How to Get Married in a Foreign Country

How to Get Married in a Foreign Country. A lot of steps are required in order to get
married in your own country — but what about in a foreign country? You will need Local laws Embassy, consulate
or tourist office and documents and special requirements. Step 1. If you’re American, do not expect to get married
at an American embassy or consulate. U.S. consular offices do not perform marriages,
but they may authenticate foreign marriage documents. Marriages that are legally performed in a
foreign country are generally also legally valid in the United States. Step 2. Know that the validity of marriages abroad
rests upon adherence to the laws of the country where the marriage is performed. Marriages abroad are almost always performed
by local civil or religious officials. Step 3. Check with the embassy, consulate, or tourist
office of the country where you want to be married and make sure you can get a marriage
license in that country. Step 4. Find out which documents and medical tests
you will need, and how long it will take to process paperwork. Step 5. Ask whether there are special requirements
for a religious ceremony versus a civil one, and whether you will need witnesses. Now you can plan your ceremony. Did you know During a Mexican wedding ceremony,
the groom offers the bride 13 gold coins, which symbolize Jesus and his 12 apostles.

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  1. Step 1. Go to a foreign country and just marry someone. My parents were friggin married in the goddamn Philippines, for God's sake! It's so easy, Paris Hilton could do it. Only she would just have sex with a whole bunch of people beforehand. I'm sorry, what were we talking about, again?

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