If You're In A Long Distance Relationship, Watch This

yeah yeah I'm good I'm good you know really just staying in meaning can't we talk right now Oh SBT I am I'll quit below right this happens in long-distance relationships all the time whether it's time differences conflicting work shadows or just different energy levels at different times during the day we find a great distance a great disconnect and a great interference in the way we communicate with each other communication in relationships is already hard enough and long distance relationships add a whole new level of complexity they say distance means so little when someone means so much but still somehow distance has this ability to break bonds to break trust to really push us further away from each other not just physically but emotionally here are the five genuine pieces of advice and principles from the long-distance relationships number one if the relationship matters the distance doesn't don't let being far from someone make you push them further away number two make sure you share the little moments of joy all the small moments in your day that brighten it up with the other person number three one of the most important things is to make allotted and prioritize time for each other it's going to be difficult to just reach each other spontaneously so it's important that it's become a part of your priority number four remember to build your own personal life and remember it's okay for the other person to build theirs don't try and control or hold someone back by having incredible experiences invest in yourself and allow the other person to grow and evolve in their own way and the fifth and final one talk through the struggles and hard feel texting is a brilliant way to miss communicate how you feel and misinterpret what other people need don't try and text through the tough conversations make sure you talk through them and remember long distance relationships are hard but they can also be incredible when you learn to respect trust and love someone from a distance you'll be absolutely unstoppable when you're together

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  2. Thanks for the advice♥ I'm in a long distance relationship too with a Philippine guy✨ I'm Malaysian and I hope we will meet and get married☺

  3. Me and zara have been together for only a year. We have been through hell and back and we still have problems here and there but we always get through it together and end the bad in a good way. We are planning to meet eachother this year (hopefully) wish me luck and pray for me and my girlfriend. [Side note: its AZ-UK and we are both young (16-17) and have no money , but I'm relying on a job to help me]

  4. I am also in a long distance relationship for 4 yrs and Stil in love and the connection is stronge. We are planing to get married we have one child together. Its work

  5. So I'm 13. And I live 4 hours away from my girlfriend. We met on this teens dating app and have still never met. My family and friends dont know that I'm lesbian. But I love my girlfriend and I want to see her in person.

  6. as someone who is in long distance relationship, if you truly love each other and have energy, and have trust, distance is nothing. honestly

  7. I loved my first love more than anyone… but long distance killed us and I will never ever do it again. I always said when I met my current… if one of us moves.. it's over. SORRY I'm cold but seriously NO… if you love each other, you live in the same town and hopefully together in time

  8. Hi Jay… Can I ask you maybe to do some content… How will it work if I am in a partnership and I decided to work in the same company with my partner. Can it work out?

  9. This just makes me even more anxious to meet my boyfriend . Hasn't been long, we've known each other for almost a year and have been dating for only a month but this is the one. I can feel it. Counting down from two weeks until we meet😙❤

  10. We all know that all relationships are a fucking game especially a long distance one. If you are in a open relationship that's just disgusting! gotcha LMAO

  11. i can feel this.. i miss him but he's just had so much going on and hasn't had much time for me.. ;u;

  12. I'm in a distance relationship, and it's the best relationship I've ever had. It's sad that the person I love the most live so far away, but we both fight to stay together 🇧🇪💕🇧🇻. Lots of love to the distance relationships out there 💕

  13. I’m in a long distance relationship. We have a child together and have been together for about 4 years now. I love her and am looking to marry her soon and to come together.

  14. I'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend who lives in Canada and I find it really difficult because of the lack of physical affection. I'm thinking of maybe ending the relationship and it's not because of him but because I feel a bit more loved when it's not just verbal or virtual, y'know?

  15. Im in a long distance relationship, going 1 year,( 4k miles + apart) i would say another key factor is sharing a end goal. A goal to end the distance and making sacrifices to get there. Me and my partner sacrifice a lot of time and money for each-other but in the end its so worth it. Every day i imagine life when there is no distance and i get to be with him everyday for the rest of my life. 🇺🇸♥️🇬🇧

  16. please anyone tell me
    what if the family of boy doesn't accept you at all. because it's an traditional family
    they think that the girl which is in relationship with their son is totally immoral and she cannot' save the dignity of their family at all
    and also there is difference in states and languages too
    someone tell me what should really i do?

  17. Ez. Exactly. To my boyfriend in Egypt I love you with all the 7,641 islands of the Philippines. ♥️

  18. This is a cool video. Also WSVIBESTV has a very good video on Long Distance Relationship of 4 1/2 years. Now they are finally married. Very inspiring.

  19. I'm 19 n I'm in one but he calls me most nights but I trust him 70℅ I just have a gut feeling he's probably doing something but I don't have proof so I might be wrong

  20. I'm from the Philippines, he's frm the US… We have an agreement if we fight in the morning, we will not let it reach in the evening… if we fight in the evening , we won't sleep with unresolved conflicts.

  21. he broke up with me last saturday lol he can't wait anymore and found a girl at his school, we're almost 1 year but he left

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