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COMM: Matt and Chris have been together eight years, but they no longer share their bed
with just each other. Meet New York’s newest relationship status: Chris, Matt and Cait
are a thruple. MATT: The word ‘Thruple’ was just used to describe us since the beginning. We really
didn’t know what to call ourselves. COMM: Chris and Matt have been together for six years, before Chris suggested they open
up their relationship and it was then Chris met Cait. CHRIS: Matt had never had any experience with
women before he had met me. Before I met Matt, you know, I had dated quite a few girls. I’d
say it was pretty, like, even balanced. At first, he was completely opposed to it. But
after a while, you know like, he was like, okay like, if you want to pursue, like occasionally
like, you know, you’re more than welcome to do it, but he didn’t want it, he didn’t
want to partake in it. One night, we came back home and sort of opened up Matt’s
eyes and saying, ‘Hey, like, you know, this is actually, you know, kind of enjoyable also.’ But… CAIT: It’s not that scary.
CHRIS: Yeah. CAIT: I would say we have a pretty, it’s a pretty
fun sex life. COMM: Both Chris and Cait describe themselves as bisexual, whereas Matt describes his sexuality
as homoflexible. MATT: I’ m homoflexible so I like guys. I’m open, like flexible to women, I prefer
men. I guess, I had an awakening after I was in a sexual experience with a woman and I
was like, ‘Oh it is just another body, it’s a soul, it’s a connection that I can have.’ CAIT: I was in a very, very monogamous relationship
for about five years before I met Chris and Matt. They opened my eyes to the world
of polyamory and here we are. COMM: But not everything has been smooth running for this adventurous threesome. CAIT: When we first got together, I was struggling
with the jealousy with having like a very strong connection with Chris and sometimes
feeling like frustrated that I would have to split time with Matt. With a lot that, came a lot
of insecurity. MATT: Well, it was a struggle even for me; the insecure part of me is like, ‘Oh, well,
Chris loves me more because he has been with me longer.’ But then he told me, you know,
like, ‘I love you just as much as I love Cait,’ I was kind of like, ‘Oh my God!
I need to come to terms with that.’ COMM: However things must be going well because this thruple have now been living together
in their one-bedroom apartment for two years and have even discussed the possibility of
having kids one day. MATT: Yeah, as far as kids, like, I think any child would be lucky to have, like, three
parents, like, but we have two dogs for now and we’re pretty happy with that.

Michael Martin

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  1. She interferes with their relationship then she struggles with jealousy. Outfuckingstanding

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  3. This is why I won’t date bisexuals. They have too many options. Nothing personal, but I’ll still be their friends. 😃

  4. I’m all for it. I saw one couple like this a decade ago and they are still together. And also the woman had kids with both men.

  5. Shouldn't have even been an option. Chris and Matt are married. The girl is intruding, poor Matt is suffering, and Chris is only thinking of hisself.

  6. You must be ashamed of yourselves,, How on earth will God bless a man tht marries a man,,people u will burn togethr in Hell wt them,, Hell is real..all u tht r suporting need to repent,,Jesus is coming back!..demonic acts,,God has created a woman for man,,JESUS IS COMING SOON,,,REPENT!

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  8. Homo Flexible? I do understand falling in love with a soul it’s not about genitals! However, real talk I looove Womyn as a Woman. There is nothing a man can do for me other than platonic friendship. Matt did it to please his husband. I picked up on some resentment and it seems he did it out of fear of loss. Nope he would have been kicked to curb!

  9. It's like that part of parks and rec: "this is my boyfriend Matt and this is his boyfriend Chris"

  10. The barcraft rabbit hole just gets weirder and weirder like half of them are unavabile like my partner identifies as a dog

  11. This look's so awkward. No wonder! If i was chris😂 i'd die out of jealousy. Glad they seems so happy actually😍. Much love.

  12. It doesn't matter if you're bi or homoflexible or homodelusional or just homoedeniar, at the end of it, you're just greedy and selfish.

  13. What’s odd about this is that only one person likes everyone… they don’t ALL like each other 🙁

  14. People is so confuse lately.. 🤔🤔 homoflexible?? 🙄🙄😑 I guess the roots of all of this is the desperation to fit somewhere, be accepted… 🤔🤔🤔

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    When you life without God the bad thing is follow you but when you accept Jesus Christ the Lord. You gonna go to heaven. Because you believe to him. Believe to him is to do repent about all bad thing and do all things good to God'eyes.

  17. I can't understand poligamy because of the simple fact that everytime I see videos about them one party is faking it or suffering

  18. Man why a women with more husbands its more discusting the a man with multiples wifes ! I mean to me its just feel mora normal if a man has more wifes then a women having more husbands its juat feells groosse and discusting !

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