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Oh, my God, I’m so nervous.
Wow. Okay, so, we are gathered — I’m so excited about —
‘Cause this is real. Like, I’m gonna sign this,
we’re gonna mail it away, you guys are gonna be married.
Like, this is crazy. I don’t want to make it
about me. Okay, here we go. We are gathered here today
to witness the joining of Mabelle
and Orlando in holy matrimony, and they will start
with their vows. And we’ll start with you,
Mabelle. Okay. Thank you. Our journey has been anything
but conventional, but I consider myself incredibly
lucky we found each other. I feel so fortunate to have you
as my accomplice. Line. “I strangled our bird.” [ Laughter ] My heart can hardly handle
the love I feel for you, and in turn,
the love I have for you. Line. “Gravy, syrup,
bourbon, repeat.” [ Laughter ] I can’t express the love I feel
when I see you with our son. You are a genuinely good man,
and I will strive every day to be as good to you
as you are to our son. Aw. You go. So, I wonder what the — Line. “For years, I never even
understood my own bowels.” [ Laughter ] That’s how his wedding
has begun.

Michael Martin

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