How To Photograph Bride Getting Ready Details

let's get a little bit more specific with the photography aspect of wedding photography in particular how about we start from the very beginning the getting ready detail shots of the bride how can you go about taking stunning images even when you're limited on time and space maybe the Lighting's not that great and yikes you're not feeling very inspired well that's what we're gonna talk about in this video so stay tuned hello again my friends Henry here with success in wedding photography as always my goal is to help you book more weddings and yes become a successful wedding photographer if this is the first time you're watching a video on this channel and you haven't already consider subscribing okay okay the verdict has spoken I've seen the data you want me to talk more about well photography don't get me wrong I'm still gonna cover the business side such as marketing how to get leads bookings and well do wedding photography full time but I am going to put a little more emphasis on the actual photography aspect and well this video could be the very beginning of a miniseries talking about how to take beautiful images on a wedding day and let's focus a little more on the getting ready aspect of the wedding day specifically bride detail shots such as the dress shoes jewelry rings and much more your bride has taken a long time to decide what she wants to wear on her special day and it's so important that we capture them all and well do so beautifully but what tends to be the biggest challenges when it comes to getting well the getting ready detail shots in theory everything sounds great right you show up to the getting ready location whether it's the hotel or the venue you have plenty of time the light is beautiful you got all these gorgeous details to photograph you have tons of space and all well in reality we all know that's not necessarily the case in fact it's probably the complete opposite what are five main challenges that we face when it comes to getting well the detail shots number one is you just don't have enough time number two you don't have enough space number three the room that you are photographing is pretty messy the fourth challenge is well bad lighting and the fifth one I hate to say it hopefully none of the couples are listening but maybe the not the most inspiring details to photograph yikes right have we all been in those situations well I'm gonna give you tips to tackle every single one of them and then in a future video in particular I will show you how to photograph certain details like the dress the shoes the rings jewelry stationery so forth but in this one it's more of an overall tip on Bridal getting ready detail shots two overall tips that is super important that happens well before the wedding day first one is that you need to plan ahead with your couples when you have a final meeting with them when you send them some wedding day tips maybe a question there you have them fill out let them know that if capturing details is really important that your bride needs to do certain things which out outlined in this video so planning ahead giving them the tips and so forth and related to that on the day itself communication with everyone not just the bride but her bridesmaids the makeup the hairstyles whoever is there communication is absolutely key along with planning ahead okay now let's tackle those five different challenges number one is not having enough time generally I need at least 30 minutes of actual shooting time to capture all the details the dress to shoes jewelry and so forth anything less I'm really not going to be able to capture all of them and in particular for a lot of these details I want to get at least two to three variations so what that means is if you're only given ten 15 minutes it's just not going to cut it no matter how fast you go you're gonna need a little bit of time so with the planning ahead tip I provide it earlier that means you let your bride know weeks months even before the wedding like hey I'm gonna need at least 30 minutes or even 45 minutes maybe even up to an hour if you like to stylize a lot of your detail shots or there's gonna be a lot of things that your bride wants you to capture and that needs to be built into the itinerary if you get the schedule and it says Oh one hour of getting ready photos and clearly you have to get the bride putting on her dress and putting on the jewelry maybe a first look with dad and all how on earth can you capture all of those as well as all the details so plan ahead communicate that you need at least this amount of time anything less than the time you need you have to let your bride know you won't be held well liable for not getting all the details not getting enough variations of each one and so forth second challenge that you could run into with bride getting ready detail shots is not having enough space I'm sure we've been in that situation as well small hotel rooms or maybe the getting ready room at the venue it's just not very big perhaps is at the house and well once again is not a big space maybe the area is not that small but you have a lot of people in there not only the bride but her bridesmaids moms aunts flower girls the hair and makeup team and there's really just not enough space for you to hang the dress to stylize the stationery to find a nice spot to capture the jewelry and so forth what's my tip in this situation like well the overall one planning ahead finding out where the getting ready is gonna be not just a hotel but would it be a suite and if so could everybody else be getting ready in the living room and keep the bedroom clean maybe just for the bride to do her hair and makeup but nobody else is in there so you have a nice spacious area to capture the details if it's going to be say at a venue or even a house or even back at a hotel room and they're just literally not going to be space consider stepping outside maybe there's an area right outside the room where you could have more space to work with if it's at a hotel one of my best tips is to see if there's another room that you could utilize maybe the mom's room or one of the bridesmaids in that room is tidy and clean and so forth planning ahead even on the day itself when you are driving to the getting ready location maybe get in touch with the maid of honor or the coordinator try not to bug the bride but see if you can do some of these things and if there really isn't much to it well you're gonna have to well communicate with everybody in the room if you're limited on space well let them know that you're gonna be working around them maybe they'll need to move some of the items off to the side a little bit don't be that awkward photographer in the room not communicating with anybody and trying to squeeze in and take the detail shots and everybody else is feeling a bit uncomfortable because of your presence don't be that photographer the third challenge that we could run into when it comes to well bride getting ready shots is that the room is pretty messy have we been in those situations where there's Starbucks cups and other food items around maybe clothing and luggages and hate to say it but a lot of the hair and makeup stuff all over the place and you really have nowhere to take the detail shots this is once again hate to preach to the choir but planning ahead let your bride know not only to possibly get a suite if it's at a hotel a lot enough time but keep the room tidy wherever it might be get housekeeping early before you arrive if it's at a hotel if it's at the venue no matter where it is have somebody keep things clean put all of the miscellaneous things away from the windows because more than likely that's where you're going to use to take the photos put it near the kitchen in the closet maybe all the way in the back just put everything away from the best lighting place assign that task to the maid of honor the mom just anybody but the bride because you want her to enjoy the getting ready you don't want to stress her out and have her be responsible but it is important to let them know early on I actually have a wedding day tips PDF document with tips for the entire day not just a getting ready but with that part of the day items that I mentioned in this video will be on there I pass it on to my couples about two to two and a half months before the wedding and I have them acknowledge that they actually read and going back to how important the photography the photos are and the details if that's something they want captured well they need to follow a lot of these advice okay let's move along to the fourth challenge and that is bad lighting and this one is an extra tough one especially if you're counting on using well natural lighting what if you have to start extra early in the day like before even the Sun rises that has happened to me a couple of times when I'm starting to take photos at 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. well the Sun is not even up yet or maybe it's a room with no windows whatsoever and you have this really bad tungsten lighting and you're gonna be in trouble well in that case what I recommend is that you have some kind of a video light ready and if you have an assistant have them help you hold it or even a bridesmaid to somebody to help you hold a video light and maybe it's daylight balance another thing is if the lighting is bad in the room but it's daytime well take the details outside somewhere with much better lighting in the open shade like under the tree or if it's like at a hotel you can go in the lobby maybe in the venue there's some nice greenish area where you can hang the dress put the shoes other details and so forth related to that I do recommend scoping out the place first in particular if you've never photographed there before get to the venue the hotel wherever it might be an hour so early and walk around a little bit to find the spots where you're gonna take these detail photos don't wait until you're literally starting to take photos especially if you're limited on time and then the worst case if you don't have that luxury and there's no sunlight the lighting in the room bad and maybe you're gonna have a video like what to do well you may have to come back a little bit later or hate to say you might have to use flash and that's the best you can do now that is a very rare situation but a few times I've actually come back later on in the day perhaps there's a little bit of breathing room before the ceremony started 15 20 minutes and I can take some of the detail photos Dan now maybe not the dress because your Brides wearing it but maybe some of the jewelry the shoes so be a little bit extra creative think outside the box especially when the lighting is bad and the last number five challenge here with bride getting ready detail shots what if you're just not feeling inspired and likes the details just don't look very nice not as beautiful not as glamorous doesn't quite fit your style of photography well the first thing is always be professional be nice don't be showing it your bride did spend a lot of time sure money to put together all of these things that she wants to wear on her wedding day so you need to make the most of it it doesn't matter if the dress is $500 or $5,000 if the shoes are $50 or who knows $4,000 you want to make the details look as beautiful as possible but you can utilize elements like looking for quality light and that really adds so much to the photos just simply from having beautiful weather is diffuse lighting through a window or under an open shade and so forth maybe it's photographing the better side of the item hiding certain aspects that you really don't want to show maybe it's a certain label or just a certain side of the image of the detail that's not that great and highlighting the better side remember simplicity is sometimes more important than trying to show everything another thing that you can try is to well stylize it a little bit don't just photograph the details that the bride gives you maybe you'll add a few things that you bring from your tool kit for half a ribbon a cloth some florals just a little bit of anything that could spice it up a little bit at the same time keeping true to the details of that day so those are my tips to overcome these five challenges once again not having enough time number one number two not having enough space number three a messy place number four bad lighting and number five uninspiring details I hope my advice was a help to you in an upcoming video we're gonna be even more specific and I'll share with you how to photograph particular details such as dress jewelry stationery shoes and so forth so please look out for that let me know was this video helpful to you this is definitely outside of the norm of what I normally cover on this channel but I know a lot of us want to get photography tips as well appreciate your comment good or bad please let me know your thoughts if you 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