HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES – Official Trailer – Starring Elle Fanning & Nicole Kidman

punk it's a way of life it's like Anarchy we do what we want then I'll stay from California Sam what are you looking forward to experiencing in croydon it's gonna be a lot like just speaking suits admiring sentences hello they'll fat is Punk do more Punk to me what do you have to be bike have 48 hours once worth variable stop doing what we're told what you're bringing over I slept at his house and we engaged in incomplete sexual activity hmm it's losing its structure what is poet Berta sia smash the oppressor tell the truth being original blah blah blah I'm boring myself now no you're just jealous if you allow her this freedom she labor about ready to come home yet we have to leave now you must choose between this world and our own and for Gaia we like to dance we like to fall in love we may have mucked this planet up royally but at least we're alive thought it would be thicker more colorful somehow but it's a good world you

Michael Martin

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  1. Especially a love film. Like that never happens. After i saw movie on boxxy software, I will read urgently the book.

  2. Kermode said it stinks. Almost impossible with this amount of talent, but it looks like it.

  3. i love how elle is always in these kind of ‘oddly weird but pleasing’ movies. she’s one of those actresses that you know will not be in a clichéd, mainstream stories.

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