I Tried 3 Wedding Day Looks

(upbeat music) – I’m so curious to know
what is going on here. Oh my God, I’m gonna cry. – [Female] Oh my God. – Hey, I’m Niki. And this is my fiance Kelsie. We’re getting married this year. And we can’t wait to make
this perfect day our own. It’s Wedding Season, and this week we’re talking about
hair and makeup trials. Beauty, beauty, finding the
right hair and makeup artist is so so important when it
comes to your wedding day. Because that’s what you’re gonna look like in all of your photos for all of time. Whenever you book a hair and makeup artist for your wedding, what they
recommend is doing a trial. That’s you meeting up
with them a few weeks before your wedding to
decide on what your look is. – You’re gonna be beautiful
because you’re so happy. So that’s already going for you. You just don’t want to
make the mistake of like, especially too much
makeup because you wanna be able to recognize yourself. You really want it to reflect what you look like on your best day. – Today we’re getting three
different hair and makeup looks from three different sets of stylists. They’ll all the get the same information about our wedding, our style, what we’re gonna be wearing, and
who we are as a couple. – I have a few ideas about what I want. – And I have no idea what I want. It can be pretty hard to
put your hair and makeup into the hands of someone
who doesn’t know you. They could all do very
drastically different things, I just hope I like one of them. It’s gonna be a surprise for each other. I’m not gonna see what’s happening to you. I’m excited. – Me too. – Hi, my names Patrick
Santaana and this is my sister. – Azelle. – One of our favorite
things to do are weddings and I’m gonna be doing makeup today and she’s gonna be doing. – Pretty hair. So for Kelsie, I wanna do alternate waves and maybe a soft little braid on the side. For Niki, because she
doesn’t wear too much makeup, I was thinking about
structured contour, nude eyes, with just a wing tip, and
then also a really bold lip. We always ask this to each
couple, what makes it stressful? – This concept of this most important day of your life and having
nine months to plan the biggest party you’ve ever planned. Constantly seeing beautiful
people get married, and hoping that yours
will look as good as that. – [Patrick] Okay.
– If not better. – Better, okay. For Kelsie I had in mind to
do a really pretty, smoky, bronze look with Ardell
lashes on the side. Have you ever had lashes on? – No. – Ooh, here we go. – Niki, a little bit more volume on top, deep side part, little Hollywood-ish. – Oh my God, I’m gonna cry. The look, sexy virgin. – [Niki] Whoa, ahh! – [Patrick] That’s the look, right? – [Camera Woman] Three, two, one, go.
– I’m scared. – Wow, your eyelashes. I know, you can see them, can’t you? – Yeah. – [Niki] You look great. – Thank you, so do you. – Thank you. Your hair’s so pretty. Ooh, it’s really sexy. – I like yours a lot. It’s very soft. – Close your eyes, turn around. – This is so dramatic. Three, two, one. Oh my God! If Hollywood glam was what we were going for, we achieved it. – I feel like everyone will just be looking at my lips the whole time. – Because you’re looking at your lips. Also you’re like in normal clothes. If you’re wearing a suit,
it’ll be a nice pop. – I love the hair. This is everything I
wanted in a swoop ever. – It’s a great swoop. – What do you think? – About mine? I really like my braid. – You do look like a virgin princess. Was that the look we were after? Kiss test. That’s something to watch out for. – Now you have lipstick on your teeth. – Great. I think we should cut. – My name is Yukina. I’m gonna do makeup today. – My name is Yuichi. I’m gonna do hair today. – So are you planning on putting my hair up or leaving it down? – Half up and half down. You have a lot of hair. If you have more volume,
it’s gonna be so dope. I want to do like very
soft but cute and glam. – [Yukina] I’m planning to do sweet and soft look for Chelsea. – [Yuichi] For Niki’s look – [Yukina] Simple, natural – [Yuichi] Edgy and cool. – [Yukina] Your eyebrows are on point. So cool that you’re gonna wear the tuxedo. – Yeah, I’m excited. I’m so curious to know
what is going on here. – I’m so curious about mine, too.
– I’m so curious. There was a lot of criss-crossing
of hairs over my head. – I think something’s happening. There’s like one million bobby pins. – [Camera Woman] Three, two, one, go. – What was that? – It’s not what I was expecting. – [Kelsie] Really? – [Niki] It’s very tall up top. Wow, is that all your hair? – Your eyes are really big. – No, there’s like a lot of different layers to it, which is so cool. – You look like a princess. You look like an edgy princess. Close your eyes. – Okay. – Three, two. – Oh my god.
– Whoa. – Holy shit. I kind of love this. – You should, it’s really cool. – Oh my god. – There’s so much happening on my head. I do have so much hair. – See what I’m saying? Cause you have like this and this but then you also have this and there’s this. – If you look up wedding looks on Pinterest, this is what you find. – I think this is the makeup
look that I’m after, though. – You look like you but more refined. – [Niki] Yeah. Do you like yours? – Yes, I do. I’m still coming around to a darker eye because I never do that on myself ever. I don’t know, my eyes are just so huge. I’m just not used to it.
– I look like I could be in a band. Two down. – I’m Sam and I’m gonna
be doing makeup today. – And I’m Crystal and I’m
gonna be doing hair today. – [Sam] So on Kelsie we’re gonna be doing a really nice natural look. If you were to wear one,
would you do blush or bronzer? Or a little bit of both? – [Kelsie] I just would
like to look glowy, so however you can make that happen. – [Sam] Gotcha. – [Crystal] For Niki’s hair we’re gonna do a sleek back so you can
see her pretty face. – [Niki] Feel very sleek. – You look very sleek. You feel very sleek? – I do. – [Crystal] On Kelsie we’re gonna make her hair a little bit glam. – [Sam] For Niki’s lip
today we’re gonna be doing a nice natural look
bumped up a little bit. – I get wedding nightmares still. – [Sam] Like what? – It’s the wedding day. My clothes aren’t there
and Kelsie’s walking down the aisle and I’m not dressed yet. – With or without you
I’m going down the aisle. – There’s so many moving parts and it’s so easy to forget one of them. – [Sam] I’m sure. – And then you just like wake
up in the middle of the night and you’re like I have to
call the D.J. about this. – [Kelsie] It would really
suck if like he just sucked. – Man. – [Kelsie] But like we won’t
know until the wedding day. It’s been a long day of sitting. – It’s hard being beautiful. – [Kelsie] It’s a lot of work. – [Camera Woman] Three, two, one, go. – Oh my god, yes. – Really? You look so beautiful. – Do I? – Yeah, you really do. Ooh, it’s very sleek. – Your turn. – Okay. – [Niki] Yes. Okay. I love that.
– Yes? Yay. – It’s the simplest of the three. – But like in a nice way? – [Niki] Yeah. That lip
color is the right one. – [Kelsie] You have a very
nice and natural glowy face and it’s very like sleek and smooth. Very different from the other looks. I want to se myself. – Ready? Three, two, one. Ooh.
– Ooh. Yes. This is what I wanted. – Your eyes are lighter this time. – I love it. – I look like a ballroom dancer. – Oh, you think so? – Like we’re about to do a tango. – Ooh, maybe. We’d be very complimentary that way. – This is a very nice bun, though. – It’s like a very classic look. A little more makeup than last time. – I think this is a good
nude lip color, though. – I really like it for your skin tone. – What about you? Do you like your makeup? – Mhm. I do. – We did it. Okay what did you think
about the first look? Virgin princess with the braid. – [Kelsie] Yeah it was
a nice and simple look but maybe just not what I was going for. – [Niki] I liked the hair on my look. That was glamorous. The makeup was just like a bit too much. That second look, wowza. But I don’t think I could ever wear that hairstyle for the wedding. – [Kelsie] You looked amazing, though. – [Niki] What about you? – [Kelsie] There was a lot going on. – [Niki] Too much? I liked your makeup, though. I loved my second makeup look. – I think it was a
really good fit for you. – [Niki] I think this was like the perfect mix between
the previous two looks. – [Kelsie] Still feel like
myself but like, messed up. – [Niki] This I think is very cool. But I think for a lush
garden ceremony, going slick like this wouldn’t
super fit into the vibe. – Maybe you needed something a little more flowy and down.
– Soft. – Yeah. – But I do like the clean neckline. Man, this was so eye opening. – [Kelsie] I didn’t realize
how different I could look. – [Niki] But I think we’ve definitely got some good ideas for
the actual day, right? – [Kelsie] I think so. – Good job. (laughter) – [Niki] Next, on Wedding Season. It’s here. I’m getting
married in like a week. This thing that we’ve been
planning for the past 10 months is actually happening now and
I kind of cannot believe it. (upbeat music)

Michael Martin

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    No just me ok

  4. My husband is so happy I wasn’t watching these before our wedding. I was already so stressed about the amount of work I had to do and it was a very simple wedding I the local pub.

  5. The third look was very gorgeous for both of them, but maybe I’d like Niki’s hair down
    They’re so beautiful!!!

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