IBEI Graduation Ceremony 2018

One of the best things about today is that we see the students in a way in which they are really themselves They have worked hard for the whole academic year. They’ve done a lot of work We make them work hard and now it’s time to celebrate It has been a very incredible experience, what it meant for me is that I get to know people from the four corners of this world And I got to see the world for one year with their eyes and that for me is the most valuable thing of these masters. Studying is not only about what you teach and learn inside the classroom But also outside and that for me was one of the great things about IBEI The vibrant student community and all these people from all over the world who you’re studying and work with. In terms of the way in which we now see the world though We’re no longer the same people as we were nine months ago. I think this year we had an exceptionally strong group of students they challenged me and they always demanded for more which basically meant that I had to work more so I am very very surprised and pleasantly surprised with this. This cohort at IBEI has been particularly active and very social and it has been also a very diverse cohort. You embody today the word international which is so core to our institution and to the masters degrees. You’re going to have people coming from everywhere It is a fantastic city to study in. You’re gonna be exposed to different cultures And I think that diversity is for all of us IBEI students very valuable for probably for the next phases of our career Every year it becomes more and more evident that people are choosing IBEI because of the experience of being there Aside from the quality of the teaching, aside from the location in Barcelona, etc It is the way in which the students learn from each other. It is a place where you can discuss and discussion is such a big big place of this master The choices that you make being guided by what gives you energy, what you’re passionate about There’s really no, I mean, that’s the starting point for any successful career. Competing ideas and interpretations are essential to understand the complexity of the world today So when we have our graduation ceremony today, and we see all of these faces around us it’s simply showing exactly what it is to be at IBEI.

Michael Martin

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