Husband In Popular Interracial YouTube Couple Comes Out Of The Closet | Victor and Amy

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Sis G interracial Network. If you are “Down with The Swirl” and haven’t yet subscribed, please subscribe and hit the notification bell to join this network. The husband in the popular Youtube channel called Victor & Amy just came out as gay. The pair were one of the most popular interracial
couples on social media. But before we get into the drama of it all,
let’s have a look at who Victor and Amy are. Aminata Kabba, also known as “Amy”, born in
1994, is a songwriter, singer and content creator from Sierra Leonne. Victor Jamieson, born in 1992, is an Asian
content creator from London. The pair got married in 2017 and vlogged their
lives on YouTube in a now deleted channel called Victor & Amy. The couple introduced themselves with a video
called “HI YOUTUBE” and would rack up to 60,000 subscribers until it all came crashing down in 2019. On Youtube the couple described themselves
as, “Victor and Amy, a young couple who are passionate about all things music, food and
travel..” Their blog series talks about coping with
stereotypes in an interracial relationship, among other topics. What’s interesting is back in 2017, fans speculated
about Victor’s sexuality. One commenter said:
“Sorry but he’s gay. Can we stop glorifying interracial couples. They are not exciting or new anymore and us
black women do not need white/non-black validation. #BlackGirlMagic. I think it’s sad how people post their interracial
couples to youtube for coins. They can’t love each other in private they
need an audience because they think they’re snowflakes.” Another said:
“What’s worse is that the guy is always away on work related trips abroad and i’m pretty
sure he hooks up with men. Every interaction these two have looks pained,
and she’s like a love sick puppy who lives in denial and he secretly can’t wait to get
away from her. I’ve noticed that closeted men will chase
black women like by being with us it makes them looks straight. They’re always obsessed with “Booty” too………” It seems like this situation was visible to
some of their fans as Victor later came out to his friends, fans and his wife. He posted on Instagram, “I’m bisexual. No more hiding. 😊🏳️‍🌈.” After his coming out to the world, their marriage
ended. Victor made an announcement on social media
saying, “Amy and I are over. I wish her all the best.” Recently, a fan asked Amy how she is doing
despite the divorce and she answered, “I’ll tell you what I tell everyone else – I’m putting
one foot in front of the other.” Yikes, this must be embarrassing for Amy. I cannot imagine my husband coming out to
the world and embarrassing me this way. However, I must say that you cannot live with
a man for over 7 years and have no hint of his sexuality. Perhaps Amy knew, but chose to turn the blind
eye. Let me know what you think in the comment
section below. Thanks for watching.

Michael Martin

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  1. It was sad to see them break up as break ups are always hard but I’m sure Amy was ok with Victor’s sexuality to have married him. They dated for so long before, and it’s not that they met and got married immediately. Victor coming out would have been a really embarrassing moment for her and maybe she could not handle it? All I can say is that I wish them well in their individual journeys and those who can give support should.

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