How to Plan a Dinner Party : The Perfect Cosmopolitan Recipe

Hi this is Cheryl with Expert Village. Now
we’re ready to make some cosmopolitans. So fill your martini shaker about half through
with ice, then we’re going to put in half an ounce of lime juice, half an ounce of cranberry
juice and half an ounce of triple sack. And since I’m such a good pourer, I can just
eyeball it, but at home you want to measure it out half ounce of triple sack and we’re
going to do one ounce of vodka. Now if you want to be sure, you can get one of these
shot pourers and you can measure out one ounce that way you know it’s perfect, but I’ve
been pouring drinks for years so I can pour a shot pretty easily. Okay, put the top on
the martini shaker and this is the fun part. You want to go ahead and really shake that
up and incorporate all those great flavors. You want to make sure you get your cosmopolitan
nice and cold so that martini shire gets full of this great icy and it gets so cold you
can’t even touch it. Take the top off and we’re going to pour it into our beautiful
martini glass, this looks great. Now you can adjust the recipe, if you like a little more
of a lime flavor, add a little more lime juice. If you like a lot of cranberry flavor, add
more cranberry, but I find that these portions make the perfect cosmopolitan. Now all you
need to do is put a garnish on the side and you are ready for a great afternoon. It’s
so easy to make the perfect cosmopolitan, this is Cheryl with This
is good, this is really good.

Michael Martin

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  1. But I think the original Cosmo is made with Cointreau, not triple-sec. It´s like cheating cheap 😛 and try Citron Vodka 😉

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