of any , not a building but any software or an App You must have seen this type of inauguration that people are cutting the ribbon to inaugurate some kind of building, new building, hotels and stuff like that but you know, we are living in a digital world today & many of the time, we are developing some softwares & Applications for our day to day life & we cannot inaugurate that type of applications & softwares using this ribbon cutting as there is no physical room or building for inauguration so this type of presentation comes in handy for such type of applications & believe it or not but I havve personally used this presentation in my company for many of the occassions & people have liked it very much. Hope you will also like it So first we will go through the animation then we will go through the process of how to do it So here I have provided a button to inaugurate so you can just plug in a wireless mouse & keyboard & whoever is the chief guest of your function you can just tell him to inaugurate this slide You can show it on a projector or any bigger TV screen & just tell him to click on this “Inaugurate” button When he will click on this, a scissor will come & cut the ribbon These flowers will come down & you can write inauguration of whatever XYZ system you are having by Mr. so & so so like wise you can use this presentation if you have any new software or application developed in your company also so we will go through the process of how to do it So first of all what you’ll need You will require this curtain So you can just downlod it from internet & try to find a curtain which is having transparrent background unfortunately, I didn’t got that type of curtain but still I had managed it so just let me show you see here I have drawn one shape & sent it to back & you are not able to see it, because this image is not transparent this white coloured background is not transparrent to make it transparrent, I have already shown in one of my slide sorry video, still I will repeat it for the new audience you can just go to format , recolour & go to set transparrent colour & click on this white coloured background & you background will get cleared so now whatever object behind the curtain, I can see it So you can, just a minute So if you want you can just change your slide background if you want to any colour. I will not change it right now I will keep it as white only then you will require a ribbon, that also you can get it from net so I will copy it from here only so basically this is the image that I have got from the internet so we want to cut this ribbon so in order to show that ribbon which is cut you can just edit it in a, just I will show you I will just copy it & go to paint paste it here & use the eraser to erase this middle portion & save this image & use it in your powerpoint presentation So I will not make it because I already have it. So I will not save it so this is the original image & this is the image that I have edited in paint so we will keep this image in a background that is we will send it to back ok so just for animation purpose, I will move it here ok then we will require scissors so you can get these scissors from insert clip art & you can just search for scissor So I have used these two scissors One will be shown in the like in open position & when it will reach here, I will show this scissor to hav e a effect of scissor getting, cut the ribbon so I will use these scissors only then to show some flower, we will copy this only This also you can get on the internet & search for rose or flower which is not having any background then what is balance is adding the animations so, since I have copied it from here, some of the animations already got copied So I will just explain it what are those first animation is just a minute the first animation that we need to do is this scissor moving towards here before that we need to add one button for inauguration so you can draw a rectangle & type in “Inaugurate” then change the colour, font, make it bold If you want you give some 3D effects ok kepp it over somewhere here now I will just delete all these animations so that you will not get confused So after clicking on this button, we want this scissor to move here & then we want to display this scissor So what we will do, we will select this scissor first go to add effect, motion path, select draw custom path, select line then draw a line from here to somewhere here ok , let’s check ok, then we want to show this scissor so what we will do we will go to entrance appear & we will make it appear after previous also these effects should happen after click of this button only so we will double click on this effect go to timing go to triggers & select start effect on click of Rectangle 12 which is our inauguration button So I have already renamed this button If you don’t rename this, then you will see all the shapes like picture 4, 5 but you will not know what is picture 5 , picture 4 so it is good practice to rename some objects you will require for triggering So I have renamed this button of inauguration using selection pane So I will click here ok So for those who don’t know how to rename You can just go to home tab, go to select, selection pane & select any object, like this button here rectangle you can say inaugurate ok so when you go here you see this as inaugurate If I change this to some other let say button then you will see as button here see button & this is the text whatever I have written on the button ok now this effect, I need to move it down ok so now when our scissor reaches here, it cuts the ribbon then we want to show a ribbon which is cut so this is the ribbon which we need to show so we will select that image, go to add effect, entrance, appear since I have not cleared this background so there is no need to make this background image disappear but if you have a image which is trnasparrent then in that case you first need to make this background image disappear & this image appear in this case I will not use disappear since my image is not transparrent in the background ok then, we want to show these flowers coming down So you can just select a flowe, go to add effect motion path, go to custom path & select curve then click here click somewhere here to make it curved double click to end then just copy paste the flower & adjust the motion paths you can increase the lengths of some of the motion path or change the curvature the way you want let see how it looks you can just make it here only then all these effects should happen with previous this picture 5 is our ribbon which is cut it should happen after previous so we will select all these effects & move it downwards so that they are happening after click of this button now we will copy all these four flowers paste it for adding additional flowers ok select all the effects sorry & move them downwards ok then we need to show some text. I am copying it from here only you can write whatever the name of your software or system that is being inaugurated here inauguration of XYZ system by Mr. ABC whoever is you chief guest for the function & you can just apply effect of add effects, entrance & you can select this flip So it is already copied from here that is why this effect is already there so I will just bring it down ok then you can also add some sound let say when our ribbon is getting cut we can, this is the moment where our ribbon is getting cut so we can just double click on this effect then in sound. You can just drop it down there are some basic sounds which comes in built in Microsoft Powerpoint so we can select this applause & click on ok fine so then allign this image this is not getting selected so you can go to selct pane, selection pane this is our picture 4 ya so it is selected from here because many of the images are overlapped on one another it is very dificult to select each & every image so if you can rename all the images. You can easily select it from this selection pane In this case I have not renamed all the images but since I now what is picture 4, I could select it easily after selection you can just click here & allign it properly ok Now I will close this animation pane, selection pane ok so let see if our animation works properly or not so here, you don’t see any text here it is blank slide one thing you can do you can make this scissor invisible while showing the introductory slide & later on after click of this button you can make it appear & then add the motion path so in this case I have not applied it but you can apply it in your own slide so here I will click on this Inaugurate button then this scissor should come here & cut the ribbon the flower should come down & text should get displayed here. So let see the one thing that I forgot to do is to make this scissor disappear after cutting the ribbon for that what we need to do go to animation, custom animation then select this scissor go to add effect, exit disappear then bring it down then make it after previous let see click on inaugurate our first scissor got disappeared but this is still there so we can disappear this scissor also so we will just click on this scissor again & apply the same exit disappear effect & bring it here make it after previous click on inaugurate now our both scissors should get disappear sorry we can add some delay or else what we can do we can move it over here & let see no it will not work so we can simply add a delay here let say 0.5 sec delay you can add variation to these falling flowers you can change their motion path & you can increase or decrease the timing to have some natural effect so that is it my friends this is you can use this simple animation for any inauguration of ceremony in your office & yes impress your subordinates & your bosses also so thanks guys for watching my videos If you like my videos, do subscribe to my channel “Presentation Skills” & don’t forget to leave a comment below if you have any suggestion for any future videos & also like my videos as much as possible You can click on this right side circle to subscribe to my channel & here is the list of my videos i.e “Cool Animations” You can go through all the videos that I have uploaded till now So keep watching, keep learning. Thanks

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