How to Make a Tropical Floral Arrangement : Cutting Floral Foam for Tropical Arrangements

GREG HAREM: Now that your oasis is good and
wet, take it out of the water, allow it to drip. A good way to measure your oasis for
your container, what I always like to do, I kinda lay it on top, ’cause you want to
leave some space right there ’cause you’re going to wrap leaves around this. So you want
to make sure there’s plenty of room to do that. You’re just going to gently push down
your oasis along the side. This way, you’d end up with a nice cut. And you take your
long knife, cut in just a little bit more. This way, you have a nice size to perfectly
fit inside. So next, take your tea leaf, wrap it up like so and cut it up right there. You
want to make sure you it’s round, rounded like that, so it doesn’t break off and start
fraying on you. So for this, I will need two tea leaves. All you do is take your oasis
and your leaf, wrap it like that, take your other one, insert it underneath the first
one so that no edges are showing, and completely wrap. It just slides into your container.
Now, you cannot see your oasis.

Michael Martin

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