How to Get the Girl- Top Tips for Starting a Healthy Relationship (Relationship Series)

good for me mood the future is female huh I'm down with that the product placement there Oh however it's awesome the defeat is I hope not study speed there's a steady-state not steady specious I already know it annoyingly on you hi guys today in this video we are going to talking about how to on each other over Susan and what eventually made us take the step from going from just dating to a relationship yep even though we were literally on other sides we knew we wanted it and I guess today we're going to talk about why and how we knew but before we start we want to say hi to all the new subscribers out there yes hi I'm hi and welcome are you hugging them yes that's that's the hartford for everyone who's here in there and the community and also big thanks to everyone who's been commenting on yeah your support in your also curiosity and questions for more content and it's really helping us to know how we can create more stuff that's actually valuable to you so there's a whole video on how we met so you can see that somewhere and hop it up the long version the short version is basically Lauren was out traveling Europe I lived in Stockholm Sweden we were both like yeah symbol for ever not forever but definitely like for over a year Elijah had we started texting on Facebook because we had a friend in common who who told Warren should like meet up with me when she came to Stockholm so we started talking on the Facebook Messenger and I think pretty instantly we both felt like wow there's a connection here mmm-hmm like through just texting which was completely new to me I've never mind dated or anything so I was like oh my god I was like crazy am I actually like liking this person that never met in real life we couldn't I mean I have online dated but I got like instantly catfished yeah so when I saw I'm good that's right oh my god one thing I love but you were doing that totally like won me over was your attentiveness what do you mean my attentiveness I just mean that you were so you made me feel like everything I was saying that my thoughts were so important it could be something really little as like what my mom and I had been doing that day or my work or a new song that I'm writing anything but like you were just so there you made it easy for me well thank you babe but I agree that's a big that's a big thing really listen to them like deeply listen I adored and still I should say adore Lauren's passion for her work that's attracted like that's hot right you meet someone in an oxime you know that's interesting because I had the same thing about you with music like your passion of music when we started talking a lot of it was with music focus like we we talked a lot about the projects you were working on true I know what's recording an album right right Vance I was like really you were sending me back to like in check and I was just like how good one man was this amazing attachment so what's the next thing that we mmm oh this is a big one yeah I'm going to guess that you loves that I didn't play game that's correct do I win you win tickets mmm not even on my lips oh no thing seriously that that's one of my main like philosophies on relationships no place in a serious trouble dating relationship and if you want a relationship with the guard out on a very solid level there shouldn't be any game right too much space for like misunderstanding you know it just get real confusing I remember one thing you did that was adorable it was like kind of in the in the beginning when we started talking and you sent me a message on facebook saying I'm gonna be offline for a few hours I'm going to head down to the coffee shop and try to read my book because I need to get this Swedish blonde shake out of my head for a little while but I loved that so much because a she is saying that why she's going to be offline instead of just disappearing and making me think oh did you not want to talk why she did something happen to be where she was going to be see that she really really really liked me that she's going to try and get me out of her head for a few hours you're like oh my god okay and I screenshot that message they still have that message on the computer Oh a hidden illa yeah we proposed to put it up right now me and when it came time for us to actually discuss the relationship and moving forward from just dating and hanging out for a month who are we actually going to try this yeah I was very upset I was oh my god I like you I can see myself with you and in the future I would love to be in a relationship with you and you don't have to answer now but that's where I'm at and I give you to let me know yeah I would love to be able to call you my girlfriend right let me know if and when back and happen you were so very clear on what you wanted which made me feel wow a strong confident woman here can you feel that I'm cold still yeah yeah hit a little bit cold in the law this morning I wanted to steal a quick caveat and just acknowledge the fact that like you don't want to overwhelm the person you want to still let that person be able to be themselves and we can if you guys want like we can talk about that and a whole nother video yeah always let us know if it's something that we're talking about they're like poof I would love to know more about that or yes because it is a very fine line and it takes both people being being interested to make that really really work well but that's the type of relationship were talking about right now is like when you're done saying around when you're done with the drama you're like I want so real real our views and our opinions or like from our own personal experience and that you might have something completely different and also just this valley and for that like we wanted this to be a community so comment all that so that we can feedback and also other people watching this video can see that summing up how we eventually got into this relationship and know that we wanted to commit to this relationship was a attentiveness paying attention being a great listener and great effective goals number two that made us actually with each other over how was the passion the ambition and the passion that we both felt like I felt like Lauren had and you felt like I had and number three and number three and number three yo for kids games purposes or for players that actually want to play games and being a player is not cool and even if you have a couple of years of your life where it's fun you know whatever age you might be at like there might be a time I might have done it a few times you might have done it let's be real but the reality is it hurt people in it yeah it's not a good reflection and it eventually it hurts you because when you're sucking out and you can't get out of there like oh my god I now have all these walls and you can't be vulnerable then you really put yourself in a sticky trap so funny maybe haha fun maybe but no it that wraps it up we have a few announcements before we leave you announcement number one is we started a monthly newsletter that we're not very excited about this this is a place where we are going to share information about us more relationship tips and information about how we've created the lifestyle of our dreams and how you can sue we really want to create a community which you guys so sign up totally and there's a link in the description below it says sin affirmative the second announcement is that we just posted a video that we did about traveling and why we travel there are so many great reasons I think you might relate we would love your feedback on it yeah as always we do alright guys we will see you next time and don't forget to Like subscribe and comment and share if you want thank you so much for watching and thank you so much for being with us here on this channel the puzzle work yeah bye MA bye

Michael Martin

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  1. just recently found your channel and I've been binge watching! you guys are adorable together and also I love your video topics! you can tell that you put real thought into what you say and that's worth so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊

  2. That cafe message is so cute. I've been a hopeless romantic for so long, and have been catfished a few times.

     Some Second Life friends have suggested that maybe I'm a lesbian in a man's body, or have ample amounts of natural estrogen (some jilted guys I know have suggested in blunter ways).  The more that I think about my personal identity (and my sexual identity), I think being some type of non-binary lesbian-ish is really in the realm of possibility.  Which can be hard to communicate without freaking people out.

  3. Can there be a video on how not to overwhelm someone? Because I'm socially awkward with bad relationship experiences, I don't exactly know how…or when to approach people. It gets frustrating because I genuinely want to get to know them, but I don't know if they're interested in me too and I seriously don't know how to start a conversation that lasts. Most of all, I wouldn't know if I'm oversharing or not sharing too much, like I don't have a gauge to know "okay it's getting too intense, I should stop". So a video on that would be nice. Love you guys and how articulate you are 🙂

  4. yeah, your attitude are so positive, it is really difficult to approach girls I like because I do not know if they will be scared and even ruin the normal friendship, I have to keep my sexuality secret because of my career and ….many many other things… so….. you guys are so….. lucky, be good with each other , remember, u are so lucky. lovely u two.

  5. I'm Angela Roxas' twin sister and i thought she was kidding when she said you two are goals and button loves sloth so much… btw i like lisa's shirt 😏😍 much love…

  6. I love this video and your advice is right on. Thank you for sharing. The look and feel of your videos is so crisp and effortless, which isn't easy. 

    I came to your video and watched it all the way through from my subscription box, in order to figure out why it is age restricted. You don't say or do anything inappropriate, and I am saddened that it has been deemed a flagged video.

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