How to Keep LONG TERM Love Relationships! #1 RULE for Dating Men and Dating Women

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ask you do you know the most important quality in love relationships do you
know the most important quality you should be looking for in your love
relationships sure you may say oh yeah yeah yeah sonica it’s got it’s gonna be
great chemistry it’s gotta be chemistry that’s one of the most popular responses
I get it’s gonna be chemistry or he or she’s got to have money gotta have a
stable lifestyle great sex right friendship friendship before romance all
of that that some people will say it’s the total package sonica they’ve just
got to have the total package that’s gonna make the relationship work well
good interesting responses right but I have an even more interesting message or
answer for you about that about this topic this topic about the most
important quality that a person should look for in their loved relationships
okay and maybe you’ve heard it before maybe you haven’t and it might be
surprising to you if you haven’t if you have well I’m going to give you an
interesting explanation for why the answer is what it is after I give you
the answer so you may want to hang on and listen to the explanation I have
give because maybe you have not heard someone else explain it in that same way
okay so the answer is that the most important quality you should be looking
for in your love relationships for a truly successful long-term lifelong love
relationship is freedom freedom is the answer yes freedom doesn’t sound very
sexy does it right definitely not as sexy as great sex right so freedom is
the answer freedom is the quality you want to look for in your love relation
your love relationships could have chemistry right off the bat you know
sexual passionate chemistry verbal chemistry physical chemistry in all
different ways could have friendship could have you know you may have a
partner in you yourself may be very giving and supportive there may be a
very stable monetary foundation that both individuals can rely on and depend
on in the love relationship but if the love relationship the romantic love
relationship does not have freedom guaranteed and I always am vindicated
always guaranteed that love relationship is going to be due for a break down it’s
there’s going to be a separation or a divorce okay
freedom is the number one quality it’s the quality you should be looking for in
your love relationships okay now why why is freedom the number one
quality well it’s a very interesting explanation I’m going to give to you and
something maybe you didn’t think about off the top of your head or you wouldn’t
really maybe it’s it’s just maybe an explanation that’s not always so easy to
come by in our consciousness in our current you know modern world the world
we live in today freedom is the freedom is the answer to this question because
it exactly is the quality it is the exact quality that God has founded his
relational framework with his creation upon or on so freedom underlies God’s
framework of relationship or God’s relationship framework with his creation
freedom is it you and you can you know that to in a sense because you are
allowed free will there is no creator there is no God God is not pulll making
your hands could do this and that in controlling your mind there’s no control
of your mind you have free will to make the decisions you want to make that’s
why there are individuals in our world who murder and you know you know who do
their own bodies or rape or who you know steal you know you can do what you want
to do to others and God allows you freedom freedom to to express freedom to
do what you want freedom to carry out your own will and this is in fact why
freedoms this is why still the relationship with God works it works
because we can see that religion and God still have a very heavy let’s call it a
hand in in our at least what we’re concerned with our 3d earth right and
the presence of God spirituality still has a very very heavy
hand over the the ongoings of our 3d earth plane and freedom allows that
freedom allows us still to come back to God maybe when we’ve lost our way and so some of you may say oh that’s that’s
interesting I didn’t think about it that way or that actually makes sense yes
because if my love relationship mirrors the relationship dynamics that God holds
special with his creation that God holds still and that God has instilled in his
relationship framework with his creation then surely my own love relationship
will is bound to succeed right that makes perfect sense but what if what if
it’s too much freedom you know but you what if it’s too much freedom right in
the love relationship well the truth is God’s very very clever very very smart
very very has quite a bit of foresight what didn’t you say because well of
course he has a lot of foresight I mean if I’m a psychic and I’m a human being
and certainly he has a tremendous amount of foresight right because God knows if
too much freedom is allowed than one then the creation itself the creation
the conscious being that is all of creation starts to feel unwanted starts
to feel and want to think about it in this way in your love relationships
right if you’re with a man or with woman and they are so independent or so
free and you just start to feel like huh you know I’m allowed to do what I want I
can hang out with my boys I can hang out with my girls anytime you know late
nights blah blah blah but I’m not feeling wanted you know I don’t feel
what’s the need here for me so there cannot be too much freedom it has to be
a healthy balance because a person always needs to feel wanted and needed
that is that is a foundational principle of relationships on the 3d earth plane
and even with with God or in God’s relationship framework with his creation
why so how does God in a sense control the extent of freedom that’s allowed
karma karma is it the law of karma excuse me it’s a principle the principle
of karma is why God is able to effectively work the relationship very
well and not allow too much freedom so that you know we don’t start to feel
unwanted unneeded and we don’t feel like we have we have been cut off from our
Creator that our Creator does not care for us anymore
and it is precisely karma right it’s karma that controls or or allows for a
balance in the universe and karma we we experience our past lives the Karma we
have carried on in our spirits the doings in our past lives we carry that
on in our car into our current lives which and then carried forward into our
future lives karma helps helps it all stay in balance and helps us also feel
like we are still needed still wanted and haven’t become fully detached from
fully free from our creator or God and in a relationship and a romantic love
relationship on this 3d earth plane it’s very very important for you to have
really the source strike the balance in the right in the third level of freedom
that is that is created that is man that is fostered in your villa in those
relationships okay so I hope this this interesting explanation makes you think
maybe for a couple of days maybe for a couple of hours but if the love
relationship dynamics mirrored the relationship dynamics that God has with
his creation especially the founding principle of that framework or those
dynamics which is which is freedom then your love relationships are bound to
succeed and succeed very well and very admirably okay you can always reach out
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