I Tried To Get Perfect Skin For My Wedding

– [Jennifer] Ready for the first one? Feels like a little bit of a sting. One, two, and three. – Ah! – [Jennifer] How was that? – (laughs) Okay. Hey, I’m Nikki, and this
is my fiance’ Kelsey. We’re getting married this year, and we can’t wait to make
this perfect day our own. It’s Wedding Season, and this week, we’re talkin about skincare. I’m getting married this
year, and I’m very excited, but also there’s a lot to do. And that’s not just for wedding planning, but everything to do with being a bride. For the next few months,
I’m going through all of the ultimate bridal
prep, that I possibly can. That’s going to include skincare, hair, nutrition, working out,
accessories, makeup, to see if I can actually do it. My current skin care regimen
is very, very simple. I wash my face in the
morning and at night, with a simple cleanser for sensitive skin. For my skin care journey,
I’m going to consult a dermatologist and an aesthetician, to help me find out what my
ultimate skin care routine should be for me to look amazing. (violin music) – Hi there, how are you? – A little nervous. – About the wedding or about me? – Both. I’ve never been to a dermatologist before. I’ve never gotten a facial. I really have no idea
what I’m getting into. – I was a bride not too long
ago, almost two years exactly. – Congratulations! – Thank you, it’s a stressful time. – Yeah. – A lot of things with the
skin are related to stress. So when you’re under stress things, of course, especially acne. – I’d say I have pretty average skin. I have some, like, dry splotchy patches, like kind of around my
cheeks and face area. – I’m going to call out a lot of stuff, and I don’t want to overwhelm
you, but this is what my eye and my clinical judgment, expertise sees. – Okay. – These lines should only
be there when you’re moving, but as you can see,
there’s two lines here. Frown in the middle like you’re mad. See how these kind of form. These are called your un-lev-en lines. So, another area where Botox can help. It’s a little bit hollow under your eye. I think it would be nice
if your chin came out a little bit more on the lower part. You have a little bit of rosacea. – Really? – For the redness we have
a laser called the XLV. – Ah. – And then we have another device called Clear and Brilliant. It smells like burning rubber. If you want to do some Botox today, we can do it here if you like. – Eh. – Is that a lot of information? – Yes. – Alright, so let’s get started. (poppy synth music) – [Jennifer] It feels like
a little bit of a sting. One, two, and three. – Ah! – So we’re selectively
targeting red blood cells to heat up your vessels. – It’s like a teeny tiny needle. Ah. – Okay, that’s it. Good job, you did it. – That was way more intense
than I thought it would be. We did two different
lasers, one for redness, and one for pore minimizing. The experience was not super pleasant. It was kind of shocking. – [Jennifer] So this is the Laser Genesis. How’s that? – That’s okay. I can smell it. – [Jennifer] Yeah, that’s
the debris on your skin, is that it makes your skin smoother. It’s a textural thing. – Do I look beautiful yet? – [Jennifer] Alright, get angry for me. – Oh my god. – [Jennifer] Good job, gonna
go right in the middle. – Ah, whoa! Is that, what is that? – [Jennifer] It’s a bubble. – Why? What’s happening? – [Jennifer] The bubble of Botox, it goes away in like five seconds. – Eh, uh, ugh. – Easy and quick. Three to four days it starts working. Alright, it was really nice meeting you. – Thank you so much! – Good luck with everything.
– Yes. – Um, so that just happened. (laughing) Yeah, wait til I tell my
fiance’ that I got Botox today, cause she does not know. What do you think of my Botox? – Looks so smooth. – I’m gonna be beautiful. – You are beautiful. (poppy synth music) – Hi, welcome to Kiehl’s. – Thank you. – We get a lot of Brides
to Be coming in to Kiehl’s, and we call it, let’s get you
ready for wedding day skin. – I picked Kiehl’s because
a lot of my friends use Kiehl products, and I
should really, really love them. So I was really excited to get, like, an entire regimen from them. – Do you wear makeup? – I do, a little bit. – Do you wear sunscreen? – I don’t, but my dermatologist
gave me one, so I do now. – Okay, you have to. I’m gonna use our skin
barrier testing tabs. – Okay. – And I’m gonna actually
diagnose your skin type. – They’re only going to
pick up your natural sebum. – Oh. – You’re definitely a little bit oilier on the forehead, and dryer on the cheek. So this is a dehydration analyzer tool. This sends an undetectable micro current ten layers deep into the skin. So ideally I’d like you
to be at 50% hydration, you came back at 34.6. – That’s so bad. – It’s okay. No, it’s not horrible. So I’m gonna pull out our
skin strengthening complex. This is the base of any
apothecary preparation. Pore minimizing, and
then we’re also gonna do our neutralizing of the redness. You’re gonna just do two or
three drops morning and night. There’s your apothecary preparations. – Thanks. – Calendula cleanser and
toner, morning and night. Great moisturizer, creamy eye
with avocado for the eyes. Your sunscreen, soothing hydration mask, the micro derm abrasion, one time a week. – Did not expect to
get that many products. If anything, I’m going to
smell like a whole new woman. It’s only been a day since
I’ve been at the dermatologist, and you can kind of already see, like, I’m way less red than I normally am. Is there anything different you guys can tell about my forehead? – There are less lines. – [Nikki] Yes! – Did you get Botox? – [Nikki] Yeah. – [Friends] What?! – Did it work? – I think so. – It worked. Botox worked. I have fewer lines up here, but I would be hesitant to do again. For me, it’s just very
disconcerning telling your brain to move a certain part of your body, and that part not moving. So that was very odd for me. The lasers, those things
worked really, really well. I’m glowing. So I’m a few days in to using
my, all my new products, and my skin is actually
really, really dry. I just, you can see there’s
like, skin flaking off. My skin did freak out a little bit. I think I honestly just
made the jump too quickly. I went from using, like, two
products, to using like, eight. I think I figured out it’s the toner, the toner that came with
the face wash that I use. When I reintroduced that,
my skin did the same thing. It got really, really dry, and like would flake
off just to the touch. It’s just not right for my skin, so I’m going to stop using it. But other than the toner,
like, the serum is great. I still use my rosacea cream. Eye cream is really nice. So I have my daily routine, and then I have the weekly
mask, which is lovely. (bright violin music) – Hi, I’m Mickle, and I’ll be
working on your face today. – Great. – And we went over your
allergies, discussed all that. So I’m going to start by cleansing, and I’m gonna take a look
and see what’s going on. – Great. – Okay.
– Sounds good. – [Nikki] So I had a
facial for the first time. It’s not that I never wanted one. I think it’s just on the
spectrum of things I wanted to spend money on, that was
just pretty low priority. I met with Mickle, who
was an aesthetician, who gave me that HydraFacial. – [Mickle] We do a lot of
exfoliating in facials. There’s different ways. There’s chemical exfoliants. There’s physical exfoliants. Today, I’m going to be using
kind of a combination of both, a machine called HydraFacial. The machine does
everything your skin needs. It cleanses, it exfoliates, it extracts, it protects, and a peptide infusion. So they help protect
and strengthen the skin. – Oh my goodness, my pores. – [Mickle] Don’t touch it. – Oh sorry, am I glowing? She was just able to clean my skin in a way that I’m not able to do myself. It was so relaxing. It was so nice. My skin feels very, very clean and soft. So after 30 days, I definitely
noticed a difference. Now that my skin has gotten
used to the products, I do feel a lot clearer. My skin feels a lot better. It’s softer, and I am a lot less red. Here are three things that I
learned from this experience. Number one, sunscreen. Sunscreen is like the number one protector of keeping your skin not damaged. Two, there are a lot of factors
that can affect your skin, stress, genetics, hormones, and your diet, and that’s just a few of them. So even though you’re taking
really good care of it, you should watch out for
other impactors as well. And finally, give yourself time. Talk to a doctor six months in advance. Try a new regimen at least
three months ahead of time. So getting your perfect
wedding day skin is actually a lot harder than I
thought it was going to be. I got like some of the best care from some of the best professionals I could find, and even then, I got a
zit on my face last week. I do think I achieved that
glow that I was looking for. Everyone is talking about being
glow-y on their wedding day. It’s definitely possible. If I can do it, you can do it. Next, on Wedding Season. – [Friends] Oh my god! – Weddings are like, 50%
making everyone else happy and 50% looking as hot
as you possibly can. – [Friend] Yeah, you look so tall. – Ding. (poppy synth music)

Michael Martin

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