I’m married! // Have a sneak peak at my lesbian wedding! [CC]

So, I am married! Yay! So, obviously we are now going on honeymoon Which means no videos for two weeks But I probably will be posting onto Instagram Because I am a bit obsessed with it So, see you there! Hi! I’m so happy because Jessica and Claudia are married! Stay tuned as this week I will be telling you more about the wedding with a special guest And more about the Cambridge trip I took with Jessica and Claudia and all our friends. See you soon

Michael Martin

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  1. Jessica –
    Many congratulations you both look absolutely beautiful.  The non-iced wedding cake was a lovely idea, kind of elegant rustic! Have a splendiferous honeymoon.

  2. Hey-Hey,

    Iam so happy for u too… 🙂

    Iam also a Lesbian and iam i. a Interracial Relationship with my Girlfriend. We are from Germany. She is a 🇩🇪 iam a 🇧🇷 Girl 🙂 lol 🙂 So feel free to chek my Page out 🙂



  3. DID you have hair extensions, or did I miss a part where your hair grew so much ? (possible).Looking beautiful anyway !

  4. I've been reading and watching soooo much LGBT relationships that the norm relationships look weird to me. Happy marriage by the way ❤️

  5. These 2 are beautiful. I'll wager there are a lot of frustrated guys having to deal with their high school crush married to another woman.

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