How To Get Summer Event Badge in Roblox FNAF RP

click the red button Enter the Void oh no I thought dicker did that before I thought the door would open then I don't know today we are playing the finesse RP in roblox it as you can see there is a brand new summer event going on right now which means there's a brand new badge for us to get it is called the suburb it find a beach ball in the pizzeria this badge has a 42.8% rarity which means it's pretty easy to get so we're gonna run in and try to find it but first supper event it's summertime get exclusive badge and a whole new looked into the lobby ends on August 1st all right you heard him so let's head to the map and let's find this beach ball I found it no I didn't it's actually kind of dark whoa it's our beach ball in here and it would find a beach ball anywhere anyone all right well if it's in the pizzeria it can't be too hidden right like it can't be it can't be this doing none there and I'm there no no all right let's check the vents cuz this is where I would hide a beach ball if I could right in the vents right here no right over here perhaps beach ball oh wow there's a lot of like entrances and exits this vent system a lot more than I thought throws OH all right oh excuse me good sir excuse me good sir I'm trying to fight a beach ball if you don't mind hmm geez these feds are huge idolize how like there you go finally about of the vents Showtime I don't know that button did but I had to press it I didn't have a choice I'm sorry I wasn't given a choice I'm sorry oh no no hmm oh maybe we're not even gonna find the speech poll at all maybe it's just gonna be hitted forever all right way to check the kitchen it's out there we didn't check this oh wait there it is we did it well it was pretty easy so there we go that is a new badge when you go into here go past these arcades go past this price counter go into this room it turn right and boom beats balls just hanging out there so let's reset character really quick and let's see the reward we get for this badge actually found that badge pretty fast surprisingly so let's head into the badge morph section right over here and what's it look like oh yeah it's a Freddy with the drink seasonal who's this oh that's really cool they had like the seasonal options for like the you know Halloween Christmas Easter badge Happy New Year that's really cool oh look at this we have water Fred heat water foxy look at him that's pretty cool so water Freddy kinda looks like Jack Oh Bonnie and like the similar sense as the janko animatronics has like the holes into the blue instead of the orange cilix very cool I like the little effects coming off him he has a Joel and he does have a few sounds as well but I don't know if this game is copyrighted so I can't do it I'm sorry but I can't jump out of here home I catch up on the roof and who said I like going on the roof huh you're lying somebody come over here hey hey you wait come here uh follow me dude jump on jump on torch jump on torch do it do it oh you're a hero hey hey wait no let me let me jump on to you first yes Oh what oh the additive barrier there I can't get on the roof I can't believe it how could they do something so evil oh I could see my helmet in there oh let me find the let me find the helmet remover that does look a little bit we're not gonna lie excuse me good sir excuse me part of me part of me Susan most of the morphs in this game aren't created by me oh there we go there we go oh there's a beach ball right there I found the badge even faster this time there's a beach ball sit there the whole time I can't believe it there's what right there the spoon are you kidding me also where's the helmet remember there's nightmare chica doesn't really explain or the helmet remover is so it'll probably be in here right I think this is ever here hey there it is hat remover I know almost stepped on the morph remover that would have been silly that would have been insane also I did see something over here it's just July 19th I don't know what that means but that is in ten days I don't know if it's like a new badge into animatronic new update I don't know what it is man but it is something coming soon and I'm excited about it click the red button Enter the Void oh no I thought think I did that before I thought the door would open at that I dunno I don't know let me just go back let me just go back I can't I did that before to Wendell I learned when will I learn alright let's go back let's check out water foxy next so go through here excuse me pardon I do like the new look of the lobby and the spawn and everything I really like the wood and like the the Sommerfeld we got going here foxy has a couple things as well couple jump scares and a jaw animation but I am gonna remove the helmet first before I check anything out all that thing's really cool it's ignited Bonnie that's really cool alright let's go ahead and open this and we'll do jaw oh look at that dad John oppa drill good then we have jump scare and jump scare too but again I do have sounds off so I don't know what sounds they make I really like all the different touches in here look they even have gaming – in here what they have everything we have everything here oh but I do like a little void and the sand the torches let's go check out the pits real cheap anything there is different because I wasn't really paying attention to the pizzeria I was just go there to find the badge not gonna lie alright so let's go back in here it doesn't look like anything is different I don't think unless I'm mistaken I don't think anything is different in here no it all looks the same to me but again what do I know I could be wrong I mean it's rare that I'm wrong in these situations but I could be I'll admit it I have actually tried to find other badges at the same time because there are still like four badges of this game I don't even have so it would be nice to get those but again I don't know how easy that's gonna be because there's a lot of badges they don't have I'm gonna have to make the list so you know after this video I got to make a list of the badges I don't have in this game and I'm gonna have to do research when I do research Pizza time Pizza time oh no not Pizza time get out of here let's get out of here no why was that there it's oh no no how could you how could you put aside like that in here how could you but everybody we are gonna be editing this video here if you enjoyed it make sure you leave a like and a comment down below and of course subscribe and hit the bell icon so you never miss any of my daily roblox videos also make sure you guys go check out my brand new Minecraft venafro play the link is down below it's not really a brand new anymore it's like two weeks but anyway go check that out the links down below and make sure you guys go check out my brand new merch it's Galant merch for all come the links down below again but we're selling like 4 different designs we have t-shirts hoodies phone cases and you know it mean a lot to me if you guys go grab one of those that would be really cool if you can if not it's no big deal I'd finally make sure you buy star code Gallants whenever you're buying roebucks you can only use it on desktop at the moment and you have to type it in when you're buying the robots it's kind of weird but but you got it I believe you but if you're buying robots it's a win-win for both of us you don't lose anything for using my star code it only helps me and you know you guys are buying roebucks anyways so why not but anyway I'm gonna have this video here I'll see you all tomorrow

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  1. Want to fanf vr help wanted rp look behind the purple plush baby in the pizzeria you are going to love it

  2. Gallant it's almost my birthday! 2 more days!

    Can everyone reply me Happy birthday?

    Some things I have to tell you
    Birthday:July 11 (7/11)
    Born:July 11 2011 (7/11/2011)

    Love you my friend!

  3. Gallant there’s this help wanted game called fnaf vr help wanted in roblox and there’s 3 or 4 badges in the game
    If you play it can I try to help you?
    Developer: Cosmiqx

  4. He might have copied another game morph and it’s called (the badge) fun in the sun and the game I forgot what’s it called

  5. Wait a minute, wait a minute! That Freddy from The pizzeria rp remastered! And that foxy! OH NO! THAT STOLED

  6. I go into the vid I see Nightmare Ice Cold Freddy Trying to get in the door 2 Gallant has turned Slowwwwwwwwwwwww

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