HubSpot Social Engagement and Like Metrics for HubSpot Ads

Are you getting as many likes on social media and does it even really matter Have you seen a decline in your social engagement? What does that even mean? Facebook says the engagement is all actions that people take involving your ads while they’re running as well as post engagements can include actions such As reacting to commenting on or sharing the ad claiming an offer reviewing a photo or video or clicking On a link Facebook considers likes all reactions that people had to your ads while they were running Oh my gosh, and the source of that is Facebook. Well, what about LinkedIn George my goodness, really? well engagements equal or include paid clicks and the volume of social engagement your ad got this includes likes comics chairs and follows clicks and Yes, LinkedIn is the source but likes on LinkedIn the number of likes your ad received Well, yeah, and of course sources Facebook and LinkedIn, whoa You know what time it is are you HubSpot user looking for fun and interactive education that helps you be better at HubSpot then welcome to Sprockets. Ah, what’s up? I’m your boy George B Thomas from impulse creative the HubSpot sprocket talk okay, I’m not a ninja but this is a hub SWOT update changes in Facebook’s news feed algorithm have caused organic reach to decline in Recent years. Why am I talking like this? I don’t know but our friends over at HubSpot have seen that some of their organic posts only reached 2% of their follower base and they have a huge follower base. Have you felt some of the same type of main? Because of this decline many HubSpot users are using ads to drive community engagement and word-of-mouth Directly on Facebook and LinkedIn to help HubSpot users stay on top of these changes on the networks all users of HubSpot ads tools now have the ability to add likes and engagement metrics to their ads reporting tables These metrics will populate for relevant Facebook and LinkedIn ads giving you insight into the on platform engagement these ads are creating bringing likes and engagement reporting into HubSpot ads will allow you to better measure the effectiveness of your ads based on their different objectives So how does it work? Hey Great question within the ads tool click the Edit columns button at the top of your ads campaign dashboard after you do that in the corresponding pop up select likes and/or engagements and where you would like them to a Here in your column order then Simply click Save. Yep. It’s that simple These metrics will now be populated in your HubSpot reporting columns for the appropriate ad types Protip though. These metrics are coming directly from the ad Networks. This HubSpot update is now live in all portals using HubSpot ads tools and is available in all languages supported by you Guessed it because it’s a hub spot update my hub spot Hey Did you like this video then make sure you hit the likes and subscribes You get it everything so that we know that you’re part of the community Want to get tutorials like this right in your inbox, then check the description below and sign up for our special Sprocket talk only that’s you list last but not least If you need training past this update check the description below once again and learn more about our one in two day on location hub spot sales and marketing workshops until next time this is your boy George P Thomas saying go out into the world and do some great work and Pay attention sup date and what do I usually say? Oh, yeah Happy hub spawning

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