How to get your Virginia Birth Certificate at the Virginia DMV

{music} My dog ate my birth certificate. I need to get a replacement in a hurry. Where do I go? Your dog ate your birth certificate. I don’t think I’ve heard that one before. Don’t worry you can fetch your Virginia birth certificate, right at your local DMV. Virginia birth, marriage, divorce, and death certificates are available for purchase at all full-service DMV customer service centers and DMV-to-go mobile offices. It’s easy just follow the steps and bring the required documents with you, and you can take care of this one in one trip. First, fill out the vital records application available at or at any DMV customer service center. Next, present acceptable identification to the customer service representative. This is a very important step. You can find a list of documents you need at You’ll need one document from the primary list or two documents from the secondary list. Finally, pay the required fee for your records search. When a match is found DMV will print your birth certificate, or other vital records on the spot. Ta Da! A genuine Virginia birth certificate just like that. And if your dog eats this one you know where to find us. Thank you Susy Q&A! I’m headed to the DMV right now. And Maggie, try not to eat any important documents while I’m gone. {music}

Michael Martin

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