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so shooting the ceremony my approach is make sure someone's lobbed up I loved up the groom to brendham by the way everybody that audio guy Brenda's putting together a course called the filmmakers guide to audio the theme with filmmaking is people neglect audio it's half of your viewing experience a lot of people neglect the audio inside but helping Brendo put the end of this course so that you guys can improve your audio both capturing recording sound designing editing mastering everything in post audios huge don't neglect it to learn more check it out okay so we're gonna mic up our groom real quick great place to hide the mic is right under his tie right here inside of the shirt and we're gonna pop that in there run the cord down inside pop this guy on the back belt loop okay you can't even see it alright we're gonna like hide that right in there and kind of wrap the tie around it okay question people a lot of times allows ya how do I keep it from getting static on the shirt you can get a piece of cloth you can get yarn from Walmart you can get this stuff this is the right coat wind covers so what's nice about these is they include this guy and it's like a little sticky so this is actually double-sided so whether you have a clip or not what we could do is stick this on his chest or I think it's easier to just leave the clip because it'll be more sturdy and if he gets sweaty which he will cuz he's gonna party hard tonight it may slip off so we've got it clipped what we're gonna do is we can stick this guy right here on the back or you can stick it here on this tie on the front I'm gonna opt for sticking this against his tie right so then the mic will nuzzle up right into that and you make it a little bit of scruffing but it won't be nearly as bad as if it were just raw alright so if we do get a little bit of scratching I'll show you how to clean that up and post but for now that's where we're at and then we've got this law pack running out of here so what we what I like to do is I like to take right here make sure the talent has enough slack so you know he's comfortable and then I'll just give it like a loop or two right here like this and we'll tuck this underneath in this clip here okay this is this is it guys this is the ticket right here that's the moneymaker and then BOOM look at look at this handsome fella darn it look do you want to put this on the very side so it's not looking like him a big butt yeah and we actually had set up the sound engineer went to his booth and got plugged in so that we could get the actual audio from the microphone so when you first want to tap into someone system first question I would ask is can I run out of your headphone mix and if he says no ask if he has a splitter and then if he still says no see if there's an auxilary send and then ask him to set you up a mix of the microphone that they're running over at the ceremony alright so we've got our recorder right here our zoom recorder we're running our headphone out through the mixer that's hooked up to the PA system so when the pastor Bishop is talking you know through the mic or when the couples say their vows we get all of that audio in the quality that it's entering the microphone right so this is way better than what we'd pick up like through the LOB leg and the law of mic uh-huh so all they need for this setup is the h6 and a quarter inch cable yep so we want to aim for levels between you know negative 18 and negative like peaking at negative 6 so our Peaks are like here's my average of oh here's my original peak peak peak that's a peak so what you want to do is make sure that you test the level so it's not clipping which is when it like goes above 0 turns red it distorts and it's all crumbly and nasty so on this mixer in this case I've cranked the headphones all the way up and I've put my zoom at about six and a half seven and that looks like pretty healthy volumes on here so the advantage of tapping into here is the fact that this is a more fair representation of a vocal than like a love mic so a lot of mic for example you know you're not going to mic up the groom you just saw ass mic up the groom it's under his tie so it's gonna be a little bit more muffled it may be a little bit like this whereas this is designed to be a speaking singing microphone and it's a lot clearer and you know it's really directional it's just gonna pick up right here you don't have to worry about scratching moving the antennas cutting out or the whatever so this is the ideal option right in a lesson ideal option where you can't tap into the mixer that's why we have the groom miked up we've got the bishop pasture figure mic up and we have the bride miked up because we're playing backup here we're playing like worst case scenario in case of emergency type thing [Applause] everyone like ah the audio went haywire and actually didn't even work for the audience to hear it so that's gonna happen on shoes and you just got to figure out how to work around it so luckily we had the love as a backup on the groom to capture some of that audio also I was pretty close to both the bride and the groom with my rode mic so that's a possibility to use for sound as well as far as the vows the valise is the most important part you want to make sure you capture also if you can capturing the bishop or priest or whoever as far as filming goes I try and hit as many different angles as I can I had Lucas on a parallaxing long shot – just get the bride and groom the whole time but I also had Nick and I were switching sides to make sure we're getting both the bride and the groom as they're talking to each other and doing their vows so luckily we had a lot of camera guys when we don't have this many I'll just set up on a tripod a long lens so that I'm getting and that's the one I usually have the la Vaughn shooting this way so we can get both the bride and the groom the whole time and then I'm running around getting as many angles as I can both white and tight I have some wider shots showing the whole venue I have some wider shots coming down the aisle have some tight shots of both the bride and groom back and forth interactions kissing and then as they walk out I'm just following I'm tracking them out getting them walking out of the venue so that's the basics of it is just getting as many whites and tights as I can switching back and forth as much coverage from as many different angles and as the bride and groom are given their vows I'm making sure I'm on the side where the person who's talking I can see them and I have the shoulder of the other person right here and then as soon as I push the other vows come on this side have the shoulder right here and facing the person given the valve so keep in mind that while this is taking a wrist break that was like 25 minutes straight of flight damage that's kind of the basic of it I'm right up in the action I don't want to be too intrusive the main thing is not to be in front of the bride and groom and so anytime we're crossing a front I'm trying to go below because you have a bunch of spectators and you don't want to get in the way but they do understand that you are there to capture the moment bride and groom want you to capture a well so don't be timid don't be afraid to get good angles and get tied up in the action I was at 70 millimeter so a tighter focal length for a lot of those tight shots so you don't have to get too close too intrusive I was still probably four or five feet away but I'm tied up on the face so that's a way to kind of cheat to make it look like you're closer is by using a tighter lens we got here Lucas crease from Slovak yeah guys he flew out from Slovakia just for this shoot just kidding he didn't he was in town though and he wanted to come help on a shoot so he's a full time filmmaker I put him he has a 1dx mark too as well and so I got him on the Rhino slider and he's going to be getting the ceremony from a long lens he's on the 70 to 200 and we're at about 150 millimeter and so he's just gonna be getting a slow panning back and forth parallax shot they had a photographer in the aisle the whole time snapping shots and so most of his shots had a photographer in it and you just got to kind of work around on the best you can as far as where I'm positioning myself I'm just always making sure I'm not in their way and then making sure they're not in my shot and some photographers are better than others some are more intrusive than others she's got to work around it document it the best you can sometimes you're gonna have them in your shot get them out of your frame as best you can but sometimes you can't and discover with what you got grabbing some b-roll shots 400 ISO 2.8 aperture shutter speed 200 got my polarizer on here cut out reflections for me so I'm constantly switching back between 70 millimeter and 24 millimeter give a quick 10 to 12 dials of a knob here and then we're back in business so I just constantly I'm going back and forth between different focal lengths getting both wide and tight shots so Jake asks what do I do and I have a huge line of people like you see right now how do you capture that so the two things I'll go into 24 millimeter like this and then I'll just get a wide shot of everyone they're gonna be super small in the middle of your frame but it's nice to get one option with everyone in it and then I'll zoom back into 70 and then just pick off pockets of people and get closer to the face they cut better together and I can mix up my footage and make it look like I had multiple cameras on set all day even though I do have multiple cameras on sin this one's just of your hands try and show off your ring on the back here there you go it's kind of an awkward handhold but just have a flash in my way a little okay so minimal hand swinging walk kind of slow go ahead guys we're good we're gonna get going go grab the red so I had Nick run and grab my red for me and Jake asked why I chose to grab the red for this specific shot I saw this beautiful Sun flare coming through the trees and I wouldn't be able to get it with any of my current focal lengths on my lens so I needed a wider angle lens to be able to reach that high to get that Sun flare I have the red already set up on a 12 millimeter so it's super wide and that way I can just get one nice walking shot with a beautiful Sun flare smile at each other laughing good that's it for shooting a ceremony wedding and yeah all right now real quick couple notes I wanted to make now that I brought the footage in to posts and I've edited together the video first off even though I had three or four guys with cameras on set with me I only ended up using maybe two or three shots from other people's cameras besides my own so don't feel like just because you're a one-man crew that you can't do what I just did I mostly just had them there for shooting behind the scenes or as a backup in case my camera blocked out or I completely missed a moment which I didn't so I was able to use mostly my footage now second point I want to make here is the audio now take a look at the audio files we have here first I have the audio that I took with my rode mic this is the in-camera audio and then this was the groom's love mic and then right here we had the pastor's love mic and then this right here was the zoom h6 that was set on the ground next to the speaker so you could hear what the PA system was hearing so we had four different audio sources playing during that ceremony ideally would have loved up the bride as well however they were running late and she didn't get there until the wedding ceremony started and so we weren't able to lob her up in time so I brought all these layers of audio in sync them up in Premiere Pro and then I'm turning off different layers on and off as the groom's talking I turn on his love mic as the pastor's talking turned on his love mic as the bride's talking we actually ended up using the zoom that was on the ground getting the PA system when she was talking and I ended up using the rode mic for some of just the ambient noise of you know birds chirping and trees in the wind and crowds cheering and whatnot so so it's good to capture as much audio as you can from as many different sources and that way you have the freedom to pick and choose which audio sounds the best now I sent all this audio to Brendo who sound designs a lot for me and just told him hey clean this up for me some of these love mics have a little bit of scratching going on the brides audio with the PA system was super low and needed to be cleaned up a ton so he did all the post process for me for the audio I use Brendo for all my sound designing and sound mixing when I have the budget for it I sent it to him and just have him clean it up because he's a lot better at audio than I am and you guys can use them as well and give you his email in the description below you can email them to do sound designing to make custom soundtracks to clean up your audio if you don't know how to do it or go check out his filmmakers guide to audio to learn how to do it yourself I've taken it it's an awesome course but there's times when I just can't do it as well as he can and so I just let the professionals handle it color correction wise kept it pretty simple here's just a before and after of the color correction so you can kind of see what we've done here just played with color temperature RGB curve added some saturations and vibrance these Canon cameras shoot great colors out of camera so I'm not doing a whole lot in post as far as the color goes so you have it that is how I shoot a wedding ceremony to check out the full video it is on my youtube channel and to see the full version of this virtual job shadow you can check that out at full time filmmaker comm where I have dozens of other virtual job shadows just like this and you can get involved and actually come on a job shadow with me if you are a member a full-time filmmaker so make sure to join us at full-time if you'd like to learn how to shoot professional videos like this and how to land paying clients and sponsorships and speaking of sponsorships once again this video is sponsored by Squarespace big thanks to them once again they are an all-in-one website designing platform who I have personally used and can highly recommend especially for those of you who dove any web site design knowledge like myself they have all these awesome templates that can help you make your website pretty in no time and they actually offer free trial so visit to start your free trial today and if you end up liking it make sure to use coupon code Parker to get 10% off your first purchase but that's it guys hope you enjoyed if you have any further questions please let me know

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