How to Save Your Marriage When Your Spouse Is Unwilling (NEW!)

Can you save your marriage right now even
if your spouse is unwilling to do so? And if it is possible, how do you rebuild
your marriage so it becomes stronger than ever? How’s it going, YouTube! Brad Browning here. It’s been awhile since I released a marriage
saving video so I decided to make one on one of the most asked about marriage topics – how
to save your marriage when your spouse is unwilling to do so. As you know, marital issues can be extremely
complex. They can range from issues relating to sex,
children, money, family, intimacy, and a whole wad of other things I probably haven’t listed
yet… but there are a few key things that you can do right now to improve the situation
with your spouse. Of course, fixing a marriage takes time, so
I can’t promise that these techniques will fix your marriage overnight (it probably won’t),
but I can assure you with enough time and effort, you’ll be able to turn the tide. So take your pencils and paper out to take
notes because what I’m about to reveal in this video might help save your marriage (and
your family). First, I’m going to go over some things
you should NOT do… number one, you should never make the situation worse by inciting
arguments and disputes. Although in order to mend your marriage fully,
you both have to communicate your issues in the marriage. However, bringing up an extremely touchy subject
when things are going really poorly will probably only makes matter worse. Second, now is not the time to be overly emotional
about everything. When your marriage is on the rocks, it can
be stressful, but do your best to keep a straight face and concentrate on how you can actually
improve your situation. Third, don’t make fixing your marriage about
fixing your spouse. Although it takes two to tango, right now
you need to concentrate on yourself… everything else will fall into place later on. Now, before on I get ont to what to actually
do to fix your marriage without your partner’s help, I want to quickly tell you about my
free quiz tool that I developed recently that will determine your approximate chance of
fixing your marriage with your spouse. Based on how you answer the questions on this
quiz, you’ll be given a custom tailored plan on exactly how you can save your marriage
TODAY. To take this short, 5 minute quiz, just head
over to – that’s… so head on over there
after you finish watching this video. Okay. So now that you know a few common mistakes
that people make when trying to fix a marriage, here are some key actions you take right now
moving forward: 1.) Tip Number One is what I call the ‘marital
positive feedback loop’ – this is a technique that you can use on your own right now to
help you rebuild your marriage even if your spouse doesn’t want to yet. So what do I mean by a positive feedback loop? To better explain… think of your spouse
as a mirror. And whatever you do to this mirror will reflect
the exact same behaviour back. So by treating your spouse with kindness and
love, you will in turn receive that behaviour back… just like a mirror. But if you start nagging or arguing with your
spouse, expect to receive negative treatment in return. It seems like such an easy piece of advice
to learn, but not many couples really put this into practice. 2.) Tip Number Two – Prepare to compromise. If your marriage is on the rocks and your
spouse is being sensitive or touchy, now is not the time to push those boundaries. Just like I said at the beginning of this
video, don’t cause too much drama – now is not the time! Instead, be prepared to compromise on certain
things with your spouse. If he or she is in the bad mood, do the chores. Don’t do them with a bad attitude or in
any negative manner whatsoever. Instead, do your best to contribute to your
marriage in any way you can. Sooner or later, your spouse will see that
changes that you’ve made and will, hopefully, turn the corner and begin to work on the other
areas of your relationship with you. 3.) Tip Number Three – Reframe your arguments. Sooner or later, disputes and arguments are
inevitably going to occur. And when they do, you need to maintain a calm,
cool mindset… and you also need to make sure that you’re framing your arguments
correctly in such a way that you don’t make the argument worse. I call this my Dispute Defusing System it’s
the backbone of my system. If you want to learn more about my Dispute
Defusing System, just head over to and watch that free “how to” video on
that website. Again, that’s So one of the most important tenets of my
Dispute Diffusing System is the word “I”. If you’ve ever watched two people argue,
you’ll notice that the word they use most is “you”… it’s always “You always
do this!” or “You always do that!”. When you use the word “you”, you make
your spouse feel like they’re 100% responsible for whatever you’re arguing about. This sort of alienation will only make matters
worse. So instead, use the word “I” during your
arguments… say something like, “I would feel it would be best if we drove the kids
to school early.” Try it next time you argue with your spouse! 4.) Finally, Tip Four – Get professional help
as soon as you can. In order to make your marriage whole again,
you need to work your way to the point where you CAN convince your spouse to seek marital
help if needed. I know, I know, this video is all about how
to save your marriage if your spouse is unwilling to do so, but seeking another voice is often
times one of the most powerful ways to fix your marriage. Luckily for you, I have a great solution…
you can hire ME as your marriage coach! And you can do this WITHOUT the help of your
spouse. If you want to learn more about how you can
hire me as your marriage coach, just head on over to
and check out all the details on there. I promise you it doesn’t cost that much
and it will help immensely. So head on over to By the way, if you have any questions, please
feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I will most definitely get back
to you! Until next time, YouTube…talk soon!

Michael Martin

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  1. If my ex is seeing somebody else, do I wait till they end their relationship or I talk to her after 21-30 days NC?

  2. do what this guy is saying and you will succeed.He help me get back my 3 years old gf while she was seeing another guy.Brad is the best coach on marriage..

  3. hey brad, i am ravi, from india. currently i am doing my master's in canada, montreal. I have been here from sept,2016. me and my ex met with each other in facebook nov,2016. she is from mexico and she don't know english. so we used to talk with the help of translator via facebook and whatsapp. with in short period of time we started to like each other and and with in a month we came into the relationship. by the way she has two children and living alone, also she has many responsibility towards her work and her children. from last three years she is doing night shift in a call center and it is really hard for her to manage her children and other responsibilities. during relatioship she never messaged me from her own as because she is supper busy every time..either she is with her kids or she takes rest because of her night shift. but when ever i messaged her she gives me reply. but due to this thing her daily life interrupted becuase she needs to give me time in terms of texting me that hamper her daily after two month she cant handle the stress she loves me but better break up, at that point of time i somehow managed her to be in the relationship but after few days she told me again and this time she blocked . then after few days somehow i manage to contact with her and told her..that i really love her, and i cant live without her, i want to get her back , we will find some solutions. i don't know may be she misunderstood me, she told me that you are very weak that you cant live with out me. my love towards you is no more. after this i tired to convince her but she didn't convince . some times she blocked me from every where. but the thing is ..after few days she automatically unblock me. and sometimes i asked her to unblock me and then she unblock me. main thing is she unblocked me..when ever she block me. She told me that she consider me as her friend now. and i asked her specifically that is there any chances to get you back future..she didn't say "no" but she said " lets see what happens" also i asked her..that do you have any good memories with me ? she said "yes"..every day i used to message her for good morning and good night even during the whole day. but from last two days i didn't contact her at all. though she didn't contact me, i don't even expect that she will contact me because even during relationship she never contact me from her own she was very busy. so now i am in a no contact phase? do you think it will work? is there any possibilities to get her back?

  4. Hello Brad ! My ex is behaving hot and cold to me…Can i use 'no contact' to solve this problem?? please suggest something..!

  5. Hey brad, I have played no contact for 5 days, she messaged me yesterday night and this morning. The text this morning said 'hi :(' then said 'I'm missing something' and how am I doing. I told her I was doing amazing and I am living life to the fullest. She didn't reply… am I doing this right? and what is my plan now?

    Thank you for replying to my last comment btw, I would buy your stuff but I'm freaking broke rn.

    (Also, just adding on, she didn't reply but then she posted a status saying (time changes everything, head up) so I sent one small message 'Hope your okay'. Did I f*** up?)

  6. Brad Browning hey brad awsome videos
    i got a situation here may be you can help me
    me and my ex broke up and she gave me no reason for breaking up with me and told me that she will not be in a relationship with anyone
    and yesterday i found that she is not in relationship with 2 guys at a one time
    my friends says thats move on she is not a good girl
    pls tell me what to do

  7. hey brad my girlfriend said that she really dont want to continue with me..cause I've done a lot of mistakes that hurt her and irritate her..she also said she don't trust me anymore.. 🙁 I wnt her back..what should i do..please help :(((

  8. thank you for your help,your really helpful and I've watch a lot of your videos and it really help a lot and of works so Thank you so much,if you ever need a favor just ask and I'm here for you

  9. Brad I have one more question, should I reach out to my ex and ask her to hang out even tho she has a bf?(after no contact)

  10. Hey brad purchased your book but not letting me login did not give me a password word can you please help !!!!!!!

  11. Hi brad i follow your suggestion no contacts but what I want to know is in Facebook my ex is posting lots of stuffs everyday where he never been posted like this before he frequently used Facebook but after our break-up he is posting lots of things what that means can you please answer me

  12. My gf broke up with me 2days ago and after our breakup she said that she wants to remain friends with me but i rejected it n told that i can be her all or nothing. I can only be her boyfriend or nothing so she was saying that im not understanding it and she says that she will come back but she needs time for it. And i wanna share the most shocking thing which is that i had her instagram logged on my phone n the day we broke up she messaged a guy and they started talking and were having a conversation n she was flirting with him talking about how cute he was n she started hitting on him n she asked him if he was single n he said yes so she was saying that "oh yeah so i messaged the right person".. she was flirting with him badly n eventually he asked her for her number n she gave it to him. It hurts me so deep that even after we completed almost 3 years n the day we broke up she did not respect it n started flirting on the same day with that guy. I was so devastated n hurt that how could she do like that to me that we had so many memories together n so much time we spent together still she started flirting with that boy on the same day we broke up. She has since been msging me but i have ignored her texts. However she has been even flirting with this guy whom she had exchanged number on instagram. She finally messaged that let's patch up so i texted her but instead of patching up she is still like she needs time n wants me to talk to her but i refused to remain friends n told that we will be all or nothing. I dont know why she wants time and stuff i know she has been texting this guy so she wouldn't wanna get back to me right now because she told that guy that she will never patch up with me. So next day also i ignored n again she texted at night saying let's patch but started saying same thing that she needs time n stuff. So she told me to meet her today in the evening to talk so i told ok ill meet her n we will talk. Can u tell me what's going on in her mind and why she is doing like this saying that she needs time n stuff n also she has been texting this new guy. If she really wanted to be back together she would not simply send a txt saying that we will patch up and again start saying she needs time. Please help me sir n tell me what should i do.

  13. hey brad,
    i was in relationship for 6 months everything was going good.. sometimes we had fights but that use to geth sought out … then after six months things got changed .. simply we use to have fight as my boy frnds friends use to always talk ill about me and they had been doing it since we got into relationship… they said him that i was in a realtionship with the other guy before him and shit like that … but truth is was not dating anyone but ya was pretty close and we had flirty talks to…..
    one day sudeenly he said we cant be in relationship anymore …. few months went then he approched and we got back it was fine for 2 months again … smthng struck in is mind and he said no i dont think so we can get married as my parents wont really agree for it …. then months went …. both our families ended up in same trip … we had great time together … but he always said we cant get married … after trip we spoke for a month and again stopped….. then again i just randomly texted one of ur texts to him… later after 2 3 days he himself texted me called me spoke we again started flirting …. we planned and we met then … the day we met he said see really we cant get married to be very honest its almost more than a year now i think i dont have any such feelings for you …. as i think my friends have put so much things about you that i really cant forget about those things….. but i really take u as my good friend…. we dint speak for months but i had always been concerned to know wat r u doing in ur life … i take u as my very close frnd and i dont wana loose u as a frnd … but sry we cant get married … .

    wat do u think wat do u think does he really love me and oly trying to test me or i shld move on

  14. Hey Brad … nice to meet you! 🙂 I broke up with my "ex" 🙂 and i tried to make the NC rule i block on fb and number and everything but it was difficuly bcz he start to write on fb friends and said very bad things about me unreal things only lies…. i talk to him but in a very badly way. Then after all this crazyness he just stop right away. Its been 3 weeks with the real NC rule… and its another problem: he has a real problem with depression he is on meds and its not at his first depression i think its the third every time he is breaking up with someone he is going through this so I think he is mentally instabil. And I think he is already dating with someone else,but still he posted a sad song few days ago,i dont know what to think. He is taking also medicine with serotonine so I dont know but it may have some effects that he is happy with that someone else and he stop thinking about me? I dont know what to do. It hurts me that he moved on and i dont know what to do. Should i let this go? its hard but i will try or should i wait a lit bit? I HOPE YOU WILL READ THIS BCZ I REALLY NEED IT plsss IM BEGGING YOUUUU😢😢😢

  15. will the no contact rule apply even when I technically broke up with him? I mean he was kind of cheating on me and I ended things but I never wanted to. I just knew he didn't actually care about me as much as he used to. I've been crying non stop since we broke up. and ive been watching your videos for an hour and a half and im thinking about starting the 30 day no contact rule. But im afriad he's gonna think i moved on and then move on himself. I think he's already moved on though, as he was talking to a bunch of other girls. He's starting to become a little bit of a fuck boy. But i just want him to go back to the way he used to act and want me back. and only me. How can I do that????

  16. hey brad
    ..I ve tried no contact rule .. being happy .. started gym… but he doesn't come back …now when I posted on my timeline that I m leaving my country "which actually I m not " he texted that remember me I loved u so much … dont forget me …now he says that he miss me n want to meet …should I meet him??? but keeping this clear that he doesn't want to marry me and don't like my friends … he says that I m negatively hyper active like hoping around all the tym .. he doesn't even want to get into a serious relationship

  17. Hi brad i recently find out from mutual friend that my ex boyfriend said to him that "I don't deserve her (it's me) and I will be happy if she gots a new1 who will make her happy more than me" and totally confused help me what to do

  18. So brad !! I was sceptical at first tough it was just my immediate emotions an desperation that I was feeling this way so I waited a couple weeks before I bought your program.i got it yesterday read an listen to it twice an it made me feel 100percent better I already applied things I learnt I'm currently still in the no contact but I think when the time comes I'll will be ready an if it doesn't work out I already know an I still will be 100satisfied ! Question will I use the same tactics if she is seeing someone else? An should I appply these when I know she is not around him ? Thanks…!!!

  19. Hey Brad! My exgirlfriend broke up with me 2 months ago. we were together for almost 2 years and now she just found a new guy a few weeks before and she already showed him to her mom and they started to have sex now. pls help me what should i do? I begged a little bit few times before and she has big trust issues and doesnt want to speak with me and she blocked me. I applied no contact rule more than a week before but idk and im afraid if this new guy is a rebound. I saw your videos about rebounds and contacting ex gf after no contact but idk. pls what should i do? may i contact her after after 30 days or more if she will have this new guy or just wait? we didnt see each other more than 2 months.

  20. Hi, Brad! I think I have a little bit different case. PLEASE HELP ME! My boyfriend and I haven't broken up yet. It's been a little less than a month since the last time we met. Everything was really good. But a few days after he started being cold, stopped texting and calling. I emotionally exploded one time on the phone and I complained about his lack of attention. Now that I've been watching your videos I understand that doing that was a big mistake cuz I seemed needy and desperate. After that he turned even colder and distant. I tried to give him space and time but continued to text him once a day or so.

    Finally, last Thursday he called me and said that he was going through changes in his life and that he wanted to be alone in the process (he's a singer song writer and is finally starting to make money out of it). But he didn't break up with me directly. He offered me to be friends and I somewhat accepted. But then I watched your videos and decided to disappear, but I didn't know if I should start the No Contact phase since we hadn't broken up yet. The thing is, a coulpe of hours after that call I decided to change my wapp picture where we were together for one in wich I was alone. He immediately called me and asked why I did that, started saying that he missed me, etc. I didn't get it.

    So, the next day (friday) I didn't text him at all, he called me 3 times but I didn't answer. He didn't called me again but Saturday he texted me late at night. He said he knew that I saw his calls and dind't called him back, that he was calling cause he wanted to invite me to a country house for the weekend, "to be together", he said. He started showing all the signs that you've mentioned. He said: "I want to know something. You don't want to know anything about me nor be with me, right?" and also asked if I was already dating someone else, that it hurted him that I didn't call him back and not to know who was taking my pictures (I sahred a few pics on instagram that obviously someone else took), he said that he missed me and wanted to see me. I accepted after making him wait a few minutes in a very indifferent way.

    So, he came back on Monday but didn't called me. He called me on Tuesday morning, asked how I was doing, said "I love you", called me "love", said that he was feeling kinda bad about the distance between us but didn't say anything about meeting.

    I don't know what I'm supposed to do when we meet. If he brings up the relationship issue, what do I do? I want to be with him, but this is the 2nd time he "breaks up" with me when he's feeling financial pressure. Hard times are supposed to make us stronger. I don't want this to happen again. I think we should talk about it to make things clear, but… should I tell him that on this first time or should I wait? If he brings up the issue of going on with the relationship… I don't want to be so easy, but I want to keep his interest. (We've been togehter for almost 2 years now and had a bunch of plans together).

    Also idk if being so indifferent at this point might cause that he thinks that going on is not worth it, I'm afraid he interprets that I'm not interested anymore and stop trying.

    Oh, God, please help me! PLEASEEEE!!!

  21. hi Brad I just got back with my ex we are talking on phone haven't met him face to face I don't have any reason to invite him in group activity or something if I meet alone he'll jump on me and I don't to have sex with again yet so how can I stop this? thank you so much xx

  22. Brad I was on the 28th day of no contact and my ex texted me I replied to her in person because she texted me like 15 feet away do I have to restart no contact?

  23. how do I go back to my ex that are how married and has 2 kids ? I think she is divorced but I still love her to death can't forget about her ?last time I saw her was 10 years ago ? I sent her a msg on instgram saying I found her profile normally and just wanted to see how ur doing and say hi that's it .can you make a video about this please

  24. Brad I seen a lot of your videos and I would like you too tell me how too get your ex back when they are going out and I have tried too use no contact and we've not spoke in 2 weeks please may I have help brad

  25. Hey Brad. I just got through no contact with my ex. I messaged her and I feel that the conversation between us now is alot better than the ones leading up to the breakup. When we broke up she said she wanted to remain friends, I went into no contact and now I have having a really positive conbersation with her. I know this may be a dumb question but is this a good sign?

  26. My ex just broke up with me. We dated 1 year. Her reasoning didn't really make any sense because it was inaccurate so clearly it was something else. but she even said she still loves me and we still talk like how we did like we were in a relationship still, minus the sexual parts. We were talking so good yesterday too. Completely catching me off guard she was even saying how she wants to spend the rest of her life with me. Usually you can see it coming but this totally blind sided me there was no clues hinting at it. She said she been feeling this for a while which is extremely hard to believe.

    There was just literally no clues. We talked the same exact way and she acted the same exact way as always. I know guys who their gfs will reject sex from them than break up. Or give them 1 word answers. Have a feeling something is off. She will stop saying I love you as much. But I literally got no hints it was like someone punching me from behind.

    I guess I'll give the 30 day thing a go because this is the craziest thing ever. You couldn't have told me when I woke up this morning that she was breaking up with me today. I would have not believed you and I would have bet a grand that she wouldn't.

    Either way this shit hurts, 1 of the worst pains I ever felt in my entire life by far. We didn't get off on a bad note or anything remotely like that. I am still going to work on it and take advice when I can. I don't feel totally defeated but knowing there's a decent chance we won't get back together makes me sick. Never experienced a break up before this is as bad as people make it sound. I thought I would take it a bit better but it feels like my mom just died.

  27. How do i get him to want to try again if he's already kicked me out and is interested in another woman. It's 2 months today since I left. He's going away with her and her kids to stay with her mother (very cosy) this month. He's replaced one family with another. He keeps letting me know what's going on, I don't ask. He says nothings happened and they are good friends but he does like her and hopes something happens and is sorry for us not being able to make it work (13 year marriage and 4 kids) but there's too much resentment and he knows that if we tried again we'd end up in the same situation. It's like he's trying to convince himself that he's ​made the right decision. Hurts like hell especially, since I feel in my gut that our stories not over and I can see he's hurting. I grew emotionally and mentally over the last 6months but he had closed off so much he couldn't see I was better and refuses to believe that the cycle of arguing and breaking up will not be repeated. I believe in us knowing how solid the foundation is.

  28. hey Brad…my man broke up with me like a month ago.we had a pretty raff time…I was cold and mean to him for a long time I told me many time I can't take it if I don't chance he needs to leave….We just had a baby 7 months ago…At the moment he is living at his friends house but he come every now and then to see his son…we He broke up he was saying that he still love me so when he still loves me there is hopefully still a change….Im so willing to work on my self to make him happy again I even entered a therapy….I hope you can help me somehow I just can't loose him…..We are together for 3 and a half years…I tried to talk to him to change his mind and beg him not to leave everything…He is so cold right now I don't even know him like this….please you need to help us

  29. Hey brad I just have one question why does my wife keep coming back she is with another guy but come back every once in a while and tells me she want to fix everything but she don't put the work in to fix the problem and it only goes back to the other guy and he don't do her right he don't have a job and sets at his house and does nothing I don't know what I need to do she wants to fix it but she get mad and blow up over nothing and she won't open up for nothing I just want to fix our marriage what do I need to do????

  30. Review from client. IT'S WORKING! I’m 41 years old and I used Brad Browning coaching services to save my marriage and it worked!

    Now, let me tell you my story. In2013 I separated from my husband
    because we were fighting all the time to the point I fell out of love (I
    thought i was at the time) and I just wanted the fight to stop. I
    didn’t know how to save our marriage and couple counseling didn’t work
    We lived separately and things got better, slowly. We
    have a son together, 10 year old and work together. We remained great
    friends but with time, I started falling back in love.
    In 2016,
    around June, I wanted to see if I could save our marriage. But at the
    time, I decided to do it on my own. Well, it was not such a great idea.
    My husband at the time was not open to the idea because he fell out of
    love too and we were still arguing here and there on a regular basic.
    Basically, none of our problem went away.
    Even so, I decided to invite him on very expensive vacations and cruise on November 2016 to give it one last chance.

    Well, the thing is, at the time, Doug met someone else! In October he
    met a woman at started a relationship with her. I only discovered it in
    December after our vacations when I walked on them. But a week before
    that, he asked for divorce (after I invited him on vacations… yes I
    I was devastated because he didn’t have the honesty to tell
    me he met someone before our vacations but he also lied to me about it
    when I asked while I was having suspicions.
    Anyway, I was devastated
    to the point I lost my mind and 30 pounds due to stress and depression.
    Christmas was the worst Christmas of my life. He was now dating that
    other woman right under my nose while I was still taking care of bills,
    household and our son. (Note, I’m the main provider)
    This is where I
    went online and find Brad Browning. After watching his videos, I
    decided to hire him for his advice. At that point, I had nothing to lose
    Brad guided me though everything step by step. Don’t get me
    wrong, it was not easy. But everything he asked me to do and he told me
    would happen, happened. He was right about that other woman being a
    rebound and he was right when he told me that my husband still had
    feeling for me. All his tricks works and he is absolutely right in each
    video he made about how to get your ex back. every time i was not
    listening, well, my husband was pushing me away. but every time i was
    listening, my husband was getting along with me and we were
    Today, we are back together, the other woman is gone since valentine day and we love each other very much.

    Brad is teaching you to understand what went wrong, hoe to fix it and
    avoid the same mistake. You will have to be willing to change yourself
    My husband was so surprised by the changes, physically and
    mentally that took him by surprise. Thought my changes, he also changed
    for the best. We are more respectful to each other and we know now how
    to communicate because Brad will tell you exactly what to say or how to
    say it.
    We are not back living together yet, but we just decided to
    go on a cruise together again in November (his idea) and brad is still
    going to coach me until we are living together. It took about 4 months
    to get to that point, but it worth it. It’s WORKING!

  31. My wife just moved to a motel in hopes of leaving the state and divorcing, what do I do?(desperate;/)

  32. I need advice, my husband is currently deployed & about two weeks ago, he told me he wants a divorce. Of course I don't want to and want to fight till the end. But he has not called me at all to talk about this. He hardly has time to text me so I don't know what to do. Wait till he texts back? Or send him pictures of the kids so he won't feel like I'm hurt and trying to keep them away? I'm desperate to find answers! Please help!

  33. Brad…my wife and I are in dire straights. Since April things have gotten really rocky and I messed things up even worse in May and early June. I am trying anything to make things work between us but I believe the damage is done. I am not at all optimistic. Can you help?

  34. brad plz help me my dad and step mom are fighting and probley going for devorice plz help i cant go through this again help me give me tips on how to help them

  35. my husband is ignoring me and I am panicked. He has asked me to let him go and at first I was begging him not to leave. Things seemed to get worse he distanced himself and is never home. I found he was talking to another woman by looking at our phone bill. I wish I hadn't done that. Well since then I agreed to let him go but he says he doesn't know what he wants. I am confused worried and panicked everyday that he will just leave. What do I need to do now I am living a nightmare. I need someone to tell me something. Thanks I still love my husband.

  36. My partner of 6 years wants to leave. We still live together and she wants to live as roommates because she doesn't want to disrupt my 15 year old son's living situation. I want to save the relationship but she doesn't want to. I don't want to be roommates. What do I do?

  37. hey brad i m from india and i need ur help…….i had cheated on my would be unintentionally and nw he is confused whether he should marry me or not,wat should i do in dis situation… i love him a lot n i dun wanna lose him anyhow pls pls plsssss i need ur help badly……. please help me

  38. scored a 64! scared shitless that i am gonna lose her. i did buy the coaching, but the area for me to describe my full situation was really small, so i filled out what i could. but i don't think it was enough. the response time felt like it needs to be immediate. not 72 hours. so i cancelled the coaching. i know you're a busy man, but my wife is far too important to me. i didn't invest 9 years to piss it all away. really lost here.

  39. My Wife And I… Been Separated For About 10 Months. Just About 2 Months Ago… She Told Me She Wants A Divorce… I Asked Why??? She Said That I Have Lost My Chance. It's Time To Move On. She Also Told Me That The Only Time I Can Talk To Her Is When, It's About My Kids. She Won't Talk To Me Just Like That.

  40. It's sad that you make such an outrageous promise of "saving" a marriage. If one person ultimately decides they want out of the marriage, there is no single thing you can do to salvage it. But you can do what's best for yourself and take care of your needs during the process of divorce. You seem like an alright guy but I can't stand by these kind of titles and videos, you can't "MAKE" anyone do anything they don't want to. Marriage is complex, the reasons behind either person being unhappy are limitless, if one partner chooses to unlove the other, it's over. I've been around many divorced people who tried to do all they could to stop their partner from walking away, including professional help, but the fact is that you cannot make someone else love you, or continue to love you. Love is a promise not everyone is capable of committing to.

  41. Should I still apply the no contact to my wife even if we have an 11 month old baby and we are currently separated

  42. What if like my husband he does not appreciate good things I am doing for him. Like the ways I try to be sweet thoughtful ,etc. Eventhough on my side I always appreciate what he does for me even the little things

  43. Hey brad I took the quiz the thing about my situation Is that he is in the military he and i don’t live together , we are in a way long distant relationship. He is very positive about being done . He has been going out a lot more. He wanted to work things out but he got upset when we talked cause he though I didn’t care about his dad passing away because I said “weeks” which is true it was weeks but I don’t want this marriage to end he told me not to get my hopes up. He is unwilling to try or even fight because he thinks he has fought long hard enough(we have been married for almost a year). He says he doesn’t see a future with me anymore I don’t know what to do.

  44. I have learned a lot from your videos. I'm just a little bit worried that it's too late. My husband has already left and he has been gone for going on 4 weeks now. We have been married for 28 years and spent all of our time together. We did the date nights and we did the adventures because we bought a Harley not too long ago and he would surprise me with trips at least twice a month until he started working at Harley Davidson and we stopped taking our trips. I tried to get him to take more trips with me but he was so interested in working at Harley and selling bikes because he was good at it that he didn't take much time off for us anymore . He treated me like a queen at one time actually for most of our marriage and he has always been my king. Then we started having problems with disciplining the kids. I know I was wrong in the way I handled things and I tried to fix them but he said he needed his time and space anyway and I really didn't think he would move out but he did. I did the whole pleading and begging and everything you say not to do but now I am trying the 30 day no contact. It is a little more difficult because we have 3 kids together. They are older and one has already moved out but I'm not sure if the 30 day no contact is right for us. He does not consider himself married. He stopped wearing his ring long before he moved out. In fact, he says he has lost all feeling for me other than friendship. This has been the most difficult thing ever because we were so close and I still consider him my soulmate. I know that he is the one I'm supposed to be with. He doesn't want to be married anymore and said that if he stayed he would probably not be alive. I don't understand why he feels so strongly about this. I know we have had our issues but we have always been able to work them out and this time instead of trying to he left. During the time that I was pleading with him I tried talking to him about our relationship and he would always cry but he would not talk anymore and he would tell me that he couldn't and that he was only crying because he didn't feel the way he used to. I guess I just need to know if the 30 day no contact is appropriate for us and if it will work. Out of all the people in this world he was the one that I trusted the most. I have been completely blindsided because I never ever expected that anything like this would ever happen. We were the couple that everyone wanted to be like and when we went out together everyone thought we were Newlyweds. Also, this was not just in public we would always gross the kids out from kissing all the time and hugging and just being close so I really don't know what happened and he won't talk about it. Any advice that you could give me would help tremendously. Thank you!

  45. hi brad. this is very helpful advice and i 100 percent agree with all of it but i struggle more wih the how than the what. even though i know the not to dos cold, i always find myself slipping, especially with.not.letting things go and trying to talk them out, convincing myself they wont become an arguement (they always do). do you have any specific tips on how to let something go without it becoming the elephant in the room and being awkward for days? thats my husbands method.but i always found it alot less healthy than talking it out… any middle ground?

  46. my husband recently told me he doesn't love me anymore and doesn't want to to work on it hes been talking to girls online he claims I'm too needy and needs his space if I'm trying to work on it do I try to invite to do things with me on our days off or do wait for him to ask when trying to fix marriage

  47. im Rafael and my wife is Anahi. our marriage had alot of arguments in the past and we had a daughter pass away by organ failure last year. my wife changed and wanted to seperate and right now i stay on the couch or my moms house. I LOVE and I MISS HER So much and i dont want a things to get worse. i know she loves me but her heart has hardened to me alot

  48. My story ended in disaster. My wife had been hot and cold for sometime, i set my boundaries. We went to counseling, had dinner, and she still cheated.

  49. Hi BRAD,
    I am from India. My wife needs divorce from me immediately. I thought we have living our life somewhat happily. But at the moment I came to know her decision I completely broke and don' t know what to do. I have tried some steps to save my marriage. But all are in vain. She is not willing to cooperate to take steps towards fixing our marriage. Currently we are living in a same house but upto this month end. Thereafter she is planning to separate permanently with my 5 year old kid. Kindly advice.

  50. Well brad my wife has filed for divorce but want to be friends, me personally, I don't think that will be a good idea, but a part of her is trying to hold on, I feel like she just want to hold on to me, just in case all the other guys she may meet don't work out, so do you think I should be friends or just cut all contact all toghether.

  51. I think my spouse lives with another woman since we've separated almost 9 months. He SAYS he wants to make it work, when I give up (because he's putting in 0 effort) but once he feels me back in he falls back again. His side chick isn't walking away either (he SAYS he cut her off but I don't believe it bc she tells ME to back off). I personally believe he's torn…is this possible to get back on track after so much time away AND being that another woman is fighting for him is it worth even trying?

  52. My wife left me over a month ago and she came home. Says she only wants to be friends. I can tell she’s lost feelings for me and seems all the plans we had for our future, she’s also not interested in anymore. Why did she come home and what should I do to regain her heart? The break up was all my fault but I don’t want to lose her.

  53. Hi Brad,

    My husband of 4 years said he wanted a divorce 6 days ago. I have not cried in front of him or let him know I’m dying inside. We still live together (with my mother and father in law). We are sleeping in separate rooms but still in the same home (he knows that I have no where else to go and doesn’t want to throw me out). I let him know that I realize my faults and that I should have been kinder to him. He opened up and told me that he felt unhappy because of my depression. He said that even though he is opening up with his feelings this does not mean we are getting back together. What do I do? How do we act in the house? I stopped texting him and just see him at home. When I see him I smile and laugh and just act like I’m okay. Is this wrong? I know he’d rather I move out but I can’t right now due to finances. I just need some guidance going into my second week of this nightmare. He is not seeing anyone, he just didn’t enjoy our fighting.

  54. My wife wants to leave me bc of arquing, controlling, possiveness, anger problems and bondary issues and I kept begging and pushing her to stay and now she blocked me on Facebook and I'm just wondering what I can do I want to keep this marriage but she's not wanting too so what can I do

  55. **PLEASE HELP**I've been married for 10 years and have 2 children. My husband and I dont communicate well and haven't ever been super affectionate.. we say I love you and sleep in the same bed (When possible- I work nights a few times a week) Sex is great..when we have it.. but isn't a whole lot because of schedules and general frustration with each other. We're "roommates ".. well.. my husband planned a weekend getaway for us a little over a month was great. When it's just the 2 of us and no outside stress it always is.
    Things fell into the same pattern right after..
    The other day my husband finally decides to communicate and says he's done and wants a divorce.
    I spyed and found out he's talking to another woman. Just started after our weekend trip..
    I knew things weren't ideal..but didn't see it coming. My kids are crushed. I'm crushed.
    How can he turn his Feelings on and off just like that??
    The way he acts is as if he never cared at all…

  56. Please help. My wife of almost 8 years is cold and distant says she is done with marriage. She says she wants to just be single again and that there is no way to work things out. We have 3 beautiful girls together and i have said and done some really stupid things in the last few weeks before finding your videos. We have lived apart for almost 4 years and just this year things were finally looking up. Income was more stable and we were looking to find a place for our family to be together. Then about 3 weeks ago she turned 180 degrees and said she wanted a divorce. Im lost at this point and don't know how to handle this. I feel like she is misguided in thinking that the best thing for our marriage is divorce so we can be happier later together. I know we have lost touch with each other but i just cant bring myself to believe that this is it and that its over. She is the best woman i have ever met and i don't want to loose her if it is really fixable. Help me please

  57. What if my husband says his family is more important to him.and that he doesn't care about me.his family don't like me

  58. You said seek professional help
    Before my marriage is at where it is to the ends basically
    She suggested marriage counseling and one I could not afford it two I was scared they may tell us it’s over.
    Now that we’re separated I’m going the extra mile and doing and asking for profesional help
    For my self and for us the problem is, is that she no longer wants the help
    So how can I go about the tip of
    Getting profesional help, I want to save my marriage
    But she’s now stubborn about it
    Hopefully you see and reply soon
    Love your videos and I will put these in my everyday life to fight for my spouse back
    Also she does have feelings for a co worker
    How can I go about that can all these methods still be implied?
    She doesn’t know why she’s attracted
    Other than he’s a complete whole person
    Saying that I’m too broken
    Any help is appreciated thank you
    God bless

  59. My husband said it was over 2 months ago. He never left our bedroom even though he has a bed in his office. He wants to spend more time with me then before. I have changed some things that I really needed to. When I ask him how he’s feeling about the marriage now he says he’s afraid things will go back to how they were and that we aren’t good for each other. So confused? Do I just move on ? He is somewhat standoffish but all in all really kind too me still.

  60. I love your videos. You inspire me to have faith. Everything your saying makes sense and i hope to apply this on my marriage! We are going through a “phase” right now, and it’s been difficult, after watching your videos i am inspired to try harder. I was told god allow things to happen because he has a reason, and you’re tested on how much love you can render or sacrifice for that person.

  61. Can I save my marriage if he has moved out, plus and ex girlfriend is back, and the place he is at is her sisters place. We have 2 kids together.

  62. Hello, brad what should I do I been married with my husband for 7 years now and I always felt he is sexting his ex's and sending nude pics because he was always been insecure with his phone. I told him nicely so many times it hurts me and makes me feel he is hiting something me he said no I am just thinking wrong and every night he wants to have sex 2 to 3 times a night I never said no but it got to a point I saw some text from one of his ex and phone call he said she just had a question. So we got in agreement I ask him to change his number he don't want to change his phone# we end up getting into argument because he was coming home late and he didn't want me to call where is he would all mad and fight he started to get physical and calling names. But still after all he want me to have sex so it been couple of weeks ago I refused to have sex after him doing this to me. He got worst saying so much worst stuff so I got mad took his phone to call the cops I saw text from one his ex's when I open his Facebook messenger I saw he been sexting and sending nude pics to six of his ex's and they do send nude pictures to him too for over a year ago. He is telling them stuff that he never told me and I always ask him to send me nude pics he never did and every time I sexting him he never said sexting text to me. That hurt me a lot we have two beautiful kids together and he always tells me he loves me like crazy if I ever leave him he will be alone until he die. We are still together he said sorry he don't even care about those ugly bitches he did cuz I accuse him of talking to his ex's that's why he start doing I told him its not true because he always been insecure with his phone he don't want me to check his phone. So now he is saying he change he delete all their contact numbers and he is not talking to anyone because he cares about me and the kids he want us to be a family. But still he is not welling to change his number when I ask him he is saying I should trust him. Help what should I do I am so hurt and I love him so much?

  63. Hi Brad!
    My husband walked out on my daughter and I approximately 4 months ago. Over the past weekend, we were able to finally sit down and talk over dinner. I feel more confused than ever. He gave me no concrete answers to any of my questions. He just contradicted himself consistently. Now, feeling that he truthfully does not hate me, I feel that there is a chance he does want our relationship to work, but again I am not sure. I would do anything to have my marriage work out. I truly do love him. I tried not to show ANY emotion when he left, because I was so hurt that he could walk out on his wife and daughter that I did not think that he deserved to make me an emotional wreck. Therefore, I stayed so strong the whole time. However, I was slightly emotional on Saturday evening when we met for dinner. I got choked up and teary eyed a few times, but I was not an emotional wreck. I tried to stay well put together throughout dinner. I have been going to therapy since he left. He states that he has too. We tried couples therapy in May/June, but I quit going because he never allowed me to discuss anything that I wanted. PLEASE help! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  64. What can I do, if husband doesn’t want to communicate about anything and wants to leave, but is living under the same roof because we have 3 children. Says I’m at fault in everything and that there is no relationship.

  65. My husband has cancer. Went in remission. Now it’s back. But now he says he’s not happy and wants a divorce. He is out of town working and we were arguing a lot. I have since told him I do love him and I don’t want a divorce but I am letting him go. And he needs to figure out what he really wants but don’t think I’m just going to sit around. No calls. No texts. Unless it’s about kids or his health. We have been together 19 years. I have not been calling him but he keeps calling me. I have been just happy and jovial when we have spoken. It’s only been a free days since I began this no contact. What are your thoughts? Will he come back?

  66. After 18 years, the last three years he became more and more distant, and to top it all off his affair is almost a year and a half going. I want to save us, but he doesn't. It's been a really tough year… how do I do this by myself?

  67. I have tried severally to subscribe to your marriageguy . com but it did not accept my visa card. Please how am i going to have this completed. i

  68. I now understand that an addiction is no different than an affair… I spent money, time and put more effort into getting my next fix then I did my marriage. We're not divorced yet but on the verge. Love that woman to death but not stopping for her… Ive seemed to have lost myself in the mix of things.

  69. Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Mend The Marriage on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/mend-the-marriage-review/ Thanks, Bartholomew.

  70. I followed many of your tips and strategies and I have seen a dramatic change in my husband. There was a point when I didn't think we were going to make it. But after realizing that I needed to focus on myself and to not come across as needy I was able to help him remember the better times by being more positive and preventing arguments. He actually told a family member he is grateful to have a spouse like me after seeing a few close friends recently go through ugly divorces. I just wanted to come back and say thank you for sharing your tips.

  71. The quiz doesn't work, when I put in my email to get the results it gives an error code "Error code: 1014. Unknown user with id: 7337"

  72. so I did your quiz and it just blanked my answers and took me right back to the same page. No email form to submit etc.

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