What is up guys SmallishBeans here and welcome to a new video, were today I’m going to be doing another one of my classic tutorials. This time i’m teaching you how to have the perfect wedding in minecraft. Now before getting married in minecraft, you need to find yourself the perfect groom or bride And of course i went with the obvious decision of SeePeeKay hello Callum. Here he is, we’re going to get married, in minecraft. Now the first step of getting married in minecraft is of course proposing, now you need to find the most romantic spot in minecraft. Here are a few examples of good spots and bad spots. A romantic sunset by the ocean, GOOD Next to a cobble stone house you made in five seconds, BAD In the never, BAD Amongst the flowers on a beautiful day, GOOD While your real life girlfriend is stood next to you, VERY BAD Now we’re engaged, WooHoo Yay! Yay WooHoo! So onto the next step Finding the perfect place to get married. Now a good place not to have a wedding chapel is in the End while your fighting the Ender dragon with really bad armour because That is a terrible idea! OH NO here he comes SeePeeKay RUN RUN RUN RUN!! Here are some examples of bad chaples Definitely not suitable for a wedding! Definitely not suitable, who would want to get married in that! Now i know gold is meant to be fancy but, again hideous who would want to get married in that! Also why is it on a flat world!? Flat worlds are disgusting. Get rid of this now we need some scenery. That’s literally just a woollen block, also flat world still! Now this is a wedding chapel! Wohohoho shout out to adventure creator season 3 Out now on So now we’ve found the perfect chapel we need to start inviting our guests Friends, Family! Let’s go through the do’s and don’ts of who you invite, Yes to your friends and family If they have this amount of blood on there skin, It’s probably a no! Make sure you invite Steve, Everyone loves Steve, he’s a celebrity You can invite your girlfriend if you like but it may be a bit awkward at your wedding with your friend so… it could be a no also That’s up to personal preference I’d say no to spiders, but again personal preference The Ender dragon is probably a no also he is quite big and he’ll take up a lot of seats. Giant zombies also don’t fit, plus they turn people into zombies which is incredibly annoying if you want your guests to have a good time. If there is any grass in the area do not invite sheep they will eat it. I’d say that’s a pretty good rundown of who and who not to invite. Now to move on to the most important thing The food, yes that’s right the food is the most important thing in all weddings So i made a list of good foods Vs bad foods and here’s why Golden apple, Good because everyone likes golden apples. Pork, Good Chicken, Good Cakes, very good, Very Very good! Burgers, Good Sandwiches, Good Pumpkin Pie, Good Fish, cooked fish, Good Good Good Pancakes, Good I think that’s meant to be pancakes? Pizza, Good Now for things that shouldn’t be eaten at weddings. Fire, Bad Dirt, Bad Raw Pork, Bad Raw Fish, Bad A torch also bad! It’s a red stone torch actually Cobwebs, Bad Also means there might be spiders there which is not good! Saplings, Bad especially that sapling, that’s the worst sapling of them all because there the worst tree of all Stone also bad will hurt your teeth. Soulsand also bad, very gritty So i hope this helps when your planning the food for your wedding. Now for the outfits that you’re going to be wearing on your wedding day Now this what i am currently wearing, not suitable what so ever so we need to change that quickly. So this is what I’ve gone for, normally on your wedding day you wear all white so i thought yes all white. We’ve got a little flower there as well On my little crown as you can see. Looking very nice indeed! Now SeePeeKay has gone for something a little different. He’s gone for the all green suit With the holes in his knees, look at those holes Whooa lovely And he’s got some cool sunglasses, look at me Callum oooh yeah! That’s it that’s right What’s he got on his back, i can’t see as he won’t turn around I don’t know what that is but he’s got it on his back but yeah that’s Callum’s outfit, looking good! So there you have it, the perfect wedding setup in minecraft. Hopefully now you can have your own perfect wedding in minecraft As i know these steps will help you get the perfect wedding so let me know how your weddings go What your chapels look like and how you spend the honeymoon because… Oh Boy You’re going to have a good time i know it!

Michael Martin

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  1. Joel:Cobwebs BAD which also means there might be spiders there and that’s not good
    Joel:I’d say no to spiders,but again it’s personal preference

  2. er….. other than the chapel, it was meh. I think Joel is awesome, but this one… I dunno. ah, whatever. people liked it, and nobody asked for my opinion….

  3. Did anyone see Lizzy in the corner at the end,so sad SORRY Lizzie

  4. I'm watching this in 2019 so I thought this new from Joel because they're wedding in Lizzie

  5. and then here I am 2 years later when Lizzie and Joel got married like 2 weeks ago, Joel always knew :3

  6. Hello, I’m from 2019. You and Lizzie will get married this year, Lizzie looked absolutely beautiful.

    Hello, I’m from 2021, Joel and Lizzie has an absolutely beautiful little girl, and she will grow up healthy.

  7. Joel: And who else would I wanna get married to then…

    Me: Omg him and lizzie are having a wedding in minecraf…

    Joel: Callum

  8. Joel i'm very sad by what i saw you can't marry a man you are a man your cheating on lizzie you shit face you should marry lizzie

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