How to Make Mosaic Art : How to Arrange Mosaic Pieces Into a Design

OK, this is the really fun part. This is the
creative part. This is where you get to be as daring, as adventurous, have as much fun
as you possibly can. So what I like to do is lay out different pieces. Usually I’ll
go for certain color schemes that seem to work together. It’s a very organic process.
Sometimes it is very well thought out, sometimes I will draw a design. For example, this fish
table behind me, the design was drawn out prior to actually adhering the shards. This
piece that I am going to work on now is very free form and will incorporate different weights.
I’ve decided I want to use the mauves and the greens and I’ve got some other pieces
in here and I want to see exactly what’s going to work for this piece. So I lay them out,
I kind of see what works together and it is like a giant jig saw puzzle. And it is absolutely
miraculous that things fit together as though they were meant to fit together that way.
And you will see more when I adhere the pieces, which I am going to do now. Now that I have
picked out the pieces that I like, the shards that I like, I’m going to lay them out in
a decorative fashion right on top of this very flat piece and then I will be able to
adhere them right in place. So, for example, this is what I mean when I say that it’s like
a puzzle that I’ll fit together. You can see how these pieces look like they are going
exactly where they are suppose to go. I don’t know how this works. This is a very magical
and mysterious process but that is the fun of it, is to just start putting the pieces
in and seeing what happens with them.
These pieces, some of these are very old, and this piece is going, as you see this piece
is going to have a very antique look to it. Some of these pieces are very, very ornate
and they are a very deep purple. This wonderful flower, this was from a vase that a friend
gave to me. It was a piece that was on there and these little marbles that I showed you
before. And, another thing that I like to do when I’m doing these mosaics is I like
to leave some open spaces. I call those little windows. So that when I am grouting some of
those places are actually left open. Next I’m going to show you the grouting.

Michael Martin

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  1. +Bella Pink, that is done by painting down a base color and then using a towel to dab on the second color. Hope this helps

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