How to make a fresh flower basket with Butterflies on it

Get a willow basket or any basket available Put cellophane or plastic liner in the basket to prevent water leakage Place a pre-soaked wet floral foam in the basket. Cut it into proper height just a bit higher than basket. Stuff some loose smaller wet foam pieces around the main block so the foams won’t shift and move around. Cut the excess cellophane / plastic liner off Use waterproof floral tape the secure the main foam block. Prepare to green the wet foam with greenery. Here I got some leather leaf ferns. Cut the ferns and green the foam in all directions. Prepare to add some flowers to the basket. Here I some daisies, carnations. I added 2 stems of purple stock flowers in the middle. They got super nice fragrance for the arrangement. Some purple roses were added here. Spin your basket around to make sure your flowers are arranged properly. A purple spider mum was added here. Dark pink carnations were added. White daisies were added for some colour contrast. Add more white daisies all around including the other side of the basket. Alstroemeria flowers were added to fill the gaps. Add filler flowers baby’s breath – Gypsophila Add some baby’s breath on the other side as well Add some different foliage to make the arrangement more interesting. Some pittosporums were added here. You can add some other accessories such as ribbons or butterfly pick to your basket arrangement. Two different color butterflies were added here. Make a bow and tie it on the basket handle. You can tie the bow either with a thin ribbon or thin wire. Here we go~~

Michael Martin

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  1. The music almost put me to sleep.  Your work is beautiful and exciting;  try using some 'up' music to match your work.

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