How To Get Into To One Of Dylan & Cole Sprouse's Parties!

hey what's up guys were hanging out in the young Hollywood studio with dylan sprouse that's me that's you I'm Dylan you're doing what's up we were just talking about video games we have a lot in common here with the League of Legends Warcraft not so fast I just said that I didn't like legally well you're over it yeah I'm over it yeah you don't eat it I deleted it I feel better for it I'm safer unless angry why what's different when you came in here I thought I'd hate deleted we go Fletcher that's right see you're very astute anyone who plays League of Legends knows it's terrifying it's a little addicting yeah the whole gaming thing I didn't even know that you went to NYU to study video game design I do it little-known fact I don't do much of that nowadays but I do do some voice work in the video game industry and play a lot of elves I don't know why people are like oh you're an elf can you do one like doing elf voice haha you'd have to pay me for that oh okay let's see let's get this elf voice go $5 just a $5 l that is amazing so if someone's playing a video game and they hear your hear your voice yeah I might be in there I do a lot of deaths screams that's something like high-pitched girly screams oh right all of the above like though right on a sheet they'll be like okay died five times and five different ways like oh okay you fall off a cliff oh yeah yeah yeah you die by fire and it's really by the end of the day yeah yeah that's all I did yeah anyway you go that's cool and then just Eddy video game design and I did that is fun we've had coal here a bunch of times and he said you guys through some pretty awesome ragers we did parties in the choices dorm which was like the toy no drinking no smoking door so now this article's arm yeah we threw all the parties there because we knew that Ras wouldn't look oh and it worked so how do you get invited to a Sprouse party I mean I'm not inviting myself to yeah to your next party or anything yeah why did you could invite well we don't us we don't live in the dorms anymore so that's good that would be creepy yeah no don't be like that but I actually after whoo I opened up a meter II I know it's an asking about that yeah what is okay am i stupid I didn't know what Meade was really not stupid for that honestly I get that question asked every day I know I do know what it is it's like honey wine it is it's honey wine and so I was gonna say we're opening up a bar soon and that is probably where I'll throw those parties from now on that's amazing it's in Brooklyn right it is okay and a William Bell hotel and – did you bring me to your set on banana split uh not to banana split but I did actually make a batch for the Chinese movie that I did I was there for six months we make it yeah well that's right that's how I do it you make it maybe you're just not that's true so I did that and I gave it as a wrap gift to everybody okay so you're only actually talented you can actually make I know it's hard to believe that I do more than just play video games but yeah I have an ounce of talent so that's pretty awesome you're perfect for Brooklyn too because they're like they always want to do what's cool but but but people don't know about yet you know it's otherwise they as being hipster hipster that yeah we are young Hollywood and I forgot the name hipster for rats that's okay just go to Silver Lake yeah that's good enough right that's hipster okay tell me more about this movie Natale I'm obsessed with this movie I love it I feel like we can all relate to kind of becoming obsessed with an accident yeah Brendan Lutz someone's axe and you get to play the love interest I do I am the titular title of the movie I am the banana be split so essentially where that name came from yeah so my character is the love interest he and his longtime girlfriend high school breakup she is still having feelings for him so in the social media age obviously she can find out everything so she looks it all up ends up going to a party where he is there with his new girlfriend and we have two guys I know I think it's too soon you know well that's part of the plot okay so just watch it some more also Hanna Markson Ana awesome yeah they're fun people to work with I got along with every member of the cast and crew there so and we were up in Syracuse shooting a fool or a little over a month yeah and I was also allowed to bring my fat little Goblin of a dog so that was fun what kind of dog do you have I have an English bulldog and he has two morphism so completely genetic lottery – she's like this big and he's very angry all the time oh and he wields an axe he snorts like a like a Hoover can you imitate that I wish I could so I guess it's like and it's a lot of inhalation and then wheezing and probably like the akin to what a dog would do if they were crying what's interesting that you would pick a dog like that I always suckling pig dogs that are like us so you kind of weirdness yeah we make those weird noises daju I have a lot of weird noises especially when I sleep yeah I was telling them you have some pretty steamy scenes I do it I like the beach scenes see me Beach actually I don't know if they'd kept it in the cut most recent but I did and one of the scenes I like through a dead seagull and there was a full corpse of a seagull I was at an improv move yeah I just picked it up and decided to throw it at her I don't think they kept it but it was really fun and she was very frightened but she yeah but that would hurt I mean seagulls are big birds I mean well the thing this was mostly decomposed so I have you that's good yeah and bird bones are so light right thank you so much for coming in are getting the rap signal here yeah bird flight you

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  1. I find it really strange how Dylan and Cole are so similar but I think Cole is so much more attractive🤷🏼‍♀️😂😍

  2. I really like dylan and cole…. But I think that dylan is a lil bit hotter than Cole…. Who agree?

  3. i think the difference between dylan and cole is the maturity. Both of them had sense if humor.

  4. The best way to tell their difference is their freckles! Dylan has a freckle on his lip and Cole has two on his left cheek

  5. Their voices used to sound so different when they were younger, but now they sound exactly the same

  6. He has the exact same voice as Cole,he has the same jokes as Cole and he looks like Cole 😂😂😂😂

  7. Cole & Dylan definitely don’t have the same voice y’all are crazy. Dylan has such a deeper voice.

  8. …well it wouldn’t surprise me if they accidentally switched the names of Dylan and Cole and Cole has been Dylan and Dylan has been Cole

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