Imelda’s 50th Birthday – Nelson’s Tribute Speech

I met my wife back in November 1996 about 23 years ago At first we’re just talking over the phone I would call her and we’d talk for hours and hours We talked of nothing but Sweet Nonsense Like Teenagers After a week we decided to meet up So I went to her apartment When I got there, she’s there by the door, standing with long dress, curly hair, nice make up Simply, Gorgeous! Beautiful I told myself That’s it… My Search is over To make the story short I didn’t want to waste time I kind of finished the whole thing in 2 months We met November, We got married December At that time my confidence was high You can’t just push me around… forget it. I was like a German Shepherd The big dog You know German Sheperd right Dark tall and handsome I mean tough and strong But what I didn’t know I had no idea that my wife Imelda was actually Fearless! After a year of marriage from German Shepherd I became Chihuahua You know… I bark & bark & bark for nothing She goes daddy I wanna go shopping. We still go shopping But I kind of realized why not let’s go She buys pair of shoes I buy too She buys clothes I buy too We’re both working It’s fair right, yeah it’s fair No It’s NOT Because she keeps buying and buying and buying I couldn’t keep up But I realized I thought you know I know one day she’s gonna stop She’ll get tired of it And she did Finally! Hallelujah! But then she became quiet for days You know if a woman or your wife has been quiet for days That’s Scary! I had to wait… what’s going on So one morning she woke me up Sweetheart… sweetheart ahhh she calls me Sweetheart.. So I was like… Sweetheart come on I’m sleeping What?… I wanna buy Lexus What? Did you say Jesus! That’s our gardener what’s going on No…it’s Lexus I couldn’t say No It’s impossible Somehow my brain has changed brainwashed or altered or something happened after like a year of marriage There’s no way I can say No I only know 2 things One is Yes The other one is what? Sorry I have to say sorry it doesn’t matter my fault her fault or your fault. It doesn’t matter If it’s her fault, her mistake and I say Sorry 2 seconds we’re friends Everything is back Love is in the Air Now if it’s my fault, my mistake 2 Weeks 2 weeks of pure sadness It’s awful It’s like someone has died Actually it’s okay It doesn’t matter with me because I can let go things I can accept life as it is. I’ve been trying that It’s not easy It’s like i have to do it everyday. Things happen We fight… That’s normal Our kids… that’s normal I try my best to accept things as it is. I think Imelda too, my wife. She’s been doing that for years I see her learning, growing and becoming a whole new person And I appreciate that All this… is a Journey It’s a journey in the circle of life. Just like any family or relationship our journey is dynamic and ever-changing it’s rich and colorful it’s a mix bag of good and bad choices or Freewill, and Fate or Destiny. it’s getting deep In this journey, Imelda & I, I believed from the beginning, we’re destined to be husband and wife Forget the love at first sight or spark or chemistry All I know… Simply I knew by fate we’re meant for each other. So let me say this to my wife you are my soulmate my best friend and the love of my life. Happy birthday sweetheart and I love you.

Michael Martin

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